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    Caste related problems and worried

    Are you facing any caste related query pertaining to government job document verification? Searching for information regarding what to do if caste is wrongly mentioned as general? Find advice from experts here and you can take corresponding action.

    C.B.S.E. marksheets also has caste written on it. In my 10th 12th marksheet there is no caste is written.
    By mistake at the time of CBSE board registration for class 10th I have written my caste as general. But I belong to schedule caste. I had certificate also.
    Now I have done BTech where in I had written schedule caste.
    Marksheets mention grades. In govt. Job document verification they also check caste written in class 10th.
    Can you give some suggestion since I am in a great worry and thinking to commit suicide.
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  • If you have a caste certificate mentioning your caste issued by a competent authority, you will not have any problem. Your SSC certificate or 12th certificate will not be considered for your caste finalisation. The caste certificate given by the MRO or any other competent authority is only taken for deciding your caste and reservation. They will not go by what you have written in your 10th admission sheet. Anyhow, you are mentioning that there is no mention of the caste in your certificates. So you need not worry about that.

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  • Don't worry all you have to do is in the court, file an affidavit. You need to tell them that your caste has been wrongly written in your CBSE 10th certificate. Take your caste certificate with you. If possible, take a written statement from the principal of your school. You will also need other documents such as ration card or any such document which will have your photo and address proof. You need to provide Xerox copies of all these documents in the court.

    It is not a very big issue and you should not think of doing anything wrong to yourself. These kinds of mistakes are quite common. Sometimes error takes place in the spellings of candidates, sometimes in date of birth and sometimes the castes are wrongly written. It does not matter whether it was your mistake or someone else's mistake; maintain your calm. The error will easily get rectified within a short period.

    Since you are opting for the career in the government sector, follow the above solution and within a month or two you will be able to correct the mistake and join your dream job.

  • Reena upadhya mam in my 10th marksheet no caste is written on it and not on tranfer certificate. In my cbse 10th board registration form I have written general thats the problem. This also checked in govt. Job verification

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    You can still change it. You can say that you have entered caste wrongly as you were in a hurry. I don't think registration forms are a big issue. All that matters is caste certificate, a birth certificate where caste is mentioned and marks sheets.

    Since you are insisting that registration form is also checked while offering a government job, I feel that you should go and meet the concerned people from where you have completed your 10th. The office and higher authorities will guide you and give proper guidance.

  • Reena mam school records about caste also checked in govt jobs or caste certificate is enough for this purpose

  • You do not need to worry and remove thoughts about extreme steps for such simple mistakes.

    If you have a valid caste certificate that says you belong to Schedule caste, you can change it.

    I hope you and your parents would have mentioned about the scheduled caste status at the time of admission in the school/enrollment for 10th standard.

    First, please have a valid caste certificate for yourself, your parents and your siblings if any. There should not be any doubt in this regard.

    Then, please visit the CBSE school where you studied your 10th and 12th. If the admission register and details reflect, that 'as per the school records, Mr/Ms X belongs to the scheduled caste', it would be useful for your case. Please take a letter from the school principal stating the same.

    You can also get an affidavit from a Notary, stating your caste by birth.

    Then draft a letter to the appropriate CBSE authorities based on your region/state (

    Filling in a correction form one each for 10th and 12th, explain in your covering letter that, by mistake, you have entered general category during registration for 10th. Provide evidence of the above, school caste entry letter, copies of your caste certificate (and parents), affidavit and the fees.

    Please keep all correspondence with the board handy for future use.

    You can approach the school administration staff and principal for guidance. If the board does not issue you new corrected certificates, then you can contact a good civil lawyer who can help you get this correction done.

  • You have to maintain an uniform record in respect of your caste - certificate. First of all you have to check yourself whether a proper caste - certificate against your father's name has been issued or not. If the same is intact condition, you may approach a lawyer for the issuance of an affidavit for which you need the photocopies of yours father's cast certificate and the photocopies of other related documentations such as PAN card, Aadhar - card, Voter - I'd card for both your father and your self so as the process the affidavit where the Notary - magistrate will put his signature along with your self.
    You need to put an advertisement in two papers at least one being local and other one is English daily. Produce such cuttings wherever it is required.
    Later, you may contact your Principal and secure a forwarding note from his side indicating any inclusion of caste - certificate in the admission - register. Also the submit of the photocopy of the caste - certificate issued by the Rotary - magistrate so as get correction from the office of the Board. Include the demand - draft required for this purpose to the Board office along with your application.

  • I don't think there is much problem when you have a authorised caste certificate available with you. Everywhere you can show it when you have to. By the way why didn't you get it corrected once you cleared your 10th exams.


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