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    Career and job advice needed

    Confused about choice of career after BCom? Searching for career and job related advice? Resolve your worries by scrolling through this page where experts have provide with advice of how to plan for a successful career.

    I have done B.Com 2 years ago and currently I am doing nothing. I am confused and need help.
    I prefer to work from home for any job like e-commerce online marketing.
    Also need help for career advice, choice of the course and examination that I should take in order to have a efficient and effective career.
    And also tell me about tourism course.
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  • You are a B.Com graduate. Presently not working anywhere. You are interested in E-commerce and online marketing. What I suggest you register your name in or
    you place your bio-data in both the sites and give your email address. You will be receiving updates from them regarding the jobs available meeting your qualifications. You can apply for that.
    Similarly, you can search for jobs online by google search once in while and you can apply for them.
    But I feel you have to go for an additional certification course in online marketing. Various courses are available and you can find them online. You select the best one and do it. Then your chances will become more.

    There are many courses in the tourism field. Some are mentioned below.
    1.Diploma in Travel & Tourism
    2. Certificate in Travel & Tourism
    3.Travelling Pointers & Pitfalls
    Many institutes are offering these courses. Once you complete one course in this line you will have many chances of getting a job in this line.
    Another option is to complete B.Ed so that you can go for a teaching job.

    always confident

  • After completing B.Com there are opportunities in commercial and business areas but certain additional qualifications or diplomas may be required for that.

    One option is go for MBA and then apply in reputed organisations. Another is to prepare for various competitive exams like banking services exam or administrative services advertised by centre or state Govts.

    A commerce graduate can even apply for the subordinate services in state Govt.

    Now a days tax issues including GST have taken a front seat in business arena and going for a good diploma in these tax related subjects may enable one to do either consultancy in this field or join a private firm dealing in these common but important areas.

    Once enough experience is gathered, one can start independent advisory service also.

    One can go for a diploma in finance and accounting after which there are opportunities in finance wing of various organisations.

    Another option is going for post graduation in commerce which will open up new vistas for teaching in colleges and universities. Of course for this qualifying in NET will also be a requirement.

    If you have interest in the area of law and litigation you can even think of going for a LLB course. This is getting lot of attraction now a days.

    Sometimes PSUs also advertise good entries for commerce graduates for which an exam is held. You can consider this avenue also.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You have clearly said that you are a B.Com, doing nothing now. This should immediately change. I do not know where you are now stationed. That is where you live. However, if you are from a small town, please do go over to cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai or Hyderabad. You will see many small companies, particularly trading companies. They will offer you the job of accounts assistant.

    Kindly note that only experience in accounting and related jobs like handling bank accounts and complications thereof, will take you anywhere. Please do note that experience is a must.

    Am really surprised that you do not know about the ICWA course. This is the famous costing course, which is very reasonably priced and this you should do immediately. That is, you must immediately register and start doing the course immediately. Now, please do understand that the costing course is a very difficult thing. However, when you gather experience, you will find the course much easier to manage. Please do note that the institute itself arranges for coaching through many of its centers.

    With experience in hard core accounting, and practical knowledge of things like the GST, you will be able to get higher and higher salary. So, the key is to first take up ANY job and then learn through experience. ANY job does not mean a job say in marketing and so on. This will take you nowhere. However, if you are into even an accounting job in a trading company, once you show that you are very sincere, there will be so many opportunities as the employer will recognize you.

    Please do note that you SHOULD NOT, repeat SHOULD NOT, do the M.Com course. Even if you pass the inter stage the ICWA course, please do note that you will be given a much higher salary, in fact, much more than through the M.COM route. For is still an academic course. But the ICWA course is a professional course and can easily be rated on par with the CA course, which is called Chartered Accountancy course.

    However, as an alternative, you can do the ACS course, which is called the Company Secretaryship course. Though the role of a Company Secretary is different, in reality, the accounting and finance roles are also given to those with the ACS qualification.

    I do not know if you are serious about the Tourism course. Please do note that the full time courses are few and are available in the Pondicherry University, at Mangalore University, and a few other institutes, There is the IITM, an apex body in Tourism and the course at Gwalior. They offer the course at some other centers too.

    However, the best option is to take up any job immediately, and then do the ICWA joh immediately.

    All the very best.

  • You said that you are interested in online E-commerce marketing. It is a process of increasing the sales online. It is designed to increase the overall awareness regarding the online brands and the various product offers. This entire process is based on two principles. One is to drive enough traffic and the other one is to optimize the experience of the user.

    If you want to master E-commerce marketing than you need to look into these areas and gain more and more knowledge regarding the same. Both of these requirements are critical and not everyone can master them easily. You need to become a marketer and not just any marketer but a seasoned one.

