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    How to keep your head and face warm?

    Frequently susceptible to a cold and sneezing fits? Get expert tips on how to keep the head and face warm to avoid this recurring problem.

    My friend is susceptible to cold and gets frequent sneezing because of it. Now since he lost his hair on the head due to heredity he stays bald by trimming them but because of it he is facing coldness again. This is causing him cold all the time and sneezing too. Is there any way to keep the head warm apart from wearing a woolen cap? Any kind of lotion or skin warming gel would be great.
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  • There are some warming lubricants which are non-toxic. Glycerol is the main ingredient in these lubricants. Warming lubricants are often used as a massaging aid for rubbing into muscles to warm them. These can be applied on to the parts and it will make the head a little warm. You can mix a small quantity of this Glycerol in water and apply to the head, face and neck so that the parts will maintain a little warm. There will not be much side effects.
    Warm Skin is one such cream available in the market. Many similar items are available in the market. They can be tries initially on the neck for a day or two and then extended to the face and head if there is no problem.

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  • Some people are susceptible to change in temperature and are having allergy to it. Some are allergic to dust and pollen grains. These people get sneezing and allergic symptoms often.

    There are effective home remedies for these things. Taking sips of hot water helps a lot. Regular use of ginger, pepper and cinnamon in the tea is also beneficial.

    Keeping head and body warm is a misnomer. In fact using too much ointments and covering the body with warm clothing may not be much useful. What is required is to build a good immune system in the body for which a proper healthy diet is to be taken.

    A cup of fresh orange juice regularly in the breakfast for a long time is supposed to cure the allergy from cold as it contains good amount of Vitamin C.

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  • Sneezing and cold can cause lot of discomfort, uneasiness, head ache and tiredness. Continuous sneezing can exhaust a person, block the nostrils, leads to fever, pain in muscles, runny nose etc.

    Menthol is a good agent which helps in giving relief from nasal congestion. Using of garlic and ginger will help in reducing the infection. They have antibacterial properties.

    Stay away from people suffering from cold. Keep yourself clean and avoid touching dusty items and inhaling strong smells/odors. Avoid consuming cold items such as bananas, buttermilk, cool drinks.

    Add turmeric to hot milk and consume it at night. Eating one or two betel leaf will help in reducing sneezing, cold and respiratory problems. It reduces cough and cold. Keeps the head warm .

    Avoid taking cold water bath, dry the head immediately after bathing. Avoid eating food directly from fridge. Eat hot foods. Get adequate rest and sleep too. Keep the rooms ventilated.

    If there is continuous sneezing it's better to consult ENT specialist to find the cause, as many disorders of nose leads to sneezing.

  • Prevention is better than cure as the wordings says, keep your body warm to stay away from cold.
    Firstly, we get cold because of cold weather, infection or dust allergy. Check your friend's problem, which reason affects him more.
    If he gets cold because of infection, he has to use mask or cover his mouth with handkerchief while speaking to them, also maintain distance.
    If he suffering from bad weather, he has cover his head with scraf or wollen clothes while travelling. If he working in air condition room, then stop using.
    If it is because of dust allergy, cover nose with mask while moving in such places.
    Finally during nights use garlic (make a small piece and roll it inside cotton so that it does not come out) and keep it in your ear for whole night. This will give warmthness to the head and ears.

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