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    Teaching career in CTET & UPTET

    Aspiring to join the teaching profession by studying B.Ed after engineering? Confused about the best distance learning colleges, eligibility criteria and which courses to opt for? Check out this page and advice from experts for your queries.

    I have completed B.Tech in Electronics & Communication in 2016 and now I am working in a company as a GET and the salary is very low.

    I don't want to pursue or any technical course.

    I am thinking to enter into teaching field, class 1st to 10th class.

    1. Is it necessary to do B.Ed for appearing in CTET / UPTET ?
    2. Am I eligible to take admission into B.Ed ( Distance) ?
    3. Which are the best Distance learning colleges for B.Ed ?
    4. Do I have to choose any particular subject in B.Ed as I come from Engineering background ?

    Seeking help from all the experts.
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  • Many engineering students are today wishing to advance their career in the teaching profession. A couple of years back, it seemed unique. However, since a number of candidates prefer to choose to teach over technical career, this career change is becoming common nowadays. It can be said that it is trending.

    Is it necessary to do B.Ed for appearing in CTET / UPTET?
    Yes, all those graduates who are wising to appear for CTET/UPTET should compulsorily have a B.Ed qualification.

    Am I eligible to take admission into B.Ed (Distance)?
    Yes, you are eligible for taking admission into B.Ed (Distance). The only eligibility that is required is an undergraduate degree and it can be in any discipline. Since you have a degree in B.Tech in Electronics & Communication, you are very much eligible for admission into B.Ed. You are lucky as you can enroll in B.Ed and join the teaching profession. Before 2015, certain universities did not allow so. However, all such ban is now removed. If you want to teach primary schools you need to get D.Ed. If you want to teach secondary schools you need B.Ed.

    B. Ed also requires minimum graduation score of a candidate to be at least 50%. However, the eligibility criteria vary from one university to another. If you have scored at least 50% marks in your B.Tech in Electronics & Communication, you can get through very easily. Other universities only demand a graduation degree which should be from a recognized university. The scores really do not matter to them. Go through the eligibility criteria of universities that you are applying.

    Which are the best Distance learning colleges for B.Ed?
    I am providing a list of top 5 distance learning universities for B.Ed-
    Kurukshetra University,
    Annamalai University,
    Jamia Millia Islamia,
    Kakatiya University,
    Madurai Kamaraj University

    Do I have to choose any particular subject in B.Ed as I come from Engineering background?
    Not anything in particular. You need to study the same subjects as other students.

  • Private schools will give fewer salaries only. You are not at present eligible to get a teaching post in primary school or high school. You should complete your teacher training course first. Then only you will become eligible for teacher post in a government school.
    You have to get admitted to B.Ed and complete that for a teaching post in High schools. You can go for D.Ed for a primary school teacher. There are many universities offering this B.Ed course in regular mode or distance mode also.
    The subjects which you can opt are mathematics, English, Physical sciences in B.Ed. You have to appear for the entrance test that is being conducted by the university for admission to B, Ed. Many Universities may ask for a pass in graduation course to get admitted to the admission tests.
    The following universities are offering the BEd by correspondence course.
    1. Andhra University
    2.Nagarjuna University,
    3.Sri Venkateswara University
    4. Sri Krishnadevaraya University,
    5.Annamalai University
    6. Mysore University
    7. IGNOU
    8.Osmania University
    9. Kakatiya University.
    The admission procedures can be obtained from their websites.

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  • For teaching profession B Ed is the essential qualification though in some private schools you can get the teaching job without B Ed also. Those who want to make teaching line as their career, they must go for B Ed.

    Now a days, many universities are offering correspondence mode B Ed and one can enrol there. As you are an engineering graduate, you can very well enrol in this course from the university of your choice.

    Whatever subjects you have interest and liking, you can choose and go ahead with your objectives.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • As per your narration it appears that you are interested in teaching line. So if you have an aptitude for teaching, you must pursue this line of career as people only success in those areas where they have deep interests.

    Now for teaching line, one has to acquire the B.Ed qualification which can be done in regular as well as correspondence mode. You can register in any institute of choice either near to your home town for regular mode or anywhere in India for correspondence mode.

    One thing which is very important in the teaching line is that a teacher has to be continuously in touch with the new syllabus and new subjects which are being incorporated in the schools time to time. So one has to be passionate about regular homework and studies before going to school to teach. This is an important aspect and one has to keep it in mind if one has interest in teaching line.

    After doing B.Ed one has to go through job portals and newspaper advertisements for teaching vacancies and apply for those where one finds oneself eligible. There is tight situation in the job market and one should even accept a teaching job in an ordinary school and then switch from one position to other and gain experience in the process.

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  • There has been a shift of the earlier trend by showing more inclination to B.Ed course though a candidate has already procured an engineering degree in your case, you have already completed Electronics and Communications in the year 2016.
    A choice of taking up the same through the distance mode is an ideal choice and you can opt for the following open universities -
    1) Indira Gandhi National Open University.
    2) Manipal Distance Education
    3) Utkal Univesity Distance Education
    4) Anamalai Univesity
    5) Abdhra Univesity etc.
    The minimum eligibility criteria for admission for B.Ed course is a minimum score of 50 percent marks of the qualifying examination - in your case a minimum score of 50 percent in your Engineering - degree.
    Now there are answers of your listed queries-
    With respect to question no1, yes it would be necessary for you to acquire a B.Ed degree from a recognised university.
    2) Yes you can choose the distance - mode.
    3) IGNOU should be your preferred destination because of their unique provision of doubt removing classes taken up by the eminent professors.
    4) No extra course to chosen, your Engineering - degree would suffice the purpose.

  • I find teaching jobs to be the best one. Yes these days as every year lots of students pass engineering course so every year employers get lots of engineers and they employ them at very low salary unlike in the past when there used to pass very few engineers every year and they used to get good salaries.

    Now a days more engineers are entering in the teaching area as they find it better than going in the corporate world.

    Whatever questions have you asked very genuine questions which engineer should know before entering in teaching field:

    1. Is it necessary to do B.Ed for appearing in CTET / UPTET ?

    Yes it is essential to do that. Mininmum qualification to appear in CTET or UPTET is the candidate should have done B. Ed or BTC. Without these courses one is not allowed to sit in the exams.

    2. Am I eligible to take admission into B.Ed ( Distance) ?

    Yes you are eligible. Anyone who has done graduation in any field is eligible to enroll in B. Ed distance course. They conduct their entrance test and the selection is based on the marks of the entrance exams obtained by the candidate.

    3. Which are the best Distance learning colleges for B.Ed ?

    It is said IGNOU and Anamalai universities are the best one to do any distance learning course. There are many universities also from where one may do it. These are Himachal pradesh University, Andhra University, Jamia Milia University, Kota open University, Karnataka open University, University of jammu and many more.

    4. Do I have to choose any particular subject in B.Ed as I come from Engineering background ?

    Few days back I read that engineers are allowed to take physics, mathematics there main subjects.


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