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    Pursuing two degree simultaneously

    Want to pursue is distance and regular degree together? Wondering whether it is allowed by UGC and AICTE? Check out this page for clarification from our ISC experts and decide what to do.

    I am a student who likes to enroll for a distance learning course (Post-Graduation) and parallelly I want to enroll for a regular course (Under-Graduation).
    Is there any law of UGC or AICTE or any other governing body regarding the authenticity of two degrees which is pursued simultaneously?
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  • Two different degree courses cannot be considered as valid and legal if pursued side by side. Only one degree and certificate programs can be carried out at the same time. A degree and diploma can be carried out and are valid. If two degrees are carried out side by side, one will become invalid. It does not matter whether they are pursued from the same or different institutions.

    UGC has given permission to pursue two different courses simultaneously. You can enroll in one regular degree programme along with one distance/open learning mode programme. You can pursue a regular degree along with a certificate course/ advanced diploma course/ diploma course/ PG diploma in regular or distance/open mode. Both of them can be carried out in the same university or else by a different one.

    Thus, you can pursue one regular degree course and take a certificate/diploma/advanced diploma/PG diploma in distance learning mode. However, don't go for two-degree courses simultaneously.

  • They are not allowed. You can not pursue two degrees simultaneous either through regular course or distance mode. You can't study from the same university or from different universities. Only one out of the two will be accepted. This is as per the rules formed by UGC.
    But you can do one degree course and a diploma course simultaneously. This diploma course and degree course can be from same institute. It can Be from different institutes also. It makes no difference.

    So you purse one degree and one diploma.

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  • From your narration it appears that you have already completed your undergraduate course in one stream and you want to do undergraduate in another subjects as well as want to do postgraduation in distance mode.

    If it is so then you may not able to pursue two degree courses simultaneouly as that is not allowed but you can go for a postgraduate diploma in the area of interest while pursuing the undergraduate course.

    Another thing is if you take up many courses at a time you may not be able to do the appropriate preparations for all of them simultaneously. Anyway that is your personal outlook and if you think yourself competent enough you can go for one degree and one certificate/ diploma course together.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You may not be permitted to appear for two degree courses simultaneously despite being the two different sources - such as one being from a regular university and the other one from the distance mode. As you are interested for taking up an undergraduate course from the regular university and a post - graduation from the distance mode.
    However, there cannot be suppression of the facts since in both the stages, you are required to fill up an application- form furnishing all the relevant details before sorting to admission in any course. Your concealment of facts would lead to disqualification of your course being sought.
    However, the situation would be different if you want to take up an undergraduate/ post - graduate from one mode ie from a regular under varsity or through the distance mode and persuasion of a post graduate - diploma from either of the sources.
    If you want both such courses from the same university, it would not create any complications.

  • There is a lot of confusion regarding the simultaneously enrollment for a regular degree and an distance education degree because there are two reports from UGC. I understand that you have started or currently doing your UG and you intend to go for one PG degree at the same time.

    The reasons against this was, the issue with time spent on the course, attendance etc.
    UGC had a committee that looked into the issue of persuing two degree simultaneously, one regular mode, one distance education mode.

    The reasons for dual degree was the changing trends in education including PG education in India and overseas, accesibility of online courses and the competitive nature of the present day education and employment sector.

    There is a UGC document from 2012,wherein a select committee states that one can take up a maximum of one additional degree program under open or distance mode from the same or a different university.(

    Recently, there was one more letter from UGC that was not in favour of a dual degree.(

    What I would suggest is,

    1.first enroll for the UG degree full time in a UGC recognized college and university.
    2.Then seek the details of the course that you want to do distance mode, including the college and the university.
    3.Then write to UGC in clear language about your current full time UG degree and the future distance course that you intend to take.
    4.If UGC permits you, get it in writing and then contact the university wherein you are taking your full time course and inform the UG university officials that UGC has given you permission about the second distance degree and you would be enrolling for it. If they have no objections, then you win, go for both the courses.
    5. If UGC refuses, then at least you have tried.
    6.If the regular UG course university objects, then write back to UGC and seek guidance.

    So, in short, there are two version of this, you wouldn't know for sure unless you try and contact UGC and get it in writing, this would be my view.

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  • It may not be feasible to attempt two degree courses simultaneously due to the UGC regulations.

    Another thing is while applying for a PG degree course one has to mention the status of the graduate degree acquired. It should be actual and not the misleading as it will tantamount to hiding of facts.

    So one should be careful in such risky endeavours. The better way is continue ones graduation and if time permits register for some related certificate or diploma course.

    In a normal situation people first complete their graduation and then only move to other higher studies whether a PG degree or diploma. Doing multiple courses has a danger of distracting from main focus from one's area of choice.

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