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    How to correct my error in name?

    Having a name mismatch in certificates? Worried whether it will create any problem in a private company job? Find responses and advice from our ISC experts here.

    My 12th class name is not matching with that of 10th and BbTtech. Is there any problem in Infosys job as my interview is in one week? What should I do now? We should inform the college or not? What is the correction procedure as I am from 2014 batch. Should I go to my school or directly CBSE board office?
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  • Your name is wrong in the 12th class certificate.
    You have your interview in one week. Please prepare for the interview and attend it. There would be some time gap between selection and submitting the documents. Please be prepared to explain the simple spelling mistake and admit that you have not noticed it so far.
    Have in hand documents that have your correct name and that would be accepted by the Infosys team and explain that you have applied for the name correction.

    Looks like you have done your CBSE 12th

    You will first quickly need to get a correct name affidavit. Please approach the local Notary around the civil courts, they would be able to get you a legally valid correct name document ( this is mandatory by CBSE for any correction).
    Then publish your correct name in two newspapers, one English, one vernacular, you can approach, the newspaper offices, they would do it for a small fee.
    Keep a few original newspaper snippets.

    Then check the CBSE site for the forms, supporting documents and submission process. (

    The application form is (
    The CBSE name change guidelines (

    This link has all the regional offices of CBSE of India, if one is close by to you, then approach them.(

    Choose the URGENT, you can get the correct certificate in TWO WORKING DAYS. The application form has to be signed by the Principal of the school/college from which you completed 12th.


    The process is to draft a letter addressed to the state board request for name correction. Then forward it via the school principal of your 12th and then send it to the 12th state board. You will need supporting documents and a prescribed fee to be paid. It usually takes 30 days for the new certificate to be issued back to the school from which you can collect it.

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  • Your name in the 10th class certificate and Degree certificate are matching your name. But it is wrongly spelt in the 12th class certificate. As you say your interview is in a week, Immediately apply to the CBSE board through the school you have studied. Draft a letter mentioning that the name in the 10th class certificate which is issued by the same board is correct but in the 12th certificate, there is a mistake. Request them to arrange for the correction in the 12th certificate. Submit the application in the school and take an acknowledgement on a xerox copy of your application with a stamp of the school on the copy. Keep this copy with you for reference and take this when you attend for the interview at Infosys.
    Get prepared well for the interview. Take all certificates and acknowledgement given by the school for correction request. Also, carry your Aadhaar card in which your name will be correct. You explain to them that you have missed this mistake earlier and noticed recently and immediately applied for correction.
    They will definitely accept and they will give reasonable time also after joining in the duty for obtaining the correct certificate.
    No affidavit is required as your 10th and Degree Certificates are correct and one of my friend's son got it corrected as per the procedure mentioned here.

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  • 1. First, ascertain the documents where the name is indicated wrongly. Thereafter check which documents indicate your name correctly.

    2. Apply to the Board/University which indicated your name incorrectly. Request the Board/University for rectification. Send the supporting documents along with the request (copies of documents which indicate your name correctly).

    3. If the Board/University does not accede to your request, then you have to sign an affidavit before the First-class Magistrate of your city indicating your correct name. You have to give classified advertisement indicating your correct name, in one English and in one vernacular newspaper. You have to preserve the affidavit and the advertisements permanently.

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  • Any mismatch in your name will be a big problem at the time of document verification during counselling or interview and this requires to be fixed up as early as possible.

    You have to apply to your education board office for this correction by either applying online or by applying manually. Whatever way you approach, the important documents like Aadhar card or PAN card or Voter card copy is to be provided for reference to them for making the requisite correction.

    Meanwhile, as you have to appear for interview, you can approach a lawyer and get an affidavit prepared in this matter of name mismatch. The affidavit is to be countersigned by a first class magistrate under his seal.

    You can keep a copy of this affidavit for all the oncoming interviews etc where document verification is required.

