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    Caste certificate for our daughter whose father is Vishwakarma and mother is ezhava cast

    Are you looking for correction in the caste certificate or change the caste in SSLC certificate? Here is a discussion on how to correct the caste in the certificates for a case from Kerala where the father is mentioned as Viswakarma and mother is mentioned as Ezhava.

    I am from Kerala married to Salem Tamil Nadu. He is a Malayalee. Both are Ezhava caste that is OBC. But in his SSLC certificate, his caste is mentioned as Vishwakarma which is also OBC. Because his mother was not aware of it. Now our daughter needs a caste. She is in LKG. Which caste we can apply. We need our original caste that is Ezhava. What to do. We are really confused. We both are Ezhava. But by mistake his caste is Vishwakarma. My husband's sister's caste is Ezhava only. Will it be useful?

    Please suggest how to correct the caste mentioned in the SSL certificate?
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  • Normally children do have the father's caste as their caste. In some places like kerala, the mother's caste is in vogue for children. You just verify in your area and get the caste certificate accordingly corrected. The same should be followed in all circumstances in respect of the children as caste in order to avoid confusion. When your daughter got married she adopted into her husband's side caste if interchange marriage occurs. Once you got corrected the caste certificate for your daughter, immediately take steps to correct all documents as similar without delay.

  • You need to correct the certificates as per reqirement and since in Kerala mother's cast bears importance and as such you need to produce all the photo - copies of the relevant certificates such as Voter ID cards , PAN - card, all the educational certificates of your mother and the name of the daughter to be cottrcted as per existing provisions .
    You have to approach a lawyer so that affidavit can be initiated with the photocopies of the documentation. Retain the original copies as a support of proof. The documentations need s to verified by the Rotaty - magistrate before it is signed. Once you the affidavit formalities are over, you need to publish the same in two leading papers one in English and the other one in a local -paper. The cutting is to be preserved for the process of verification in case it is required.

  • The caste certificate can be got corrected from the area Tehsildar office after verification of the necessary documents like proof of idetification and proof of address.

    In general the default caste of the children is considered as that of the father's caste but with justification and support documents the caste of mother can also be adopted.

    So you have to contact the local Tehsildar office for the procedure to be adopted in this matter.

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  • Both of you are from OBC. So it makes no difference to the child even it is mentioned as Vishwakarma against the caste column. But you want it as Ezhava. This is the Original caste of your husband.

    The caste certificate willl be given by MRO of the area after verification of birth particulars. So your husband has to approach the MRO of the area where he was born with his parent's caste certificates. By verifying the originals your husband 's caste certificate can be corrected.

    If you don't have the caste certificates of your husband's parents, your husband can try with the birth certificate in which the father's name will be mentioned and MRO office will be having the records of the caste details of the parents.
    If this option is also not feasible then you have to approach legally to the court and you have to proceed as per the procedure laid down. For this you have to approach a lawyer who is aware of the whole process who will make you to apply and follow the procedure and see that your caste certificate will be given corrected.
    Once yours and your husband's caste certificates are having the same caste you will not have any problem in getting the caste certificate of your daughter as you wanted it.

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  • 1. Your husband's caste has been wrongly indicated as Vishwakarma, so your daughter will automatically acquire this caste.
    2. However, as Vishwakarma also comes under OBC, so your daughter can enjoy all the benefits/reservations for OBC as Vishwakarma.
    3. But you want that your daughter must be known as Ezhava, which is also an OBC caste. For this purpose, your husband has to apply for correction of his caste to the office of the District Magistrate located at Salem.
    4. He has to tender his application is prescribed proforma available at DM Office along with supporting documents (caste certificate of his father, etc.).
    5. After correction of your husband's caste, the caste of your daughter will automatically get changed.

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  • Thank you everyone for a good reply. We are settled in Salem Tamilnadu. My husband is telling that ezhava is not included in Tamilnadu's caste list.. Ezhava have other names such as thiyya and billavaI. need to know whether my husband and daughter will get the ezhava caste or its other names. Whatever it may be we need to change his Vishwakarma caste. Please give a reply according to Tami nadu rules. Thank you.

  • Is your husband born and brought up in Tamilnadu? If he is Kerala born then he can do correction in Kerala. There might be additional proofs required as siblings caste certificates etc. It is better you contact good lawyer in Kerala and get things clarified. Alternatively you can visit collector office and inquire about it.

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  • In certain places in Kerala itself Ezhavas are known as Thiyyas. In Palakkad area only Thiyyas are available. They are treated as Ezhavas. Hence there won't be difficulty in making the caste as Ezhava. Or even correcting as Thiyya will not cause any problem.


  • In certain places in Kerala itself Ezhavas are known as Thiyyas. In Palakkad area only Thiyyas are available. They are treated as Ezhavas. Hence there won't be difficulty in making the caste as Ezhava. Or even correcting as Thiyya will not cause any problem.


  • Both of you belong to Ezhava OBC caste and your husband has a wrong caste certificate. The first logical way to proceed is to correct the caste certificate of your husband.

    Your husband has two options, one to apply for a wrong caste correction or apply for a new caste certificate.

    These are the list of offices that are designated as Common service Centres in Salem by the Government for caste or community certificate services.(

    This would be the application form (
    Your husband needs to have proof that he belongs to the Ezhava OBC by brith, so you need to have your husbands' parents caste certificate, you can enclose his sister's attested caste certificate.

    It would be wiser to approach the Taluk office, Salem Town, Salem, 636001. The other option is to approach the respective authorities based on the village he was born. This link has the village name that fall under Salem West or Salem North.(

    Please keep the necessary documents in hand (Ration card, DL, Aadhar card, PAN card or Electoral card).

    If this is difficult, then meet any good civil lawyer who would be familiar with the process of getting the caste corrections done.

    In India caste certificates are issued by the revenue department, the other option here would be to meet the Village administrative officer or Revenue inspector or the Deputy Tahsildar.

    Ezhavas are also referred to as Thandans, IIhava, Izhava or Thiyyas. Most Taluk offices will have a list of ( Your husband can check this with his elders and or relatives who are in government jobs, who would have used a caste certificate in the past.

    Once you get the correct caste certificate, then apply for your daughter (

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