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    What are the powers of a care taker chief minister ?

    Want to know about the exact power vested with a care taker chief minister? Looking out for information about whether he can recommend transfers or manage funding? Our ISC experts shall provide you with all the information you are looking for on this page.

    The Telangana assembly has been dissolved and thus paved way for new election along with other states going for polls shortly. But the governor Narsimhan asked K Chandrasekhara Rao to be the care taker chief minister till the new government elected.
    But in real sense , what are powers of a care taker CM, can he announce sops, can be recommend transfers, can he give further funds to infuse development and what about big projects which are going on and needs funding every month for paying the labors and contractors ?
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  • A caretaker Chief Minister has no restrictions on routine governance acts like salary, law and order etc. But budget preparations, appointments to important posts, policy announcements and major project announcements have to wait for the regular Chief Minister. But nowhere the difference between major and minor was defined. It is left to the discretion of the Governor. In fact, a caretaker CM can take and act like a regular CM and orders passed by him will be in force unless otherwise they are amended by the next CM.
    In case of a Chief Minister's resignation, the outgoing minister holds the informal title of "caretaker" Chief Minister until a new Chief Minister takes over. Since the post is not constitutionally defined, the caretaker Chief Minister will have all the powers a regular Chief Minister possesses.

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  • A caretaker chief minister can always carry out the routine tasks like issues related to law and order, disbursement of salaries and day-to-day activities. But any major policy decisions, announcement of new projects, presentation of budget or matters related to transfer and postings of officials cannot be taken up by the caretaker CM. These decisions have to be taken up by the CM of a regular cabinet. There is nothing in the Constitution known as caretaker chief minister and the term is applied to the person heading the state in place of a regular CM.


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  • As there is no legislature(assembly dissolved) the government cannot take any decision that requires legislature approval. The care taker CM arrangement is to prevent a situation of inaction and indecisiveness of absence of a government till the period the next government is elected. Thus a caretaker government can take all essential actions and responses and remedies to routine or emergency situation as required. It can take decisions and actions to carry out daily governance of the state.
    But it cannot take any policy decisions or decisions that may have long term future effects because there is no approval of an elected assembly.

  • A caretaker is basically to manage the day to day routine jobs so that there is no stoppage of Govt machinery. He can carry forward the already approved plans, projects and other official works.

    During this time he is not entitled to make any policy changes or new vital decisions so his powers are restricted in that sense.

    As far as administrative aspects are considered he has to manage them in the usual course of actions with the help of the installed bureaucracy in the system.

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  • The state can not be left without the head. Sometimes Governer takes the charge himself. Sometimes he uses his discretion to appoint a caretaker head.

    The caretaker CM has to exercise his wisdom in running the state in this interim period. He may not be able to take up new issues having policy implications. Even if he takes up such issues, Governer will not endorse them.

    These are the checks in democracy. They are required for smooth administration of the state.

    The caretaker CM has to perform his duties cautiously without making any room for controversies to crop up.

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  • A caretaker chief minister is no way inferior than the regular chief minister. In respect of power, amending some of the bills or to promulgate any rule, he is capable enough to take his initiative. However he has to enjoy the confidence of the state - governor so that he enjoys the immunity.
    The caretaker chief minister must have adequate administrative experience to run the state efficiently and the ministers under him should not have any skewed relationship to weaken the administrative bondage. The care taker chief minister would take extensive trips to his state in order to know the sufferings of the common people in case of draught or in the Flood so that the exact nature of package can be assessed to distribute among the needy.
    Theoretically, he is endowed with all the essential power to run the state - government.

  • As far as the Indian Constitution is concerned, there is no such post as caretaker chief minister. However, a caretaker chief minister can be considered as good as chief minister. He can take all the legal decisions as well as practical decisions. However, he cannot take major policy decisions. In the constitution, nowhere it is written what comes under major policy decisions and what falls under the category of minor policy decisions. Thus, it is difficult to explain and justify the powers which are given in the hands of the caretaker chief minister.

    The caretaker chief minister is appointed to fill the void when the chief minister resigns for any reason. He can be considered as good as a trustee who is appointed to take care of administration.

    Routine decisions can be taken which concern law, order, and salary. However, only the regular chief minister is authorized to take major policy decisions such as any major project, major announcements, budget announcements, nominating or appointing high offices etc.

    Some believe a major policy decision is one which requires the involvement of more than one office. It straight away goes to the chief minister in order to get approved. The caretaker chief minister has no rights to approve it.

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