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    Isn't coconut oil good for health?

    Want to know about the impact of edible coconut oil on health? Looking out for understanding the effect of saturated fat content in coconut oil? Find responses from experts for your query on this page.

    According to the American Heart Association, 82% of fat in coconut oil is saturated, which could increase cholesterol. Professor Karin Michels of the Department of Epidemiology, Harvard University (Medical School), opined that coconut oil was "pure poison".

    Earlier I heard that coconut oil was good for health and it was much better than many other oils used by Indians in cooking food.

    I would like to know whether coconut oil is harmful because of its saturated fat content, or not. Which oil (generally used in India) is good for health (heart)?
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  • Coconut oil contains a very high amount of saturated fat. Coconut oil is about 90% saturated fat, which is a higher percentage than butter. Too much saturated fat in the diet is unhealthy because it raises LDL cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of heart disease. But coconut oil also gives "good" HDL cholesterol. My personal opinion on this particular issue is it is unwise to use more coconut oil in foods. Once in a while, it can be used in low quantities. But coconut oil is a very good skin protector.
    Sesame seeds oil is the best to be used for eating. It will not add any fat and good for the heart also.

    always confident

  • American research is often taken on the face value. And people tend to believe it. South India has almost 70 to 90% of the household products that make use of the coconut in one form or the other. People tend to live longer using coconut oil on their skin and the hairs. So the research that US has conducted completely blows that sample of people out of population.

    Where does the research stands correct? Using coconut oil excessively. The word excessively for their demographics matters. Not our demographics which survived on this.

    Problem with american research is that if they are funded by the pharmas that replace the organic products with chemical they tend to make such claims. For example before introducing the oats into the indian market. They did the negative promotion for the white rice and rice products.

    So often such research are skewed and we are supposed to take it with pinch of salt.

  • This question has been asked by many after viewing the clip ' Coconut oil and other nutritional ERRORS' by Karen Michles. Her contention is that the saturated fat part is more than 80% when compared to the 63% in butter and 50% in animal fat.

    Walter C Willet from Harvad school of Public health has mentioned that it is good for HDL or good cholesterol.
    In this context, it is felt that generally oils high in saturated fat is not a good choice for protecting the heart. Coconut oil contains lauric acid that has a positive effect on the hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

    One should tailor the needs and intake of coconut oil. We should choose cold pressed coocunti oil rather than the refined commerical ones. The cold unrefined coconut oil has short and medium chain fatty acids that are useful to initiate weight loss.

    One can try to use small amounts for cooking purposes and watch the cholesterol levels. If the total cholesterol and the bad cholesterol ( LDL type) increases, then it would better to cut down on the coconut oil. It would be a good practice to limit to use to around 15-30ml/day and not to forget to ingest other vegetable oils also that are beneficial ( instead on relying only on coconut oil).

    In the Indian setting, it would be difficult to prove that the cholesterol levels have gone up only because of coconut oil because, there would other dietary sources that would be contributing to this also.

    So, coconut oil is good, within limits and the volume consumed can be tailored down based on one's health, presence or absence of hypertension, coronary artery disease and hypercholesterolemia.

  • Coconut tree is called "Kalpavriksham". Every part of it is useful. Coconut is very good. Every geography has its own trees and plants specially suited to the climatic conditions of that place. Hence coconut oil the most suitable for those who live in regions where coconut tree is abundant.

    It is the vested commercial interest who have made deliberate propaganda against coconut oil just to promote their own oils.

    Coconut oil is best for skin and hair; is a very good edible oil also. It adds special taste to the foods prepared in coconut oil-whether fried, saute or just sprinkled. Coconut oil was the staple oil for Keralites and those who live in the Konkan coat and South Tamil Nadu. There were no problems of heart diseases etc in those days. All these came only after people changed their life style and started eating other type of foods not popular in their geographical areas earlier.
    Researchers in India were just copying what was dished out from 'research' in other nations with selfish interest. However now a days there are many research results and many doctors and nutritional experts are advocating that coconut oil is a very healthy oil and we need not believe the wrong and fabricated propaganda against it.

  • Coconut oil contains saturated fats but they are not long-chain triglycerides, but are actually medium chain triglycerides. This means that the fatty acids in coconut are shorter than most other fats in other oils.

    These types of medium-chain triglycerides are generally converted in the lever to beneficial ketones.

    Another interesting observation about coconut oil is that there are many places on Earth where people consume a large quantity of coconut oil but there are no adverse health conditions. The medical statistics of those places does not show any direct evidence of adverse effects of coconut oil.

    The coconut oil contains lauric acid and it's digestion in guts produces monolaurin. Lauric acid and monolaurin are very good in killing some of the harmful bacteria and virus in the stomach.

    Taking any oil in large quantities is a health hazard. Same is true for coconut oil.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Shri Venkateswaran Sir has hit the nail on the head. Yes, the Multinational companies try to spread canards so many things and coconut oil is one of them. In fact, most of Kerala uses only coconut oil for cooking. There are so many recipes like the aviyal, which is basically nothing but a huge amount of boiled vegetables mixed with curd and tempered with coconut oil, that are not only delicious, but also so good for health. The combined wisdom of people, passed down during several generations is there for all to see.

    The health records speak for themselves. Tamil Nadu leads in the huge number of diabetic people. Kerala does not have such a huge problem at all. Sir has already mentioned so many facts. Let us wake up at least now. One is told that the refined oil is the worst oil as it removes all the vitamins. The facts should never be ignored.

  • Anything which is consumed in excess will always have an adverse effect, be it coconut oil or anything else. All natural products, if consumed in moderate quantities, will always be beneficial.

    However, other food products, which are technically non-natural products, might harm us in the long run. You can see, no one is perfectly healthy these day

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

  • Pharma companies advocate something which serve their interest and we should not be unnecessarily guided with the American Research. In south - India especially the Keralite use Coconut - oil generously and they enjoy perfect health with the use of this oil.
    Their blood test did not reveal any abnormality with respect to High - cholesterol, High - triglycerides or having High LDL ( A form of bad cholesterol).
    Coconut - oil improves digestion, kills the harmful Bacterias, strength eye - sights and improves memory due to possession of Medha - Shakti.
    Apart from it, regular application of this oil on hair brings lustre of the hairs and produces sound sleep. This oil destroys Vata of the body on its regular application to the body thereby producing sound sleep.
    We should not be unnecessarily perturbed by the wrong propogation of some of the Pharma - companies.

  • Coconut oil is a time tested edible item in our country and scientifically also it has good fats in it which in fact help in burning the calories quickly.

    It is also very beneficial for our skin and hair and keeps the skin in good condition. Some people use it for massage regularly.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • A recent communication I read in internet about the fat details contained in various oils in which I found no groundnut oil included. So I told my brother as the groundnut is not advisable to use. My brother simply told to see the list where many oils included which are totally new to India. He further advised me to use the edible items freely which are in vogue in your area as it won't affect your health and change can be done only if specific instruction given to one according to his health and it never a common one.

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