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    Regarding spelling error in high school certificate

    is there a spelling mistake in any document? Worried if it will create any problem in government job document verification? Read the responses from experts and decide whether to go for an affidavit to resolve this issue.

    My name is wrongly spelt in high school certificate while it is correctly spelt in inter & graduation and all other documents (Aadhar, PAN) and in SSC CGL app form.
    I went to up board Allahabad to correct high school certificate but they refused to do it. So what should I do? Could affidavit be a solution??
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  • If you might have observed this earlier and asked them for correction, they might had done it.

    Sometimes, if you apply for correction after a prolonged time, they may not do it quoting it as time barred.

    Anyway, now the legal affidavit is the only answer to this problem. You have to take help of a lawyer and get an affidavit prepared giving all these details. The lawyer will prepare it in the proper format. This affidavit is to be signed by you and then countersigned by a first class magistrate.

    You have to keep a copy of this affidavit for submission during document verification in your counseling session or interviews whenever they are scheduled. Keep the original also with you for reference.

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  • As there was a lot of delay from your side, probably they are refusing to do the correction. Instead of going directly to the board, you might have approached the school in which you have studied. Try once through the school also. If there is no improvement then you try legally.
    Contact a lawyer in your area and as per the advice of him, you go for the legal document. You tell him all the details so that he will do the needful. You inquire with him the entire procedure and go accordingly.

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  • There may be a refusal by the school authorities based on the long time gap between your 10th board exams and the present time.

    I would suggest, meet the local Notary and get a correct name affidavit done. This is a legal document that would be valid for name ID proof.
    Then publish this in the local newspaper, one English and one vernacular language which would complete the legal requirements of name change. Keep snippets of these newspaper name announcement publications.

    Then meet the school authorities and seek their help in fowarding your application to the UP board to get a new 10th certificate with your correct name.
    You would need to pay the prescribed fees. Enclose the proof of your correct name, school attendance proof and the 10th markssheets.

    If this FAILS or is REJECTED, then based on the area where you shcool is located, you need to apporach the Additional secretary at the Regional office. For instance, if you have passed your 10th in 2000 from Bareilly, then you need to contact
    Additional secreatary,
    Regional office Bareilly
    E-mail ID-
    Please check based these two links based on your locality and year of completion

    The other option would be to applied to the respective board authorities for a duplicate 10th high school certificate following the guidelines of the state board.

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  • Small gap in name will make problem in sometimes. So, care should be taken to have corrected immediately without delay. Moreover, many suggests to convey through correspondence but my view is personal approach to the concerned authority will yield a good result than of any mode.
    The name,father's name surname etc., should be get verified even at the stage of collecting from school leaving itself as the same become base documents for the further studies as well for employment or anything.
    Name,father's name,Date of birth are the basic details which required till our last breath for anything to be proved and they should be similar and a correct one in all documents. The school certificate for seniors and birth certificates for youngsters become a valid one. As the date of birth is deciding matters in one's life till his end,much care should be taken in the beginning itself. School certificate,college certificates,aadhaar,Pan card,voter Id, driving license should tally each other. You immediately approach in person to the college authorities and get corrected. No correspondences will yield good result rather than personal approach. Your delay will make the matter more delay.

  • In fact, there has been considerable elapse of time in taking the issue addressed, no matter it has been taken so much time, there is always scope for the correction of the same by making an affidavit to be signed by the Notary - magistrate. To expedite the same, you can meet the lawyer with all the photocopies of Aadhar, PAN, Voter ID card and the the Matriculation - certificate containing error in your name. The lawyer would examine the the case and would help you in making the affidavit where he would secure your signature and finally the same is to signed by the First Class Magistrate and in that way, your hurdle will be over. Preserve the cutting so as to produce the same in the event of documentation- verification.
    In the meanwhile get the same published in a leading English Newspaper apart from a local one to give the wide publicity of the latest correction.
    The other way would to meet the Principal of your School with an application addressed to Secratory of the Board indicating the error involved in your name. The Principal may verify the admission register where initially your name appeared. If the admission register is OK suggesting the correct name and the error has emanated from the Office of the Board, he can write the same in the forwarding note. This application is to be sent to the secretary of Board or any official acting on his behalf. You would be required to enclose a prescribed fee for this purpose to submitted along with the application.
    You will get a corrected certificate in due course.

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