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  • From your query it appears that your name in your class 12 educational credentials is not correct. This will have implications whenever your documents are verified for the purpose of selection in interview or counselling session for higher education.

    Anyway, you have to approach your education board and apply for this correction. You have to pay some fee for this. Now a days they have online facility also for this.

    You will be required to produce your identity where your correct name is reflecting. It could be a birth certificate, driving license, Aadhar card or any other authentic document where your name is correctly mentioned.

    After submitting these details you have to pursue it with the board office authorities so that your job can be taken up on priority.

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  • You have mentioned the time constraint for the correction to be taken for the spelling mistake appearing in your class twelve CBSE certificate especially when your interview for Infossys is too close. My sincere advice in this context is to make due preparation for the the interview including the oral one with the full dedication. Let the interview go smoothly having a positive impact on the Board of Interview.
    Normally the session of documentation - verification takes place with a minimum gap of fortnight and so gap has to utilised for the the correction of the name.
    You may meet a lawyer and apprise him of the error crept in CBSE class twelve certificate. Produce the photocopies of othe relevant documents such as Voter ID card, PAN - cards, your class ten and finally the B.Tech certificates where there is correct incorporation of your name. The lawyer would make an affidavit to be signed by the Notary Magistrate. Such procedure will take less than a week.
    You need to get the same published in the leading News paper including a local one. Preserve the cutting to be produced in the event of verification of the records.
    Alternatively, you have to meet the Principal of the school from where you passed your class twelve and an application to be sent to the Chairman of class twelve Board is to be forwarded by the Principal with a forwarding comment that the name appearing in the school admission - register is not matching of that of certificate. Enclose the photocopies of other essential certificates and with the demand draft of the prescribed fees, the same is to be addressed to the concerned officials. Retain the slip of acknowledgement in support of proof. Correction, though may take some time, you will get a corrected certificate in due time.
    Interview - board would appreciate your stand in this regard and no unfavourable development will surface.

  • You should be good to appear for interview. Actually in interview they don't care what is name in certificates. And in private job even the company don't really think about your graduation names as long as your first and last name are same. So relax and go for interview. For correcting your names , just make sure correct name gets updated in duplicate certificate requests. Other members have already suggested way to get name corrected.

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  • During selection process in any private organization, what matters most is your last degree / certification or last experience mentioned in your resume & therefore it doesn't look worrisome but can well be clarified at the time of interview with proper reasoning. Any private organization is mostly interested in your capabilities & skills which can add value to their organization & therefore the selection of the candidates are centered on with their present or current performances or with the latest one. As you wrote that your last certification is "BbTtech" & therefore your details with this course should only be required to apply for the job.

    In addition & against your query of making corrections to your name, pl. note that while applying for PAN Card / Driving License / passport / Aadhar Card, you can go ahead & submit with the proofs having the correct details. As the above are most sought out identities of any of us & therefore the information in those must be the same. If I give you an instance of mine then I had the name & my date of birth differed in PAN Card as well as in the Aadhar card but was ok with my driving license. After seeing this, I had applied online for changes for both in the PAN Card as well as in the Aadhar card having the basis & proof of the driving license. Now I have the right & updated information in the all. This is required to have any of those specially the Aadhar card for any of the governmental schemes & so it is advised to not to have any variations among them or else your application for the government posts & schemes will be liable for rejection.

  • The name,father's name surname etc., should be get verified even at the stage of collecting from school leaving itself as the same become base documents for the further studies as well for employment or anything.
    Name,father's name,Date of birth are the basic details which required till our last breath for anything to be proved and they should be similar and a correct one in all documents. The school certificate for seniors and birth certificates for youngsters become a valid one. As the date of birth is deciding matters in one's life till his end,much care should be taken in the beginning itself. School certificate,college certificates,aadhaar,Pan card,voter Id, driving license should tally each other. You immediately approach in person to the college authorities and get corrected. No correspondences will yield good result rather than personal approach. Your delay will make the matter more delay.

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