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    Which is the best online platform to practice online entrance exam?

    Aspiring to prepare for entrance exams for engineering? Looking out for online portal for exam practice? Find suggestions from experts on this Ask Expert ISC page.

    I am looking for the Web Portal or Mobile Apps where I can practice for the online exams. As we know today almost all exams are being conducted online. I think it is important that we practice a lot so that we can crack the Exam like IIT-JEE Mains and Advance.
    Please suggest me some Mobile Apps using which I can prepare for Engineering Entrance Exam?
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  • Educational online apps are becoming popular and helping students appearing for competitive exams. They are definitely advantageous when compared with the traditional study techniques. Students who are preparing for JEE Main, AP EAMCET can make use of these apps. The study material is well organized. It enables easy searching of various topics. Most of the online apps are free to use. Thus, they not only provide free study content but also offer an effective user interface. The study is fun and thus quite engaging. These apps provide various mock and practice tests. They even provide question papers of previous years. Thus, students can engage in sufficient practice before exams. They get to know the difficulty level and type that they may face in their real exams.

    The best thing about these online apps is that they provide flexibility to the students. There is no need to be punctual to the online sessions. In the case of traditional study, students need to attend the regular classes. However, online study apps offer freedom in that aspect.

    Before choosing any app make sure that it meets certain requirements. First, the study content that it is providing should be of high quality. It should cover all the important topics. Study material should be error free. Teachers should be experienced and not someone doing the task just for the sake of doing. Choose an easy simple app. It should not take lots of time due to difficulty in navigation.

    This app is for IIT JEE. It is also for SAT, ICSE, NEET AND CBSE preparation. All the aspiring engineering candidates can make use of this app. It offers a complete syllabus, covers important topics and offers mock tests that can be taken daily.

    Other Apps for IIT-JEE Mains are-
    1. SanaEdutech's Engineering Entrance
    2. Mobile apps for JEE Physics
    3. MathonGo
    4. EAMCET Engg Practice
    5. Winuall
    6. Mobile Education apps
    7. Toppers learning app
    8. Cengage app
    9. Embibe

  • Mobile apps are very handy for preparing for engineering entrance exam. These are good for testing your status as where you stand in respect of your preparations.

    Some of the popular apps are -
    Grade up, Gate CS, Prep Guru, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Entrance etc.

    Alternatively you can visit their sites also for comprehensive details of other free/ paid tests and quizzes.

    Please remember that just by practicing questions is not going to help you much because until unless you go through the whole syllabus with persistence practice, you will not be able to score high.

    These free online tests will only give you a taste of what questions will look like but if you want to solve the questions even after some variations in them then solid study is the only solution.

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  • There are certain mobile apparatuses which will enable you to expedite your skill how the answer on lines. Embibe, Ask IITians, EAMCEAT Engg practices can give sufficient inputs in terms of knowledge and exposure. Such apparatuses can make you familiar with the trend of on line examination.
    However, unless the basic concept in a particular subject is not achieved, the purpose would be self - defeating. To have a sound concept of the subject, namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. To start with the aspirants should go thoroughly with the NCERT texts - books and any doubt cropping up in the subject - content needs to be clarified by the competent teachers related to the subjects. This will strengthen their concept and would enable them to apply the concept in an unknown area where the aspirants might not have come across such newly set questions. They need to be inquisitive throughout their academic - sessions so as to secure impressive marks.
    With the familiarity with the strong fundamentals, they can go in online tests so that they are versed with the prevalent on - line - tests.

  • I have also seen many apps but I din't find any special apps for this purpose. While I was looking for Mobile Apps or Web Portal, I don't know how much popular is this Wit Circle. But I came to know many interesting and innovative features like Create your own Test. To learn Subjective.
    Learn complex problem easily using Wit Card which slides under your thumb. This way we get to learn a lot. I have used this Mobile App called Wit Circle and I liked it. In fact, I have used the web portal as well. Though, I have used apps like Testbook, Ask IITians, Grade up and more. To be frank I think this wit circle has been specially developed for IIT, JEE, MAINS, NEET Entrance Exams.

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  • Yes these days online sites are good to use for the preparation IIT JEE mains and advance. As Internet is used by everyone these days so uploading apps for the same is handy as the traditional way of preparing for these tests has become outdated. Also there is an advantage of using them as one can use these app anywhere on phone unlike books which can't be taken everywhere.

    An app should have quality content, easy to understand. Here are few apps which are being used by people and are good:

    IIT jeenius
    Formula deck
    JEE video guide
    Gullu chemistry
    M learning India app

    Just ensure the content is good and easily undesratable.


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