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    Will a spelling mistake in OBC certificate create a problem for a job?

    Worried on losing a job during the document verification process after getting it with an incorrect name on the OBC certificate? Quickly know from experts if your candidature will be cancelled for the error.

    My name is Arnaw and I applied for OBC certificate, but when I got my certificate I noticed that they had prepared the certificate by the name Arnav (v in place of w). I objected for this and the person who gave me this changed it at the same moment (as it was handwritten) and did not change anywhere else in his record. I thought it's ok and then using that certificate I applied for a govt job and got selected for a central government job. So I wanted to ask from experts will it cause any problem during the verification later? Can they cancel my candidature for this job? One more thing - I got selected from the general category.
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  • What they have written in their records is not known to us. But the certificate given by them to you is more important. Is the certificate given to you is signed by the competent authority? Are there any unauthorised corrections in the certificate given to you? Is the certificate given by them is having the stamp of the issuing authority and the office concerned? You verify these three points and then if the answers for the first and third questions are YES and the answer to the second question is NO, you need not worry. But any one of the above three is the other way then you have to obtain another certificate in a proper way.

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  • Your statements are not very clear. You have applied for a central government job with an OBC certificate and 'Got selected from the general category'?
    There should be some error in your statements.

    If you have got selected from the general category, you need not worry as the OBC certificate will not be useful or asked for.

    If you are applying for future jobs that are awarded based on your OBC status, then please check and rectify the records correctly.

    Explore the options for name correction on the Caste certificate. Many state authorities have online options to submit the forms and then get the printed certificate mailed to them.

    If online is not feasible, then check the officers in charge at the office that issued your caste certificate. Do not approach the same person who just corrected without updating the record books. Try and meet another person.

    Meet the senior officer in-charge and request them to issue a new corrected certificate without any handwritten modifications. Explain to them about your intention to avoid future issues with job. Sometimes an informal discussions and requests in the local way do help in such difficult situations.

    If they are not helpful, Then apply for a duplicate caste certificate and print your correct name and spelling properly in the application form and collect the new certificate.If you do get a job based on your OBC certificate, then you can use the new caste certificate.

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