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    BCom with vocation Computer Application

    Confused whether vocational Computer application is valid if given with BCom? Searching for the validity norms? Our experts on this page shall provide with the correct information here.

    I have done BCom with Vocational Computer Application and cleared the govt exam but they decline to accept it. Please send me any court judgement or any notice which shows that it is also a course of Computer with BCom degree.

    I have heard that Kerala court has not given any judgement on it but it is also valid as O level certificate with BCom.
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  • No university can start any course unless the same is approved by UGC. You can write to the vice - chancellor of the university regarding the credential of the course. You will be provided with the official - circular and the date when the said examination got approved. This circular will be signed by all the official present in the meeting.
    You can have a copy of the same and the same can be produced in case of ambiguity.

  • In which college you have studied that Course? Is the course recognised by any University?
    What I suggest you go to the college you have studied and ask the administration there to give you in writing saying the course is a recognised course and equivalent to with O level certificate. If they have any circular regarding that with them, they will give a letter to you referring the document they have for the proof. With that, you can approach the recruiter or if necessary you can proceed legally also by making a case in the court.

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  • The college and the university from where you have done your graduation will have some authentic permission letter from UGC.

    You approach them and get a copy of same so that you can produce it during document verification.

    You can also visit the UGC site and find out the details of this course as well as the university and crosscheck whether it is approved by them or not.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Kindly note that these days, every single course comes under the radar screen of the UGC. The University has to obtain UGC recognition for the particular course and only then they can start the course. The Vocational course that you have specified is probably one that is quasi-Government. You have not mentioned the name of the University and who is the "they" you are referring to? If the "they' you are referring to is the Government, the State Government has to answer and clarify. However, I understand from your answer that there is a case pending against the particular course you are talking about.

    Now, forget that totally. Do you know that in places like AP, there are courses like B.Com computer applications and in Tamil Nadu, there is the BCA, which is a one hundred percent recognized course, that comes from the prestigious University of Madras or the Madural Kamaraj University and so on? As such, you are eligible to enroll yourself for the one year PGDCA which is nothing but a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications, and a fairly good job oriented course. Since you seem to be from Kerala, just go across to Coimbatore, and join the PGDCA of the Bharathiyar University and then take up some job, even if it is a small job. The University itself has trained career counselors from whom you can get all information that you need regarding the particular qualification. However, you seem to be keen on a Government job. This may still be possible, with a qualification like the PGDCA. Please do check with your University MCA department to know if your acquiring the PGDCA will make qualified for the Government jobs.

    In any case, the UGC recognition is a must. When you go to the MCA course a bit later, which you definitely need to do, that will also require the AICTE approval in addition to the UGC approval. Since you have provided totally inadequate information, am not able to guide you further. However, please do provide additional details and what exactly you want, apart from clarifying who the "they" you are referring to is. In the meanwhile, if you mean employers, as advised take up the PGDCA and you are bound to get some IT job, even if it is a small one.

  • Many a times, private and some PSU have issues with accepting BCom vocational courses. Vocational degrees were initiated and granted under NVEQF (national vocational education qualification framework) to fulfil the demand for specific skills in various sectors(

    There have been potential issues raised with regards to the adequacy of the syllabus and infrastructure related
    to these vocational degrees.
    Also, the idea of an vocational course is not for the candidate to persue a Government job, instead it is foucssed towards self-employment and or entrepreneurship.

    (Page 64 fo this pdf-

    Vocationl courses are relatively easier when compared to the regular courses as the focus is more on practical skill acquirement.

    This is the list of UGC approved colleges for career oriented courses (

    Please verify in your degree certificate whether it is state as B.Com or B.Voc computer application (which means
    that it is a vocational study)

    You basically need an equivalence certificate or a gazette order implying the same.
    You can try to use or a similar document from your state to support your case (

    What you need to do is contact the college and the university that offered you the degree.
    Then write to the UGC and ask for clarification and equivalance certificate

    If it was a regular course, then
    write to
    University Grants Commission (UGC)
    Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
    New Delhi - 110002.
    011-23604446, 011-23604200

    If it was a distance education course, then write to
    Distance Education Bureau (DEB) Main Office
    University Grants Commission (UGC)
    Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi
    Pin:110 002

    You can also check this equivalence nomenclature from UGC (

    In short, only a letter from UGC mentioning your specific college and university details will help you to get some chance of gaining employment.

    Lastly, bachleor's vocational degree would be eligible for gaining admission to a master's program. Please consider this and do your masters in a reputed college that would enable you to gain employment.

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