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    Guidance to prepare for IAS exam

    Are you having dilemma between job post graduation and preparation for the IAS exam? Know experts' guidance in this regard.

    I am pursuing M.Arch and planning to become an IAS but just know anything about it. Just heard of it as the toughest exam. So if anyone could please guide me. Well there are many other problems to solve regarding my career, I am struggling with the choices for my post graduation and job.
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  • You are presently studying M. Arch and you want to go for IAS.
    For IAS you should get mentally prepared for working smart rather than working hard. Concentrating on one subject at one time is very important. You should have the habit of selective reading which is very important.
    Many aspirants who adopted the above points attended the exams without going for any coaching and got selected with good ranks. Your own preparation is very important. A disciplined and determined approach will give you success. Make your own evaluation very frequently. Make schedules and follow them with strict adherence. This approach will give you a lot of additional time which you can utilise for improving your preparation.
    Keep these following point in mind and follow them "
    1. Have a timetable made? Follow the same without changing. Make a routine.
    2. Read selectively. But keep in mind that whatever you studied should be fully understood. You should be thorough in that subject.
    3. Select good books and make a note of micro details also and use the books and your notes for studying the subject.
    4. Try attempting mock tests yourself and evaluate your performance. Be genuine to yourself in your self-evaluation.
    5. The syllabus for this examination is very vast and you have to study multiple subjects. So it is better to start the preperation as early as possible
    6. The subjects studied should be made as small notes and you should have a roadmap to cover all the subjects in time. Be linking the subjects with very well known things and subjects. They help to increase your memory power.
    7. If any of your known people or friends are also preparing for this, try to have interaction with them and discussing with them These discussions should be aimed at a particular point and no time should be lost in unnecessary discussions and debates.
    8. Please have a mindset that you can do it.
    9. Assess youself about the need of coaching. But even you go for coaching self planning and following the above points is very important.
    10. The selection of the subjects for the exam should be decided based on your personal interest and profeciency.

    All the best to yoy.

    always confident

  • As you are pursuing M.Arch, you have lots of scope in private sector as well as in Government sector. Getting a job isn't that difficult. You can even go for higher studies and enroll in Ph.D.

    In Private Sector-
    Look for jobs in construction companies where you can be an architectural consultant. There are various companies looking for M.Arch candidates such as Sahara Group, DLF and Eros Group. If you love to teach, you can look for the job openings in private institutions. You can also work as a building contractor, art director, set designer, architectural engineer, technical illustrator, interior designer, and as building researcher.

    In Government Sector-
    If you are interested to be a government employee you can grab the following opportunities. You can work in municipalities, Public Works Department, State Housing Boards, Indian Railways, National Building Organization, Post and Telegraph, Central and State Public Work Departments, Housing Development Corporations and many such sectors. These government firms conduct written exams. Public Service Commission conducts most of the exams.

    A career in Foreign countries-
    Middle Eastern and European countries have a high demand for M.Arch degree holders. Keep looking for job openings. Even candidates working in MNC's get such opportunities very easily.

    IAS Preparation-
    IAS stands for Indian Administrative Services. Yes, it is considered as one of the toughest examinations and the competition is immense. Union Public Service Commission conducts this examination. Candidates who clear it will be recruited for the All India Administrative Civil Service.

    If you are thinking of IAS, you need to appear for its three phases.
    1.) Preliminary Examination- 2 papers on objective-type questions.
    2.) Main Examination- 9 papers
    3.) Interview- It is a personality test

    First, you have to thoroughly learn everything about IAS examinations. Learn what it requires to crack the exam. Once you have made up your mind and if you meet the eligibility criteria, buy the essential books by deciding the subjects you want to opt for. Each exam for IAS has different requirements. You need to practice and learn a lot. You need to spend lots of hours doing extensive studies, revising the studied material and becoming familiar with previous years question papers. Take help from reputed coaching centers. It requires lots of dedication and hard work. If you are ready to give your complete effort, go for IAS. Otherwise, complete your M.Arch degree and secure your career by getting recruited in the public or private sector.

  • It is the topmost coveted exam in our country and requires a thorough study and hard work. The competition is tough as many good students try for it.

    It has a preliminary test followed by the mains. So a lot of screening already takes place in the preliminary level.

    There are some compulsory papers like general knowledge etc and then you have to select optional subject of your choice. Here one has to see one's core strength and choose a subject where one can score maximum.

    Lakhs of candidates appear in this exam and it makes the competition neck to neck. Even a difference of one number in your score can make significant effect on your merit.

    You get three attempts to clear it if your age is within the eligible band so try hard and there is no reason why you can not compete in this.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • IAS is the highest level competition in our country leading to top administrative assignments.

    Frankly speaking, the students start aiming and preparing for it since their high school times. It is required to build a base for such highly competitive exams and selective study and last minute preparation do not stand any where.

    Anyway every student can not have such a foresight neither his parents can guide like this. So the present course of action is to decide to appear in this exam and start preparing for it with full zeal and vigour.

    The preparation for IAS is exhaustive one and requires good grip on general knowledge, current affairs, aptitude test, logical analysis etc. In addition to that one has to be very thorough in the optional papers which are selected based upon once core academic competencies.

    One must also understand that highly meritorious students also appear in this exam and they create a very high bench mark for others by scoring very handsomely in the written tests.

    There is no substitute for hard work and if one is interested to qualify in this exam one must start working from day one. There are many guides, question banks and help books available in the market which can help in understanding the type of questions asked there. Solving the earlier years question papers also helps in developing confidence.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The course which you are currently persuing ie M.Tech in Architecture- engineering can offer you better prospects in both public - sectors or any constructional companies such as DLF, Sahara groups etc.
    There are government jobs as well where you can make remarkable progress in Public - works Department, Public - undertakings such as DVC, SAIL, ONGC etc, Indian - Railways etc.
    However, if you want to achieve the post of IAS, you need to consider the following points in order to be successful in your assignment. A few points are listed below-
    1) You should attempt this examination with a single minded devotion and devote enough time for the preparation of the papers chosen from your end.
    2) Take enough care in the selection of the optional papers. Selection of such papers does not have any relevance with the papers chosen at your graduation - level. If you desire, you may choose Geography, Philosophy as well provided you are comfortable with these subjects.
    3) You may join some prominent institution helping you to score better in both preliminary and main examinations.
    4) Sufficient care has to be taken to enrich your communication - skill with your regular practice. Your representation skill should be excellent so as to impress the Board in the oral interview.
    5) Allocate sufficient time to keep abreast of the latest developments occurred recently in our country apart from well - grasping of the international events.
    6) Attempt for the mock - tests organised by Rao - circles, T.I.M.E. etc so as to restore your confidence. Involve in the group discussion tests as well organised by these institutes to enhance your oral skill.
    7) Micro - notes should be prepared in each subject and indicate the points which need your immediate attention.

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