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    Space between the name in Inter certificate

    Is there a name difference in any of the certificates? Looking out for resolving this issue and and ensuring smooth document verification in a government job? Check out this page and get answers to all your concerns.

    There is a space in my name in the inter certificate. In my 10th and engineering certificate my name is printed correctly.

    Will the space difference in inter certificate creates any problem govt job documents verification? I am preparing banks and SSC exams. Is this is a minor mistake because my name in 10 th and engineering certificates is correct?

    Can you advice?
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  • It appears a minor mistake but it is still a matter of concern. Any mismatch in name whether it is only a space or comma or a letter is a significant mistake when it comes to document verification.

    You have to apply for this correction to your education board office which can be done either online or manually by sending the application. The requisite fee is also to be deposited.

    You have to give the authentic documents where your name is correctly reflecting to them for reference so that they can make the necessary correction in your Inter certificate.

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  • For a job in Private Organisations, it may be a minor mistake and they can take a decision based on their powers. But in government jobs, they will go by the rule book. So it is always advisable to get the mistake corrected.
    The procedure is also not very difficult and it can be get corrected easily. Your 10th Certificate is the basis for your official name. So you need not have any affidavit and other concepts.
    You have to apply to the Board of Intermediate Education through the Institute you have studied. You go to the Junior college where you have studied your Intermediate and apply in writing highlighting the mistake in your name. You have to attach your original Intermediate certificate to your application. Please remember to keep some xerox copies duly attested with you for any immediate requirement. Attache a copy of your 10th certificate duly attested by a gazetted officer.
    The college will forward it to the Board and the board will do the correction and send the new certificate to the junior college. It may take around a months time for the same.
    You start the process without any delay.

    always confident

  • Minor or major, such mistakes in educational certificates are taken seriously by the authorities at the time of document verification. It is always better to get them corrected at an earliest opportunity.

    You have to approach your education board for getting it corrected. You can either get it done online or by submitting an application in their office.

    To confirm your correct name you have to provide them a copy of your Aadhar card or PAN card or driving license or Voter card from where they can verify and reference your correct name. They may also ask a copy of your high school certificate and birth certificate to match the details.

    Please send all the relevant documents to them either online by scanning and attaching the copies or by post.

    Alternatively, you can also go for a legal affidavit in the matter mentioning all about this mistake in your Inter certificate and get this legal affidavit countersigned by a first class magistrate. You may have to take help of a lawyer in this regard.

    This affidavit you can produce at the time of document verification.

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  • This should be seriously noted and get corrected without delay as it may change the gender. In my case, my Hindi mark sheet came from NewDelhi by mentioning Ms.Rama Chandran. Immediately on receipt I noticed and get corrected by writing them by enclosing my school certificate as proof.

  • It is a minor mistake but 12th certificates are important for any jobs,exams and as proof documents.Since the application forms are online, you should not face any potential issues at the time of document verfication and face delays etc.

    The process to rectify this would depend on whether your 12th is from state board or the CBSE.
    There are stipulated guidelines regarding the time limit to apply for the name correction. Please check that from your local board (we do not know your city or state) or CBSE(

    FOR 12 CBSE
    1. You need to have a correct name affidavit, this would be issued by the local Notary attached to the civil courts in your region.
    Then you need to publish the correct name in one English and one vernacular newspaper. Please contact the local newspaper offices who would do it for a small charge. Both these are important before you apporach the CBSE board for name correction.

    This link gives you the application form (
    This link gives you the guidelines (
    This link gives you the regional offices that you can approach based on your school location (

    For CBSE correction, you also need the school principal to attest the application form. The charges are Rs 1000.00 for name correction.


    Please gather your 12 marksheets and college records. Draft a letter to the principal of the 12th college from where you completed and forward it through the college principal to the 12th state board. Enclose the relevant documents and pay the fees. Usually, the board issues the new corrected certificate in 4 weeks time. Approach the administrative staff of the 12th college who would know the process and guide you within the college rules. If the college declines to help, then approach the 12th state board directly for help.

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