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    How to get Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach?

    Interested in getting Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach? Looking out for detailed information to do so here? Check out this page and get responses from experts for your query.

    Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and one of the central characters in the various Mantra: Om Hanumante Namah. The meaning or the origin of word "Hanuman" is unclear. In the Hindus, Chitrakoot in Madhya Pradesh features the Hanuman Dhara temple, which features a panchmukhi statue of Hanuman.
    panchmukhi hanuman ji
    How to get Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach?
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  • I am giving below the Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavachfor your reference. You can also get it from the internet or printed version of this book is available in the market.

    Adha Dhyanam pravakshyami, srunu sarvanga sundari,
    Yath krutham deva devena dhyanam hanumatha priyam., 1

    I am now reciting the meditative chant, Oh pretty lady,
    Which is created by God of Gods and is dear to Hanuman,

    Pancha vakthram Maha bheemam, tripancha nayanair yutham,
    Bahubhir dasabhir yuktham, Sarva kamartha sidhidham., 2

    Who has five faces, who was greatly gross, who had fifteen eyes,
    And had ten hands and would grant all desires.

    Poorvam thu vanaram vakthram, koti soorya sama prabham,
    Damshtra karala vadanam, brukuti kutilekshanam., 3

    In the east is the face of the monkey, with the brilliance of billions of Suns,
    With protruding teeth in a black face, which is curved and angry.

    Asyaiva dakshinam vakthram Narasimham mahadbutham,
    Athyugra thejo vapusham bheeshanam bhaya nasanam., 4

    In the south is the face of greatly wonderful Narasimha,
    Which is very serious, the god being fearsome and a destroyer of fear.

    Paschimam Garudam vakthram vakra thundam Mahabalam,
    Sarva naga prasamanam visha bhoothadhi krundanam., 5

    In the west is the face of very strong Garuda with a curved beak,
    Which subdues all snakes and which cuts away poison and ghosts

    Utharam soukaram vakthram krishnam dheeptham nabhopamam,
    Patala Simha Vetala jwara rogadhi krunthanam., 6

    In the north is the face of a boar, which is black, shining and comparable to the sky,
    And which cuts away underworld, Lion, ghosts, fever and sickness.

    Oordhwam hayananam ghoram danavanthakaram param,
    Yena vakthrena viprendra tharakakyam maha suram., 7

    In the top is the fearsome face of the horse, which destroys asuras,
    By using which face the chief of Brahmins killed the great Asura called Tharaka.

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