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    What is the job profile and salary of an aftermarket service manager in Mahindra & Mahindra?

    Planning to take up a job as an aftermarket service manager in Mahindra & Mahindra? Find out from experts what could be the approximate salary, your general responsibilities & requisite eligibility criteria to get such a job.

    I wanted to know the work profile and qualifications for the post of a service manager job at Mahindra & Mahindra. What would be the max & min salary for an aftermarket service manager in this company at Chennai?

    I also wish to know whether it would be a stressful work environment as a service manager in the automobile field. Is there any specific requirement to get a job in that field? How much one can earn (per month) as service manager , particularly in Mahindra and Mahindra company?

    Further, which would be the better choice between Tata Motors and Mahindra and Mahindra?
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  • Coming to Tata Motors and Mahindra &Mahindra, telling one is better than the other is very difficult. In my opinion both are equally good for a person who will put in all efforts to excel in the job. Tata group is bigger than Mahindra group. But performance wise you will have equal chances in both the places.
    Any job in a private company is stressful. But it depends on how you take it. Some will find pleasure in spending time fruitfully and enjoying the benefits. These are not stressful. Any manager job is not stressful as long as you manage the issues properly and distribute the works and monitor the works at regular intervals.
    The work profile will be like any other after sales service only. There will be many vehicles around and many calls will be coming regarding the problems they are facing and the people will be diverting the issues to your department. Then you have to decide on the priorities and attach works to the people who will attend the jobs. Monitoring them and seeing that they are making their works fruitfully and try to get the customer feedback. A technical qualification with a MBA with some experience in the line is the required eligibility criteria. Salay will be based on your experience and qualification. It depends on your present salary and how you bargain.

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    Being a service manager in an automobile firm would depend on your experience, whether you choose sales or service section, your qualifications, your leadership skills, qualifications and the pay of the last job.

    There are sites like, glassdoor, indeed wherein you can register, enter your details and compare the job profiles and salaries. Here this data is based on what actual people in similar roles earn based on their experience.
    This website ( states an average salary of around 5 lakhs/year. please check further based on your profile.

    There are sites like these (, which gives you an estimated salary for the new job you are looking for.

    Generally service managers within the showroom, repair floor, service unit of major automobile companies would need a person who is dynamic, flexible, able to manage the floor productively and deliver a high-quality workmanship that results is good levels of customer satisfaction and hence good gross revenue and earnings for Mahindra & Mahindra or Tata Motors.

    You would be required to have a grasp of hiring good talented junior staff, supervising the work allocated to them, focus of the benchmark service standards of the company and complete the work within time deadlines.
    Having an experience in handling complex situations, working knowledge of the automobiles, managing difficult or aggresive customers, teamwork skills would be a positive in your CV.

    Some of the jobs would also be focussed on training junior staff, interacting between marketing teams, smaller dealer showrooms, sales teams, Managing AMCs of the region or valuation of pre-owned vehicles. So, the range is wide.


    In today's world, most private sector jobs are stressful and the automobile sector is no exclusion. This sector is highly competitive with many players targetting potential customers.

    Instead of thinking it as stressful, assess your strengths and take it as an opportunity to deliver the best and make a name for yourself within the company as a reliable service manager who is dynamic, proactive and has the right balance of ethics and drive to improve.


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