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    How to get a government job based on engineering degree

    Planning to take up a government job? Searching for information about where and how to look out for such a job after engineering? Check out this page for responses from experts for all your queries.

    Actually, my friend has got his engineering degree finally and he is interested in getting a government job based on his degree.
    He was asking suggestion from all my classmates and friends group. Hence I am also interested in knowing how to get a job based on Engineering degree.
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  • If you want to get a job in government sector based on your engineering qualification, there are many ways.
    1. You can apply for jobs in Nationalised banks against their advertisements. You are eligible for both clerk post and officer post.
    2. You can apply for State Service Commissions posts whenever they advertise for the posts.
    3. Similarly, you can apply for central government posts through UPSC advertisements.
    4. You can appear for GATE examination. Based on your GATE score you can apply for various posts in DRDO and other government institutes and Organisations.
    5. You can apply for lecturer posts in Government Polytechnic institutes
    6. If you want to become a teacher in governemnt schools you have to complete your B.Ed.
    7. Every week you can go through Employment News in which various government posts will be published. you can see the eligibility criteria and you can apply for suitable posts.
    These are the various posts an Engineer can try with his qualification.

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  • If you are interested in getting a Govt job then you have to appear in competitive examinations.

    There are exams conducted by UPSC for all India administrative and other services while states have their own selection boards.

    Then there are jobs in public sector like ONGC, GAIL, NTPC, Coal India, IOC etc where they have their own exams and interview for selection.

    For teaching line as lecturer in Govt colleges you have to qualify in NET before applying for lectureship.

    For getting in the public sector banks you have to appear for the common banking exam for clerk or officer post.

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  • After completing ones engineering degree one can appear in all those competitive exams which pave way to Govt jobs. One should also consider ones liking for a particular type of job. This is essential in the sense that accordingly the efforts to pursue that line of job hunting will be made by an individual.

    Anyway there are many options to exercise. If a person has interest in teaching line he can go for B.Ed and then apply in Govt schools for a teaching job.

    There are posts advertised by Indian Railways and Indian Postal Department which are two giant organisations in Govt sector. Though there is a tough competition but a large number of posts are advertised.

    Combined exam is conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) for posts of clerks or officers in various public sector banks and that is one of the lucrative service after graduation.

    The most coveted top administrative jobs are advertised by UPSC every year and though there is very tough competition but it is worth to do efforts and hard work for it. They provide a very good career in Indian bureaucracy.

    Another prospective area is public sector companies like IOC, NTPC, Oil India, Shipping Corporation, SAIL, ONGC, Coal India etc which advertise posts for its executive cadre in various disciplines like Administration, Stores and Purchase, Finance, Mechanical, Electrical, IT etc. They have got a good career growth.

    State Govts have also got their own public service commissions and they conduct exams for different levels in State administration. These are also very good career options.

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  • No jobs are so popular and as sought after as government jobs in India. There are various benefits such as security, low levels of stress, strict job schedules, high-income, and many other benefits.

    Civil services
    After engineering degree one can join civil services which are the top-notch and most respectable jobs in India. Services such as IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, and IES are unique and incomparable to any job in India. Enrolling in one of them can be the best choice an engineer can make. These services are highly prestigious and will offer a unique and peerless experience that cannot be obtained in any private sector. Every officer can enjoy high-income and at the same time enjoy enough power to make important decisions. We all know how much honor and respect they earn in our society. Entering civil services or state public service commission is not that easy. Hard work and determination both are required. There is the tough competition that exists but one who can successfully manage to enter gets to enjoy a prime life.

    Defense Services
    After an engineering degree, one can even opt to join defense services such as an army, air force, coastal guard, and navy. All these jobs are high paying and also offer medical benefits. One can get recruited as a pilot in the air force. One can even opt for ICG which stands for Indian Coastal Guard and reap huge benefits such as superior status and high payments.

    Get recruited in Indian railways
    One can go for the job of railway engineers in Indian railways. There is a perfect balance between the work pressure and the demand for work. Job profiles they offer are-
    -Senior Section Engineer
    -Junior Engineer

    Banks offer jobs for two profiles.
    -Probationary officer and

    Get recruited in PSUs
    GATE score is considered for recruiting. Thus, you have to qualify for it. You have to appear for various competitive exams to get recruited in PSU's such as ONGC, BHEL. IOCL, and GAIL.