    Various online courses are available. If you want to enroll in a proper classroom course, you can even opt for that one. Since you are not working anywhere, I would suggest you join classroom digital marketing courses.

    Online courses for digital marketing-
    Various aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, ORM, Analytics, and SEM are covered. You get to learn Google AdWords and techniques which help in marketing. Reputed organizations which are offering online courses for digital marketing are-
    -Manipal Global Education is offering Manipal ProLearn,
    -Digital Vidya is offering courses such as Mobile marketing, digital marketing, and the social media certification program.
    -Simplilearn is offering around 30 courses that are based on digital marketing.

    Classroom courses for digital marketing are offered by following institutes-
    -Digital Marketing Training Institute in Mumbai,
    -The Delhi School of Internet Marketing,
    -Digital Nest in Hyderabad

    Tourism courses in India
    There are various courses through which you can enroll in the tourism sector. They are offered by various reputed institutes. Some of the courses in which you can enroll are-
    -MBA in Hotel and Tourism Management,
    -Masters in Tourism Management,
    -Professional Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management,
    -Diploma in Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service

  • I cannot make out why nothing is being done in your commerce - field. You know that this field has wide applicability in different business- aspects. Some of the papers such as Advanced Accountancy, Mercantile - law, Business - accounting and application of Mathematical - derivatives are the inescable proportions.
    Instead of sitting ideally, you can look around some business - form where you can be engaged as Accounts - clerk and an exposure in that field will strengthen your concept in accounts. Side by side, you may think of doing ICWA and with the professional guidance of some prominent institution, you would be able to get through this test.
    Such achievement will multiply your career prospects in Accounts offering you job with higher perks.
    You need a little planning to select the right plateform in the accoutings so as to make them as the challenging career.

  • I don't know but if I am rightly understood then the author is doing nothing in the meantime & this remained the case even when he already has completed the B.Com 2 years back. For any applicants this may prove to be the dark spots in their resumes.

    In addition, the author has come-up with his interest into two different areas, i.e., "e-commerce online marketing" & "tourism course". Although these are two different platforms or areas but we can be very much optimistic & positive if opting for any of the above two.

    E-commerce online marketing:-

    As the name itself suggests that this directly relates to the marketing of Goods & Services through online. The strategies include anything which attract & add more customers to the list of the firm or the industries. The instruments can well be taken as web-designing, Search Engine Optimization, E-mail marketing, online promotions, writing blogs etc. In almost every YouTube videos & even in your smartphones you can witness the pop-up of advertisements which is nothing but the different ways of E-commerce online marketing. In another instance you may have observed the unwanted mails & promotional SMS which again forms the tools & techniques for online marketing.

    About tourism course:-

    For any country the tourism industry also plays an important role in generating the revenues. While the government has come to know its importance more tourism spots are developed throughout regions. Considering this all, we go on identifying the different sections wherein the courses can be adopted to shape a better future in our own ways. This includes Travel formalities, Tour Packaging, International Air Ticketing, Hotel Management or Hospitality, Travel agency management, Transportation, handle customer query on passport & Visa requirements etc. While go on searching we can find out the list of Institutes & the universities as well as regular & correspondence courses of different budgets & durations. In this small descriptions, we only can come-up with little glimpse of the vast information available to us & therefore suggesting to pl. also go ahead with few of the list as published in the internet & then compare before finally you pick one.

    The best way is to ask for the courses & the prospectus of your preferred institutes & the universities & go ahead with what you feel right & appropriate as well as futuristic.

  • You have completed your B.Com and interested in e-commerce marketing or tourism.

    Landing the first job after a bachelor's degree is tough in the current job scenario. You need to have a positive spirit, develop a network of contacts and people who can help you. Start this very soon, even if you have to take up a temporary job or an apprenticeship like post.
    Create an attractive CV that showcases your skills and register on job and social portal like
    linkedin,,, etc. Once you get your first job, gain hands on experience in the field, then you can do add on courses and move ahead.

    If you have a good command over English, have good communication skills, you can look for Fresher jobs in the Air travel sector, it can be in the ticketing section, customer care, check in assistant etc. This would give you some experience that can open doors for your career in the travel and tourism sector.

    If time and money are on your side, then you can consider doing a M.Com, MBA with specialization in e-commerce OR MBA in tourism and hospitality.

    If you get a job with your B.Com, then you can consider distance education courses or short courses in the evening colleges to gain additional degrees.
    building and managing an e-commerce site (web developer and support consultant)
    operations manager
    Law expert related to e-commerce
    logistic and supply chain manager or consultant
    e-commerce security advisor
    retail consultant
    automation and digital marketing
    Similarly, in the tourism sector, you can consider
    event management
    hotel management
    corporate tour manager

    IGNOU, offers tourism courses that you can consider while you working. You can check the courses at the School of Tourism and Hospitality service management
    Master of Science (Hospitality Administration), Master of Tourism & Travel Management and later on even a Doctoral Degree, Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism and Hospitality.

