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    What is job profile of Deputy secretary in Railways

    Interested to know the job profile of Deputy secretary in Railways? Get detailed job description from here.

    What is the job profile, salary, life of a deputy secretary and under secretary in Indian Railways? Are they similar to grade A officer who is recruited through UPSC?
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  • Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary are generally the posts in the ministries and to that extent they are there in the Railway ministry also.

    They are the administrative people coming in between the Govt and Railway department.

    All the plans and actions of Indian Railway are seen and understood by these people before briefing to the concerned minister or the concerned Govt apex bodies. They act like the intermediateries and oversee whether Railway is functioning properly in accordance with the Govt directions and regulations or not.

    There are certain plans and programs of Railways which are to be apprised to Govt bodies time to time. These people coordinate them.

    These posts are generally filled by senior IAS officers who have experience in working in ministries etc.

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  • Deputy - secretary, Asstt - secretary and Under - secretary are the responsible posts in the Railways and basically they are the IAS people having sufficient experience in the areas of operations in the different governmental- departments and finally they are selected for the Railways after the recommendation of the Railway - ministry.
    Deputy - secretary must be familiar with entire functioning of the human - resources, their capabilities, their nature of jobs, their payment structure and their facilities in the hours of working and their practical - difficulties in discharging their day - today's activities.
    They are fully familiar with the past budgets and the points to be included in the current financial - budgets.
    They should be well versed with all the prevalent regulations of the Railways and should be in a position to convince the minister concerned with all the prevailing laws of Railways.

  • 1. There is no post of Deputy Secretary or Under Secretary in Railways. Let me explain.

    (a) There are many railway officers who work in Zonal Railways, Divisional Railways and below. They are divided broadly into four categories. Operations staff, Commercial staff, Engineering staff and Signals staff. The designations of these officers would be General Manager, CPO, DPO, APO, DRM, Additional DRM, DSO, Sr. DOM, Station Superintendent, AEN, DEN, Sr. DEN, Commercial Superintendent, etc.

    (b) The Ministry of Railways is known as Railway Board. Railway Board works under Chairman-Railway Board, who is the ex-officio Secretary of Ministry of Railways. Under him, there are various posts like Member (Operating), Member (Commercial), Member (Personnel) and Member (Engineering). Below the Members, there are various posts of Additional Members equivalent to General Manager of Zonal Railways.

    (c) The Railway Board Secretariat functions in Directorate system. The designations of Officers are Director, Joint Director (equivalent to Deputy Secretary), Deputy Director (equivalent to Under Secretary) and Assistant Director (equivalent to Section Officer). They perform desk jobs and deal with files.

    2. The general job profiles of the Joint Directors (Deputy Secretary) and Deputy Directors (Under Secretary) in Ministry of Railways are very similar in nature to the job profiles of Officers holding similar ranks in other Ministries/Departments. However, the individual job profiles would be different.

    3. Almost all the Officers of Railway Board (Ministry of Railways) are appointed by UPSC.

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  • Please ask a separate question. Yes, the Assistants appointed in Railway Board through SSC CGL are promoted as Deputy Director (Under Secretary) and Joint Director (Deputy Secretary) in Railway Board.

    IAS Officers don't join Railways. Different categories of Indian Railway Service Officers do.

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