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    Certificate verification for banking job

    Unsure whether an error in a parent's name in academic certificates will create a problem for a bank job? Get quick information here to clear your doubt.

    In my certificates(SSC, inter and BTech) I have my surname in full form as "CHIDITOTI" and for my father and mother it is in abbreviated form as "CH" - will it cause any problem at the time of certificate verification for a bank job? Please clarify my doubt.
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  • A mismatch in name can create problems and embarrassment at the time of document verification. It is advised to get it corrected in time.

    First thing to see is the correct surname in the authentic documents pertaining to parents like their Aadhar card or PAN card or Driving license or Voter card. Same surname should reflect in your educational credentials.

    Once it is affirmed the next step is to approach the education board or university office to issue the corrected certificates. Now a days this can be applied online also. You may have to deposit the requisite fee also. It takes some time to get the corrected certificates and after that you will be in comfort zone.

    If you have some engagement coming shortly for counselling or interview then alternatively you can take help of a lawyer to get a legal affidavit prepared dealing these subtleties and get it countersigned by a first class magistrate under seal. This affidavit can be shown at the time of interview or document verification to explain the misspelt surname ambiguities cropped up in the certificates.

    Please remember one thing in this respect that whenever you go for a session of document verification, tell these things beforehand to the supporting staff there so that they will be prepared for taking up the corrections in surname in good spirit.

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  • There will not be any problem. In my SSC certificate my surname is fully mentioned. But my father's name is mentioned but surname is abbreviated. I never faced any problem or any issue out of this. So you need not worry for that. No one will raise any objection. You can carry your Aadhaar card with you. This will give you another certificate to prove your identity.
    They will never stop your joining because of this. If at alll they want full name, they will give you enough time after joining to get it corrected.

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  • Since your name and the parents name are correct, then there should not be much issues.

    When you apply for passport, visa and travel in future on official duties or overseas banking job, then the surname of your parents become important.

    When you have time, it would be better to change the certificates.

    You can either apply for a correction service to the boards or approach the 10th and 12th board and apply for duplicate certificates.
    You would the marks sheet 10th, 12th, the school certificates, documents that have your parent's full name (ration card, PAN card of father and mother), payment of the prescribed fees.
    With the above, forward a letter requesting the service to the 10th and 12th board via the respective school/college prinicipal.
    It would take around 4 weeks for the corrected new certificates to be despatched back to the appropriate school/college. You can collect it from them.

    For the B.Tech, you can follow the same procedure by contacting the respective university office either by post or online if the service is offered.

    In the meanwhile, if you are up for document verification, keep your parents original Aadhar card/PAN or Ration card that has their full name so that you can explain to the authorities, they would oblige as it is not a major mistake or a mistake in the candidate's (your) name.

  • Thankq all for clarifying my doubt

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