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    Will detainment in a college course result in suspension from the institute?

    Worried that due to health problems you were unable to attend your college course and have been detained? Know whether or not this means being thrown out of college permanently and what could be done to continue your studies at the same college.

    I am pursuing B.Sc. Chemistry in Loyola college, Chennai which comes under Madras University.
    I have been detained two times due to lack of attendance because of my medical conditions.
    If I get detained in another semester also, will I be kicked out from the college?
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  • Very sorry to learn that you have been detained for lack of attendance owing to the medical conditions of yours. But that fact should have been proven to the University authorities to get some relief.

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  • You might have informed your college when you were not well and not able to attend the classes and your leave letter supported by a doctor's certificate might have helped you a lot. The rule will be different for sick people. During my 9th class I was sick and my attendance was less. Then I have applied for exemption with Doctor's certificate and I was exempted and I attended the examinations and stood first.
    So one should apply as per the procedure and see that we will not lose the time and year.

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  • If you intimate to your school that you are not able to attend due to medical condition, then you will be given exemption in attendance.

    For this you have to submit the doctors certificate in this regard.

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  • Universities have their own rules and regulations regarding attendence. On medical grounds some attendence can be adjusted but a longer attendence will not be admissible and you will not be allowed to appear in the exam.

    Regarding the expulsion from a particular college it depends on the policy in this regard and this you have to find out from the college.

    Generally speaking if you are paying the fee in time, they may not consider the extreme action of expulsion in your case.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • No, you will not be thrown out of the college. But why don't you submit the attending physician's opinion to the college authorities? That will solve your anxiety in this regard.

    As far as my knowledge on admission and registration goes, you can remain in your college till the entire tenure of registration. But it would be better to submit the doctor's certificate and keep the college authorities aware of your problems.

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  • If I get detained in another semester also, will I be kicked out from the college?

    A. It is not easy to dismiss a student from the college due to a shortage of attendance provided, there is a valid reason that is acceptable within the frame of the college and the University under whose jurisdiction the college comes under.

    B. We have to consider the Madras University rules.

    1. As far as I understand the rules state that a student needs 75% of attendance during the 90- day semester to qualify to be granted permission to take up exams.
    The Office of the controller of examinations set up a provision to provide eligibility for students whose attendance falls within 65-75% with valid reasons and fees of Rs 250.00 per exam paper.

    C.The second relevant point to note is that Many universities set up a time limit for completion of a course from the date of enrollment. In Madras University, the students are allocated a MAXIMUM of two extra years to complete their UG and PG degrees. (

    D. Please read this University of Madras rules handbook for students( Focus on pages 5-11 of this pdf.

    E. Now please check the medical illness that prevents you from attending classes, then discuss with your treating doctor (in such cases an eminent specialist or a recognized Government hospital specialist would be more valuable), your head of the department or the dean with prior appointment and state your case.

    The outcomes, I see is that you would be allowed to move to the next semester but take up both semester exams OR repeat a semester based on the percentage of absence.

    F. Most colleges with have a student support cell, that would help in resolving issues related to attendance, behavior, suspension etc.

    1.I would suggest you to meet some of the Student Council members of the Loyola college (

    2.Loyola college has AURA to help students facing issues with their college life. Here, there would be people who can help you out in discussing with the college prinicpal
    Centre for Counselling,
    J.D. Block, First Floor, Left wing,
    Loyola College,
    Chennai - 600 034.
    Tel: 044 -28178406

    3. Once you have understood your illness, letters and report to support your medical condition, abscence period and have all the information, then meet the relavant authorities.

    1.Rev. Fr. A. Louis Arockiaraj S.J.
    Controller of Examinations
    Ph: 91 44 28178305

    2.Prof. M.R. Arulraj
    Assistant Controller of Examinations
    Ph: 91 44 28178305

    3.Rev. Dr. F. Andrew, S.J.
    Ph: 91 44 28178301

    G. If the college authorities are not very helpful and you still have strong medical grounds, then approach the university officials. This page has the details of controller of examinations and section incharges for each year of the BSc program (

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