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    Problem in document verification

    Are you confused about norms of document verification? Searching for detailed information regarding which domicile to give after marriage? Check out this page for responses from experts and resolve your worries.

    I am a married woman. Since I have filled my father's home state in the application form in domicile option, will there be any problem in document verification if I submit my husband's state as residence?
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  • No. There will not be any problem. Take both the documents. It is better you carry a supporting document for the information whatever you have filled in the application. You can also carry your marriage certificate and proof of your husband's nativity. But they will consider you as a local of your original place only. Your local status will not change with the marriage. If you want to change the surname you can change it. But is not a compulsion. Many married women will not change their surname as all the documents will be as per your original surname.

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  • It would be too late to change the addresses now.

    Domicile status is one address where the person stays or intends to stay. Many states have varying rules for domicile eligibility. SOme states also give domicile certificates if the parents have been in the state for more than 7 years. So, depending on the state in which your parents live, the duration of your marriage and the period of abscence you can explore this option.

    Generally, there should not be an issue if you can produce a domicile certificate from your home state. There would be a potential issue, if your are allotted the job based on your domiciliary status and another candidate or the authorities object to this.

    I would suggest you state your parent's address as PERMANENT ADDRESS and your current address as a temporary address impling that you intend to be back to your parent's state.

    If you get a job, the document verification authorities accept your explanations, then good. If not, then you can meet any good civil lawyer who can help you out.

    For the future, what you can do is, surrender the domicile status in the state you were born and or living until marriage and then apply for a new domicile certificate based on the address of your husbands' home town/city and his own domicile certificate.

    Changing of your surname does not come into consideration for domicile option. Many women after marriage change or retain their own surnames, both are acceptable as long as you consistently use one option only in all legal documents related to the job application.

  • Document - verification would not cause you any problem if you follow the domicile status of your parents. Your domiciled certificate apart from your Matriculation and onwards which you inherited during your studies is not going to create any problem.
    However, you need to make certain changes in PAN card indicating the permanent address where your parents reside and such a change will facilitate you in easy Documents- verification whenever required.
    But since, you are married, you may keep up the certificates of your husband and if you want to have some changes incorporating new address, it can be done. However, it is not necessary provided you do have any inclinations for it.

  • You can give the address of your parents for your domicile status so that there is a match between your educational credentials and domicile status.

    You can give your local address or postal address separately. That will not interfere with anything.

    I will advise you not to change your surname as that will help you in justifying your documents easily without bothering for marriage certificate etc.

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