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    Is it advisable to apply coconut oil on face?

    Have a query about using coconut oil on the body apart from hair? Searching for advice here? On this Ask Expert page you can read the suggestions and decide whether to use coconut oil.

    Few days ago, my cousin told me to apply few drops of coconut oil on face as it makes skin soft and moisturised. But is it advisable to apply coconut oil on face?
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  • Yes, it is advisable to use coconut oil on face and other body parts. Coconut oil is natural, free of chemicals and thus it is not going to do any harm to your skin. It is completely safe to be used on the face. If you want best benefits out of it, use unrefined one. Coconut oil easily gets absorbed into the skin.

    Coconut oil can be used for various purposes. It performs the following functions when applied regularly on the face and other body parts.
    1.) It acts as the best moisturizing agent. It locks in the moisture and keeps skin hydrated. Thus, it is best in case of those individuals who suffer from dry skin. Use it during winter seasons and keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

    2.) It can be used for massage. Instead of buying massage oils from stores, use coconut oil for the same purpose. Once or twice a week use a few drops of coconut oil to massage face and other body parts and enjoy younger, healthy-looking skin. Regular massage increases the blood circulation and enhances the glow.

    3.) Those that are looking for remedies to reduce the appearance of scars caused on their face either due to pimples or any other reasons should regularly use coconut oil. It gradually decreases the scar appearance and results in smooth skin.
    4.) It can be used in the treatment of eczema and other skin diseases.

    5.) Don't buy makeup remover products from the market. They are full of harmful chemicals. Instead, use coconut oil for the same purpose. Add a few drops to a cotton ball and with gentle pressure remove the makeup from your face within no time.

    6.) Dishwashing soaps and other detergents dry out our hands. Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Regularly apply coconut oil to hands and see the difference in just the matter of few days. It soothes the skin of the hands.

  • Pure coconut oil canbe used. But regular usage for hair itself sufficient for nourished hair. Applying a good coconut oil for face and wash with moongdal powder is good.

  • Coconut - oil has innumerable benifits on its application and some of the benifits associated with its regular use can be seen with the better blood - circulation and strong muscle. A few benifits are listed below-
    1) You can straight way apply Coconut - oil on the part of your face. Coconut - oil being a medium chain fatty acid containing Lauric - acid has the less viscosity and can penetrate inside the skin with ease on gentle massaging.
    2) Wrinkles can be arrested to a great extent on its regular massage on the face.The enhanced blood - circulation will add glow to the appearance and moisturiser will be retained due to presence of Lauric - acid.
    3) Regular use of coconut - oil for the purpose of massage will yield excellent result due to presence of enough antioxidants of Vitamin E. Moreover, it is anti - bacterial, anti- fungal and anti- virus in nature helping in eradication of the skin - disease.
    4) It is benificial in the case of sagging - skin and helps in tightening the skin.
    5) On its regular use for massaging and if the body be allowed to have the exposure of Sun - Ray, it will absorb sufficient amount of Vitamin -D. The bath is to be followed after an elapse of 45 minutes after the massaging of Cocunut - oil.
    6) Ingestion of Coconut - oil is equally good because of presence of several anti- oxidants in the coconut -oil such as Vitamin E, and a large amount of Lauric - acid ( 47 percent) followed by a slight amount of monolauric - acid helping in surge of HDL ie a good component of cholesterol. A high amount of HDL is benificial in the proper functioning of heart.

  • Coconut oil will have Vitamin E, essential amino acids, lauric acid and caprylic acid. It will form a part of the barrier function of your skin. It will help in maintaining skin very healthy and good. But Please note that the oil should be good quality and should not have any additives which may harm the skin. The skin will not get dried and the softness will also be maintained.
    The oil can be applied to face without any hesitation. The following are the benefits.
    1. It is a very good moisturiser. When you apply it on your skin it will penetrate easily into the skin because of its low melting temperature. This will make the skin always wet and soft. For oily skins, it is better to apply warm coconut oil and wait for some 15 to 20 minutes and then you can get it cleaned.
    2. Coconut oil is an excellent grease remover. it is a better degreaser than many other commercial anti-greasing products. It is powerful to cut through motor oil and grease and also safe to use on our skins. It is very good to remove the makeup on our face and make the face soft.
    3. The coconut oil is having good antibacterial properties and protects the skin from pathogens. it will help in reducing the bacterial infections. The lauric acid which is an ingredient in the coconut oil acts as the antibacterial agent.
    4. coconut oil is a general skin care product. It's application in affected areas can cure the infections.
    5. The antioxidant action of coconut oil can offer protection against solar radiation especially from the ill effects of UV radiations.
    6. Coconut oil will keep the face free from wrinkles.

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  • Coconut oil is one of the versatile oils which can be used for health, cosmetic and cooking purposes in our life. Massage with coconut oil is rejuvenating and refreshing.

    People are using it for various purposes since long and it is only after the introduction of synthetic fashion products that it's use was placed in the background.

    One should use good quality original coconut oil to reap it's full benefits. Now a days there is adulteration in the market especially in oils, ghee, spices and other common commodities. One should be very cautious on this account and buy these items from reputed shops only.

