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    Name correction not updated online

    Having a query about change in name in CBSE result? Wondering why it is not yet updated in the CBSE website? On this Ask Expert page you can check out responses to your query.

    I did my 10th in 2008 and 12th in 2010 from CBSE board. My fathers'name was misprinted in 12th marksheet and certificate. I got my father's name corrected in 2017.
    Now I have both marksheet and certificate with my correct father's name.
    But there is a doubt. When I visited CBSE website and checked old result of 12th class of year 2010 my father's name was not updated it is still incorrect on website.
    Can you please suggest me what may be the reason for this case?
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  • You have already got the corrected documents with you so you have no problem regarding the document verification whenever you go for counselling or interview in the future.

    Now coming to the updating of these corrections in CBSE site in internet. In many organisations it so happens that the data is not updated in the site in time especially the data regarding such rare corrections etc.

    So do not worry as it has no implication in your case.

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  • I think you need not worry about this. You have corrected certificate with you and there will not be an issue for you while you appear for an interview or certificate verification. To that extent, you are assured.
    Many times in government offices website are not getting updated. They do it once in a while. If they start doing online it will better for the candidates.
    If you want to bring this matter to the notice of the board officials you can just send them an email to the address mentioned in the contact information on the website.

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  • Many large organizations use a combination of paper and paperless methods in their day to day functioning. Often there would be lag or failure to update the records, especially corrections in both the online and hard copy format. So, for an organization as large as CBSE, it is not a surprise.

    This would be likely cause, it would eventually be updated. From your viewpoint, you need not be concerned. You have the corrected marksheet of CBSE 10th and 12th which is more important.

    If you still are worried, then drop a letter or a mail to the CBSE office that issued your name correction certificate in 2017. Quote the reference member and request them to update the correction online also.
    This link has the details of the contacts of regional offices).

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