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    Choice of Noida Schools that are interested to allow mid term admission on transfer cases

    Are you relocating to Noida? Interested in knowing about the best schools which allow admission in between the term? No worries, you can browse through this page and get a preference list of schools for the admission.

    My grandson is presently in Class IV in a very reputed school in Hyderabad. Incidentally his father is moving to Noida in UP in end October on transfer. We are searching for schools in Noida for the child's education. Many schools have expressed that mid term admission in November is not allowed.
    The child is a good student.However we got positive response from the following Noida schools.
    1)Kothari International School
    2)Sapphire International School
    3)DPS Gautam Buddha Nagar in Sector 132
    4)Gyanshree School in Sector 127
    5)Somerville International School in Sector 132
    6)Ramagya School '
    7)GD Goenka Global School
    As we have not much of an idea about the schools, we are seeking your guidance on preference basis to come at a decision for the child.
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  • The rankings of the schools in Gautam Buddha Nagar(Noida) would help you and the family to arrive at a good choice.

    A. The 2018 school ranking was based on a survey focussing on infrastructure, quality of teachers extracurricular activities, academic performance and overall well-balanced approach to education.
    Among the list that you have enclosed
    1)Kothari International School - is placed at 9th in 2018. It has the good infrastructure needed for good overall development (
    2)Sapphire International School. (
    3)DPS Gautam Buddha Nagar in Sector 132 - ranked 16th in 2018 (
    4)Gyanshree School in Sector 127 (please see B)
    5)Somerville International School in Sector 132 This link gives you the infrastructure(
    6)Ramagya School- ranked 10th (please see B)
    7)GD Goenka Global School - this school is ranked 7th among the list of schools in Greater Noida

    Further details can be sought in the following
    b.Please check the schools in this list (, it gives a brief summary about the schools and the facilities.
    c.Also browse through the Top C-Fore school survery of 2016 which figures
    Read the below as points scored in each category against the schools mentioned in your list
    Name Total Faculty Academics Infrastructure
    Gyanshree 1116/1500 151/200 81/100 89/100
    Sommerville 1134/1500 160/200 85/100 N/A

    B.The Forbes Marquee India edition lists great Indian schools as per the ratings in great place to study (
    The ratings are based on
    a.learning experience
    b.infrastructure on campus
    d.extra-curricular activities
    e.happiness factor
    f.parent surveys
    Among this list, the Ramagya school(6th on your list) features in the 2018 list with a score of 3/5.(
    Gyanshree school (4th on your list) was listed in the 2017 Forbes India great place to study list. It also figured at 4th out of 26 in Noida top schools, stood 5th among the top 10 Indian schools for infrastructure.

    With the above information, I would suggest you to visit the school websites, check out the top four ( Likely to be 1,4,5,6 from your list), then visit the schools, speak to the teachers, parents and then make take a good decision.

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