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    Scope of MBA specialization in complex admin after Mechanical engineering

    Planning to pursue MBA in complex admin after a Mechanical engineering graduate course? Know from experts if this is a good option for a future career.

    I had completed my B. Tech in the stream of mechanical engineering. I'm taking to the next step of MBA in (master in complex administration). What is the future career scope for this? Please advise me. And what is the main relationship between mechanical engineering and Master's in complex administration?
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  • You have acquired your academic qualification as Mechanical Engineer and in normal cases you could have applied for different jobs in Govt or private sector or appear in some competitive exam but you are planning to do MBA or Masters in complex administration probably to enable you to acquire an prospective administrative job.

    What I infer from your term 'complex' is that it is public administration.

    If it so, then doing the public administration course will equip you with the knowledge of complex administrative issues in public as well as private sectors. It also covers the areas of policy making and it's impact in public matters.

    The main subjects covered in such a course are - policy and governance, public safety and management, governing markets and environment and sustainability.

    After completing such a course there are opportunities in Govt as well as private organisations where managers or project managers or assessment engineers are required for a variety of tasks.

    The web of public administration is very big and encompasses all sorts of administrative issues which are encountered in business environment.

    With those aspects and avenues in mind you can go ahead to acquire the said masters degree.

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  • MBA with complex administration is a good subject which gives an edge for the post of Management Trainees initially in good MNCs. A technical qualification with administrative skills will be an asset. You will get very good position in corporates. I know many people who climbed the ladder very fast with this qualifications.
    But if you are interested in government jobs you may not get any additional advantages by doing this MBA. You have to concentrate on GATE for getting a job in government sector. So you have to take decision whether you want a fast track high rewarding job or a smooth sailing settled service. Then you have to decide on MBA or GATE

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  • I could not find this MBA in complex administration, I could find MBA in public administration and MBA in Public Policy. Could you clarify or give me a link?

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