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    Caste certificate verification of central govt jobs

    Have you got any address proof related and other documents issued from different states? Worried how to answer any questions during document verification? On this page check out advice provided by experts.

    I have caste certificate issued in Andhra Pradesh. Now I am living Telangana. So in my all documents like adhar card, PAN card, voter id and driving licence the address is mentioned as Telangana state.
    Will this create a problem in central government job document verification? Since the state mentioned caste certificate is different from that mentioned in other documents.
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  • Transfer from one state to another state is common and thus with the transfer, address changes. It is okay to present caste certificate that was issued to you in Andhra Pradesh and other ids such as aadhaar char, PAN card, voter id, and a driving license issued to you in Telangana. It is not going to create any problem in document verification when you apply for Central Government jobs. It is not that unusual to have different addresses or different states mentioned in your documents.

    Caste certificate is actually permanent. Fresh certificates are rarely issued. If they issue one, your problem is solved. If they don't go for an affidavit. Go to a judicial magistrate for the same. The judicial magistrate will help you to make an affidavit through which you can change the address of your caste certificate.

  • Generally caste certificate does not need any change as it mentions the place and caste to which a person belongs. So I do not see any thing to be done in this regard.

    Only thing is you should have identification documents for linking this caste certificate to you. In other words your and your parents name in caste certificate should match with that of in other documents.

    If there is any mismatch you will have to either get the corrected caste certificate from the authorised competent authority in that area or go for a legal affidavit for linking these documents together.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The caste certificate issued by the undivided Andhra Pradesh is valid for all practical purposes. Even all the education certificates issued before bifurfication will have the AP Boards or Universities only. You can't change all those certificates as they are giving AP state. So you need not worry about that certificate.

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  • There are two key points for your question.

    A. One cannot and need not change the caste to which he or she belongs just because the person has migrated to a different state.

    B.With regards to THE USE of caste certificate from one state to
    the other state, you need to check the important fact -
    1.whether your caste claim (OBC,SC etc) from one state is recognized by the other state.
    2. Will you or can you enjoy the benefits of the reservation status of Sate A (Andhra Pradesh) in State B(Telangana) too.

    Example:1 Madras HC ruing - SC candidates from other states cannot claim reservation benefits in Puducherry.(

    Example:2- Allahabad HC ruling - ST in one state cannot enjoy benefit on moving to another state unless, his/her ST caste is also recognized under the reserved category in the migrant state too.

    So, If you are going to depend on your reservation status (based on the caste certificate issued by Andhra Pradesh), then please check whether you enjoy the same reservation status in Telangana too. If yes, no issues, present the caste certificate for document verification.

    If the answer is 'No', then approach a good civil lawyer who deals with caste issues and employment

    ( Please read this recent ruling document carefully and discuss with a good lawyer.

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