  • Your end goal to get a Government job is achievable provided you contemplate the following points -
    1) If you are really serious enough to qualify IAS examination with the selection of such optional papers which will enhance your scorings substantially so as to get a high rank in the. Written test followed by the impressive interview before the Board. A careful selection of the optional papers such as Geography, Philosophy or Pure Mathematics though not matching your initial stream will help you achieve your goal.
    2) Allied services such as Police - services, Income - tax officer, Sales - tax officers, Revenue Services or even IFS services can be attained with your hard labour.
    3) Attempt for a marvellous performance in GATE test and with the combination of your engineering marks followed by the GATE score, you can get a job in DRDO.
    4) You may try for BDO job if you are preparing for the State level Civil Service. It requires your total concentration and inclination for the same.
    5) You may apply for the Probationary officers jobs of various Publis - sectors Banks and also for the Private Banks such as Axis- bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC bank etc and with a better preparation, you can secure a seat.
    6) There are lot of oppurtunities for you in the Public Undertaking organisation such as DVC, ONGC, NTPC etc. The nature of test of all such organisation are identical in nature. You may compete such tests with your interest and labour.

  • For Engineering graduates there are different openings in govt. service. PWD, Water works, Roads and bridges works, Local self govt. department, Universities and other public sector services, housing board, and several others. Once you take Post graduate degree teaching professions are available in colleges and universities. There different research organizations where also the services of technical hands are in need.
    The advantages of a Government job include mainly the security of service. After- retirement benefits are also an attraction. If pension scheme is there it will be the highest attraction. There are certain sectors where the pension scheme is getting modified as contributory type. However, a job in govt.sector is always attractive.
    At the same time there are many who after entering public sector just misuse it. Such people introduce corruption through supporting the work contractors by accepting bribes. This affect the quality of govt sponsored public works. A good, sincere and able technocrat should never go through that wrong path. When entering a Govt. job this basic principle must be followed throughout.


  • I persume it is a bachleor's engineering degree.

    In the core engineering sector, he can focus on
    a job related to civil,aeronautical,marine,electrical,mechanical, biomedical or computer engineering.

    He can also focus on operations management, logistics and supply chain management, Purchase and procurment section managers, a techincal expert in sales,training and consulting.
    So, as a fresher, based on his stream he can choose into any of these and work towards an internship or a first job as a fresher.

    These days, just a bachleor's degree is not enough to get a well-paying job. He needs to be GATE qualified with a good score that will lead to employment or an enrollment in to a Masters engineering program. After this, he can takeup the Research fellowship(JRF) exams and look at employment in any of the large PSUs and Government defense and science research related institutions (ISRO, IISc, DRDO).

    If he is interested in an academic career as a teacher, he can complete his Masters and then take up the NET/SET exams that will enable him to be a faculty member in an engineering college.

    If he does not want further education now, then he can consider the competitive exams of IBPS, Civil service or UPSC exams.

    Whatever he does, he needs to have an open mind beyond government jobs and consider other avenues including overseas employment (merchant navy, an overseas petroleum industry based jobs, an overseas manager of a warehouse or a food chain store handling logistics etc)

  • Govt jobs are always desired by people due to job security, good perks, good status, low stress and less working times. After engineering there are lots of opportunities for people to get government jobs. Few of the options are:

    1. UPSC / State exams: Civil services are considered to be the best government jobs. It is prestigious job as after posting one has lots of responsibilities on his shoulders. IAS officers have major role in any decision which government takes in that area. Though the exams of the same is very tough and very few people are able to clear the same.

    2.PSUs: They consider GATE score in selection of the people. They offer lucrative perks and other benefits to their employees. PSUs like ONGC, BHEL, GAIL, IOL etc recruit several employees every year.

    3. Defence services: One may opt for army, navy or airforce as they have special vacancies for the engineers. Every year they conduct a written test, interviews and physical test for the same.

    4. Other organisation like railways, CBI, banking sectors are also the organisations where one may get good salary, less stress and job security, they also conduct the test for the recruitment. One can easily find the form online and may fill it.

    5. Teaching is also a good option but for professor grade in college normally MTECH is desired so one should clear the GATE first and do it and the apply for the post.


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  • Lot of jobs available right after completion your graduation that too B.Tech. In fact you can opt for various government jobs.Here we are giving you the different jobs available.

    1. Banking : one of the most top ranked source which is available for all kinds of graduates be it a normal degree or professional degree.

    2. SSC : The most precious way you can get into central government jobs like Income Tax, CBI, IB etc.,
    3. Defence : Different kinds of competitive exams available to get into Defence.

    4. UPSC : No need of introduction for this exam
    And lot more jobs like police jobs etc.,

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