    IGNOU also offers M.Com and you can do certification courses along with it in e-commerce branch.
    There are many options but it is up to you to make the first move, get out of the state of confusion and work hard to get the first break.

  • Your preferences are ambiguous. You prefer work from home but you are also interested in tourism courses which will not a work from home job. As a B.Com graduate, you have various choices depending upon your personal interests, family situation and other factors.

    You can pursue M.Com if you would like to continue being in the same industry and move towards the education sector by doing M.Phil and any other equivalent degree.

    You have the choice to do Chartered Accountant course for which the duration is 5 years. So, you need to decide this based on your current situation.

    You can also look for taking Government exams and get any job in Government sector. There are various exams such as IBPS, SSC, etc., which you can prepare and appear.

    Regarding tourism courses, there are various Diploma courses offered which you can take based on the entry you wish to make in tourism. There are various career options such as Tourist Guide, Travel consultant, Tourism Manager, Travel Agent, etc., These jobs will require you to relocate to some tourist places but since you have mentioned that you prefer to work from home you would need to decide first which sector to enter. After that gather the details on what to do in that field.


  • No doubt good Job options are less after doing just B. Com. Its preferable to do some courses like CS, ICWA etc to get a good job. Here are few other job options after B. Com :

    1. Lecturer or a professor : After completing your graduation you may pursue M. Com and then give an NET, if qualify then you get a chance to be a lecturer.

    2. Banking job : There are various entrance exams which are conducted on different levels for selection as a bank employee. You may fill the form and appear for them, if selected you may get a good job with good remuneration.

    3. Other government jobs: One can appear for the exams of other government jobs too as minimum eligibility to appear in the exams is graduation. You may try them and may get a good job if clear the exam.

    4. You may further study for MBA in any stream and may get a good job in marketing, finance or HRD which are good options as on all these posts one gets a good salary.

    Apart from this one may enroll his name on different job finding sites like naukri where you may enclose your CV and may write about yourself. On such sites employer them self search desired people and take interviews and employ them. Also you may also search jobs on this site as they frequently update the jobs on their sites. You can click and apply the jobs which you find suitable for yourself.
    If you have an interest in E - Commerce then you may add the same in your CV so that people may hire you. Yes the scope of ecommerce is good when most of the people buy and sell things online.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

  • Its good that you have completed B.Com 2nd year and about to enter the final year of your Under graduation degree program. Since your program consists of the Accounting and nowadays also computing its essential to study the third year with good interest and also concentrate on the third year to secure a good percentage to get an job in top industries.
    Meanwhile you can do the work from home in your leisure time by writing some articles, answering the questions in the India Study channel. This will improve your knowledge in the field you wanted to work and study and make you know the pros and cons of your future job, your willing about the e-commerce, online marketing. Since your are about to enter the final year its better to concentrate on the Aptitude and logical reasoning, preparing for the interviews like software companies where they would be able to provide you a good package.
    With more than first class and also with computer knowledge, which will make you a good career with good packages.

    In the meantime you can study about the e-commerce, online marketing through online courses and also through the experiences of your working in the top most companies. B.Com with M.Com is a good combination since you are mastering in the field of your under graduation already specialized in the same field of This adds advantage in your package from the software industry,
    along with online courses about e-commerce, online marketing where you can a try for best package if your knowledge is also upgraded.

    B.Com with a combination of M.B.A is also a good combination since this can get job in the management perspective inside the same industry while working along with B.Com improves your Designation, if you apply for the internal jobs inside the software industry. Might also have options like going abroad for deputation with good combination of degrees. Online courses about e-commerce,
    online marketing from the top universities with help you to horn your skills and added advantage in the industry.
    Doing a masters in the same stream of your under graduation will improve your level of confidence, knowledge, skills, practical experiences in the industry.

    Studying a part time study about E-commerce, online marketing is also one of the good options to know about the knowledge in field of your Masters selections also, experience in the e-commerce websites, online marketing where later you can build a industry one for your self either individually or along with the group. Making a degree in the e-commerce, online marketing will also fetch in a upper position in the industry of e-commerce, software.
    Tourism courses with the combination of e-commerce, online marketing with be able to give you confidence to start a website of your known about Ticketing, flight booking where you can manage a few persons under your knowledge and experience in the same field you have worked.

    Indian institute of Tourism & Travel management, New Delhi is one of the best in offering the course in full time mode. Obtain a degree in the top most institute will fetch a good package based on your experience in the industry, improves knowledge about the field inorder to know about various carriers in E-commerce, software industry., later with a M.B.A along with a P.H.D is an excellent combination will make you rich in your career.

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