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    What is the best time to visit Gujarat?

    Interested in visiting Gujarat? Want to know the ideal season for visiting and travel? Scroll through this page and get answers to all your questions and use this information to plan your travel.

    No one will want to visit Gujarat in summer but if you plan to visit Gujarat I wonder what would be best time then?
    Is it winter i.e. in November and December or in rain during July and August?
    Experts, travel enthusiastic and already visited people please reply.
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  • Winters in Gujarat are good. It is the best time to visit Gujarat. This time the weather is pleasant and perfectly fine for sightseeing. The temperature ranges from 12 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius. It is the best time to visit Gujarat. You can visit Gir National Park, Champaner Pavagarh Archaeological Park and Dholavira. Simply sightseeing tours and cultural excursions in cities in winter. Bhuj and nearby Rann of Kutch with vast salt desert and annual Rann Utsav in the offing are best during this time of the year. October to December is good.
    Summer in Gujarat is dry, humid and sunny. The temperature in summer season ranges from 41 degree Celsius in the daytime to 29 degree Celsius in the night. April to May mark the peak summertime in Gujarat. Although it is not the ideal time to plan a trip to Gujarat, you can visit Dwarka, Somnath, Ahmadabad, and Vadodara.

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  • Not just Gujarat but many of the Northern states are suitable to be visited after October till January February. Of course in winter you may need suitable winter clothes. But winter is far better and pleasant that the frying summer in certain states.
    Gujarat is not a state with such extreme winters. Winters are pleasant with moderate basic common winter clothes.

  • Gujarat is a big state and in winters it's northern districts are chilling in the nights. Depending upon the place of visit there are some times of the year which are preferable over other times.

    If you are planning to visit Dwarika and Somnath area the best time is Oct -Nov and Feb-Apr.

    Those who are interested in Vadodara, Surat and southwards, the winter time from Oct to March is ideal.

    Best time to visit Gir forest area is in Sep- Nov when it is clean and green after the rains.

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  • In summers that is March to July, Gujarat is very hot and sultry so it is better to avoid this time to go there.

    The rainy season (July to Sep) is good only for big cities where water logging is not a problem. Otherwise winter is the best time to visit here.

    October and November is not very hot and this is the ideal time for visiting the places here.

    During December to February the nights and early morning are chilling in Gujarat so one has to keep some wollens handy when planning to visit Gujarat.

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  • The climatic conditions in the state of Gujarat is variant throughout the year. As Gujarat is near to the desert, it becomes unbearably hot and dry in summers, and the same way things get pleasant in winters. Choosing the rainy seasons in the months of July or August though can give you an extraordinary experience of rains, it might limit your trip because of the inconveniences caused by rains. Moreover, you always have to be ready with umbrellas or rain coats which will be cumbersome for you. Getting hired vehicles too will become difficult in rainy seasons.
    That is why the best time to visit Gujarat will be during the months of winter , which is from the middle of November to February. You can even consider visiting at October, since most of the institutions and offices declare holiday for Dussehra and Diwali.

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