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    How to obtain an ITI transcript from the vocational technical board

    Need to quickly get an ITI transcript from a vocational technical board to apply for a job abroad? Know the procedure to do so with expert advice provided in the answers to your query at this Ask Expert page.

    I am from Bangalore and I am in need of ITI fitter transcript from the technical board. But the Board and college told me no such facility is provided by the ITI. Now, West Canada is asking for the transcript. Please help me. If anyone of you has gone through this process, please suggest to me what can be done. Now I have only a little time to apply. So please answer my query as soon as possible.
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  • Certain documents are required for transcripts such as-
    -Degree certificate,
    -Mark sheets (Include those entire re-attempts mark sheets too),
    -Photographs (Passport size)

    Since your college and board are not assisting you in getting the transcript, the better solution would be to prepare it by yourself. It is nothing but a collection of the educational information and it requires the inclusion of your mark sheets. You will be providing information regarding the subjects you have chosen, the year in which you have passed out. All the information from the school until now will be included in it.

    You can even take help of a professional to get it prepared. Professionals will help you to make it look presentable. Once it is finished you can take it to the higher authorities present in your college so that they can sign and seal it. In this way, it becomes your legal ITI transcript.

  • If the college and board are not willing to give this, the only way is to get it made by you. It is nothing but a consolidated qualifications list with all the details of the subjects you have studied and the marks obtained and the result.
    In your case, there are two qualifications. Your 10th class and then ITI.
    You can make a format on your own. In this, you can mention your name, father's name and Date of Birth. You can mention your address also. Then give all the details of the subjects you have studied in your 10th class, the marks you have obtained and the % percentage you have obtained and also the result. Here you should see that all the details including subjectwise and papers as mentioned in your marks list should come. Then in continuation as next point, you give all the details regarding your ITI qualification also. After completing the total process, you can have your signature and take it to any gazetted officer or your school Head Master or College principal. Request him to sign on the format. They will check all the details and sign and stamp on that. This will hold good and you can send the same to the institute asking for it.

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  • It is not your CV they are asking for, it is the details they are asking that say what you claim to be, a ITI completed fitter
    A. You need not worry, In the field of education and a degree, a transcript is basically the chronological presentation of the activities (study, practical, projects, presentations, conferences, lecturers etc) that were undertaken by the candidate during the prescribed period. Please read this in detail to help you understand the necessary documents you need to collect (

    B.If the board is not willing to give you, you make one, please remember that whatever you state should be verifiable and attested.

    Fristly, make a list of the documents related to your ITI fitter course
    1.selection exam result/course enrollment letter
    2.Course duration - attendance sheets
    3.Course exam results
    4. Details of all the practical work carried out by you.
    5.The syllabus covered during the course, particular attention to the skill areas that your current job focuses on. For instance the first 4 pages of this pdg gives in detail the topics covered in the first semster of a standard ITI fitter course(
    This pdf file gives the entire course study material for two years (
    6.Attendance certificates of any programs or seminars related to the course.

    C.Then you need to have the important course completion certificates and marksheets.

    1.The Directorate general of training, Government of India has sites that offer some key support documents.(

    2.In this site (, the vocational course completed student can get details of Trainee profile, ITI grading, certified trainee status, e-certificate verification and marksheet verification. All these documents can be printed out and you can give the link for your prospective Canadaian employer to verify online.

    3.You can also enclose this government order on how the prospective employers can verify ITI trainee details online (

    D.With a copy of all the above, meet the ITI training institute you attended, meet you old trainers or the present authorities, request them to help you out, some good-natured teacher will sign attest the key documents that you have gathered. It would be practical to meet some administrative staff who can help get the attestation done for a small fee.

    E. These are the two offices in Bangalore that deal with the ITI training and certification, you can try meeting the authorities there.
    Office of the Directorate Employment and
    Training, Kaushalya Bhavana, Dairy Circle,
    Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
    – 560 029.
    Ph 080
    2. Divisional Office Bangalore Office of the
    Joint Director & Ex
    -Officio Joint
    Apprenticeship Adviser,
    Employment & Training, Department,
    Divisional Office,
    Koushalya Bhavan, Dairy Circle,
    Banneraghatta Road, B'lore
    – 29
    Phone No. 080
    – 25189114

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  • Transcript is a sort of documentation enlisting your detailed qualification from class ten and onwards, where in you will put in all the relevant informations such as the name of the Board, the percentage of aggregate marks secured including the papers covered in such a syllabus.
    If the no of attempts exceeds by one, the same is to mentioned with the all the details.
    In your case, you have done ITI apart from your Matriculation - board, you need to furnish the entire details such the province with which the same council is attached with.
    A transcript is the reflection of your systemic activities with which you were engrossed in your academic - session. It would show all your involvements during your student - life.
    Now at the end of this resume, you would be required to put your signature and finally there should be the signature of the gazetted- officer such as the Government - doctor, Pricipal of the higher secondary school or Magistrate etc. Finally the stamp of the designatory is to be put on.

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