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    Technical resignation in case of new recruit and doing job only for three months

    Have a query about the norms for resignation from a government job? Looking out for answers your query? Check out this page and get the correct norms for resignation process, and the time required to complete this process.

    I am selected as LDC in ministry of housing and urban affairs and got my appointment letter. But also I have cleared Scientific assistant exam, India Meteorological department and document verification is complete but they have not declared final result yet and joining may take time as 3 months or so.
    My questions are 1) what is the process of resignation in that case (during my probation period). 2)In how much time my resignation will be complete? I shall be able to do LDC job only for three months.
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  • You have to see the conditions of appointment. Generally, if you are resigning for joining another government job there will not be any objection. So you need not worry. Before joining the job you talk to the immediate boss and tell him that you have the chance of getting another government job. In such case you will have to resign this point. If there are any hitches they will inform you. I advise you to that.
    You have to submit the resignation in writing and during probation the notice period will be one month. You will be relieved in one month after submitting the resignation.

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  • It is easier to resign during probation period as the notice interval will be minimal. You have to check the terms and conditions of the appointment and if one month salary in lieu of notice period is admissible then you can leave on day one of your submitting resignation letter.

    In Govt offices the rules and regulations are observed strictly and you may have to check with your adminstration or HR Deptt to get the clarification in this matter.

    Anyway as you are going from one Govt Deptt to other there should not be any problem in getting relieved.

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  • 1. Have you joined as LDC in the M/o Housing & Urban Affairs? If yes, then intimate immediately about your selection in another Government job.

    2. If you haven't joined as LDC so far, then intimate your Ministry as and when you join.

    3. As you have cleared both the examinations before joining any Government service, you will have absolutely no problem at the time of submitting the technical resignation, provided you intimate immediately after joining the first position (most probably, as LDC).

    4. But please remember that under any circumstances, you should not abscond from duty after joining as LDC. Many people may advise this to you for convenience, but it would create many more complicated issues and throughout your service, you won't be able to lead a peaceful life.

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  • You will have to refer to your appointment- letter served to you after your final selection for this post. You would get entire details of terms and conditions applicable during your service period and you are to be guided by such rules.
    However, you are likely to join a new government- service in the event of your selection, so you would not be discouraged for the joining of the subsequent post. In this regard, you should better talk to to your immediate boss and enter into discussion appraising him of all the facts. If you are on the bond - period, you need to refund back the the money to your organisation in the event of non rendering the service.
    Go to the personnel department of your organisation in order to know the exact details but you may write an application bearing the remarks of your boss that you would submit resignation once you are selected in the new assignment.

  • You can join as LDC in the ministry office but at the time of joining you please make it clear to them in writing that you have been selected in such and such place which is also a Govt organisation and in next 3-4 months you will be resigning here and joining there. Keep a copy of this with you preferably after getting received and date stamped for receipt in the ministry office.

    This will help you in getting relieved from this office quickly without any ifs and buts.

    Please remember that transparency in such situations is always beneficial to the employee.

    Your relieving order from this organisation is important for you and is in fact a type of character certificate for you in your next place.

    So talk with administration wing of ministry for procedures in this regard so that you can smoothly move from this deptt to your new deptt.

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  • From your question it is known that you already have joined as LDC and now currently serving that job. You are now in probation period and the final result of other job is not declared. So, in this situation you must stick to your current job. But because it will not be a wise decision to leave your current job, before getting final confirmation from another govt job.
    You can verbally inform your present boss regarding your situation. He may inform you about the procedure of resignation from your job.
    You need not to worry so much. Because as per my knowledge you can resign from govt job easily unless you have signed any rules and regulations for resignation from your current job.
    When you got selected in your second job then submit your resignation letter to your immediate boss. You also take care of the notice period.

  • Nowadays it is very difficulty to get a job and that too in Government offices. Further resigning from a job is just reverse as one can do easily and no office/Government will suffer or worry or panic on resignation of one staff on any account. As rightly pointed out by Management theory as 'going concern', the organisations, government offices or government establishments do not care on a staff's resignations, in some organisations, they may have exit interview to retain the employee to the possible extent. It is advisable to hold the available job by studying the facilities and benefits from the existing job. From keeping oneself in one job he/she can improve himself/herself in further studies etc.,

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