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    Query about software course after Mechanical

    Aspiring to join the IT industry? Confused about which software course to study after Mechanical engineering? On this Ask Expert page you can gt ample advice for your questions.

    I have completed B.Tech in Mechanical stream, in the year 2017. Now I would like to take up a software job.
    Which course is better to take in coaching ?
    My friends are saying do java,.net,sap, networking,data science.
    How to plan for a prosperous future?
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  • You have plenty of options in the IT sector. Some of them are mentioned below. Choose a course in any of these areas to equip enough software skills. You can successfully take a leap in the career and get recruited in high-paying IT job in a reputed organization.

    1. Course in web programming
    You will be able to learn how to design, develop, assess and produce web apps. This course will help you to take a lead in the software industry. However, you should have a certain knowledge of PHP, .NET, and Java. If you love web programming and want to set your career in this field, this is the best course. Lots of private and public companies every year recruit web developers for online as well as web development tasks

    2. Go for CISCO
    CISCO courses offer certification in 5 different levels-
    - Entry,
    - Associate,
    - Expert,
    - Professional level and
    - Architect level

    3. Statistical Analysis System
    SAS Institute is the best to study data analytics. Certification will enable you to become SAS analyst, developer, programmer or even consultant.

    4. DBA
    A career in DBA which stands for database administration will provide you stability in the coming years. IT industry is unpredictable but if you wish to take a career in this unpredictable sector, DBA offers you peace of mind and high job security. There does not exist a project which never uses a database.
    You get to learn to create, manage and maintain data files. You can learn Oracle, MySql, DB2, Sql Server. When you are through with these skills, you can pursue data warehousing.

    5. Cloud computing buzz
    If you want to become a part of this buzz, you can enroll in the courses and learn things such as IaaS, SaaS, NaaS, DBaaS, and various such things. Cloud computing is high in demand and so are the software professionals who have knowledge in this area. Enroll in cloud-based courses. If you have some knowledge about J2EE or .NET, you can enroll in advanced courses in cloud computing. Windows Azure offered by Microsoft is the best course right now.

  • Many IT companies will be taking B.Tech graduates of any stream for their Organisations. The vacant posts will be advertised by the concerned companies. You can apply and attend walk-in interviews. You can upload your biodata in and They will be sending you the alerts regularly.
    Coming to some additional certification courses or diploma courses, these days many advanced courses are being offered. You can choose any good course based on your interest. You can do a course related to any language that is being used in software like Java. .net is also a good area to get trained.

    always confident

  • With your engineering in Mech - stream, the employer of the IT industry would like to know the entire mark - details of each semester, this would in fact offer the employer a rough idea of your inherent conception of of the subject taken up at your graduation- stage.
    In fact, the Software demands your immediate attention in the core subject with which you would be attached - may be in the system of clouding, SAP, ORACLE, DNB technology etc.
    In order to know your trait, you will have to go to the several rounds of the Interview including the written and oral ones where your mental - frame, your attitude towards this profession, your ability to convince others, your representation - skill and above your patience will be taken into account.
    The employers are prudent enough to infuse right man - power in their MNC companies and hence with your sound grasp of your subject coupled with verbal and written communication- skill will land you job in the Software - field and later you will be inducted in the different modules for which you will be given advanced - training.

  • Many graduates after B.TEch and B.e tend to do short term courses to get into the IT sector.

    You can consider
    1. If you are new to the IT sector, then doing a course in HTML5 + CSS3 would give you the basic knowledge to do any good course on website designing. (

    2.In the web designing sector, you can choose Web Master course, User Interface developer course, Javascript masters course. (

    3. If you have good basic grounding, then you can consider DevOps course that will enable you to be a consultant or DevOps Engineer. This course is a mix of software development and software operations. (!lang=1033)

    4.Another area to consider is the Big data certification, you have Certfied big data specialist course from reputed names like Amazon,Cloudera,Micrsoft and Oracle.

    5. If you want to consider a career in networking, you can look at CISCO certifed entry level technician and later an associate level course.

    Apart from this, for the long term, you can also take the GATE exams and then check out the promising M.TEch courses like ECE with specialization in VLSI (very large scale integration) system design, robotics, wireless communication etc.

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