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    Can Turn over Less than 20L have GST if selling in other states

    Are you searching for information about filing GST? Also want to know whether one has to pay GST if selling in other states nd turn over is less than 20 lakhs? Here, find advice from experts for your queries.

    I have got my GST as I sell on eCommerce sites, but my turnover is less than 20 Lakhs,

    Will I have to pay GST if Yes, How many times, can I choose composition also? Do you know any link that show me how to file and play GST online.
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  • A registration of GST is essential even though the turnover is less than 20,00,000/-per annum in the following cases.
    1, A sale of goods or services from a dealer in one state to a dealer in another state
    2. A Casual Taxable person selling taxable goods or services
    3. An Agent selling goods on behalf of the principal
    4. e-commerce operator
    You are an e-commerce operator. So you have to take GST registration and file the returns.

    You can try this link for knowing about the process of filing and paying the GST.

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  • Solved...Thanks

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