    Coconut oil is very good for skin all over the body. It keeps the skin moist for long time. In dry skin condition it is ideal lotion to use.

    Some people do not like the smell of this oil and may have apprehensions to use it. They can in fact use it in open places or verandah so that the smell is dissipated out fast.

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  • Your question is specifically about the use of coconut oil for the face.

    Cocunut oil has good nourishing properities for the skin and the essential fatty acids are the key components.
    Coconut oil although good can lead to worsening of the acne in the face. The oil is considered as 'Comedogenic'(promoting acne). Coconut oil has the potential to block the openings of the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands (sweat producing microscopic glands).

    Coconut oil is a thicker oil, that is hard to be taken off from the skin. It essentially forms a film that can cover the pores of the sweat glands. Beneath this layer, in the blocked glands. bacteria and shed skin cells lead to excess sebum producing that finally leads to acne.

    If you want a good plant oil for the face, then Argan or the Jojoba oil is recommed. It has the good nourishing properties but does not promote acne or pimples.

    So, I would suggest to be cautious, if you are acne porne or have face skin with wider pores, then it would be good idea to use other forms of moisturizers or pure plant oils that have a low comedogenic property.

  • Sure Nidhi you can apply coconut oil on face. Not only for face since it has the moisturizing property you can use from head to toe. It makes your skin glows, soften and smooth. For gentle massage you can use two drops of coconut oil on your hand and rub thoroughly and apply it on your face which makes you more relief.

    It has the antifungal property.You can even use it as a body oil. My mom daily use coconut oil for face and she is from Kanyakumari district. They generally use coconut oil for cooking too. And the taste of dishes is so yummy. If possible you try this.

  • Coconut is one of most versatile oil that has been used for centuries for many purposes; be it for cooking, beauty, medicine , etc. Coconut oil is one of most handy and immediate remedies that can be used for body part without any hesitation.
    1. Coconut oil helps in healing of wounds and injuries. It helps in reducing the swelling and inflammation of the rashes and cold sores.
    2. During summer when it's applied to palms, soles and other body parts it cools the parts, and eases the burning sensation.
    3. When applied to the body parts it helps in blood circulation, nourishes the skin and improves immune system.
    4. It helps in reducing the itching, caused due to infections.
    5. Due to its antioxidant properties it's used as moisturizer, reduces wrinkling and anti aging oil. It helps in lightening the spots of aging.
    6. It has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that enables for faster healing process, reduces pain and provides comfort.
    7. It's a natural lip balm , keeps the lips smooth and reduces cracking of lips.
    8. When applied to cracked feet, it reduces pain and smooth-ens the dry skin,.
    9. It helps in tanning of the skin, and can be used as a lotion after shave.
    10. Helps in easy movement of stools when applied to anus, reduced pain and fissures.
    11. When applied to the scalp, it helps in reducing itching, blisters and reduces dandruff.
    12. It helps in reducing the stretch marks when applied on the stomach during pregnancy stage.
    13. It acts as a cleaning agent for many types of skin.
    14. When applied to scalp it helps in removal of lice easily and gives relief.
    15. Keeps the dry nostrils moist when it is applied and removes comfortless
    16. Softens the elbows and knees from dryness.
    17. Gives relief from insect bites, reduces pain or burning and is used for treating diseases like psoriasis and eczema.
    18. Helps in reducing the dark circles around the eyes.
    If you are allergic to coconut oil or have any other disease, consult your doctor before using it.
    Most of these are given from experiences.

  • While having casual conversation with one of the lady beautician of our family relation, she said that coconut oil is the best thing to apply to the face and that will enhance the beauty of the face by removing polluted particles, dust and above all bring glow to the face. Normally ladies think that oil applied to the face will enhance further ugly look with more oil on the face. Contrary to that, while bathing, the coconut oil would get rid off and give a smooth feeling to the face and also there is no question of pimples and black spots appearing. So more than the gents it is the ladies who must get accustomed to use the coconut oil for the face beauty.

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  • Coconut oil is beneficial for skin specially for the skin having acne as it kills bacterias and moisturising skin. Also it helps in healing of the skin and helps to fight with scarring. Whereas it may be haemful to apply on face people having oily skin as it may be harmful so such people should refer the dermatogist first before applying it. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which kills bacteria.

    I have a fungal infection on elbow and apply coconut oil mixed with camphor which is very effective and my elbows are getting healed by regularly applying it.

    Some people eat coconut oil which is also helpful in reducing acne and inflammation of the skin.


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  • Coconut oil has numerous benefits but it should be of pure Coconut oil. Natural one. You can get artificial flavor mixed coconut oil around that's not the right one we are talking about.

    The pure and original without mixing Coconut oil has many benefits including Skin and other health issues. Yes, it is advisable to use coconut oil on external parts or face and other body parts that cause no issues for sure.

  • Coconut oil is a boon. It has n number of benefits but we may know very few.

    Let me share few benefits that i have come across in my life and experienced personally.

    Coconut oil for face :
    *Applying normal coconut oil gives moisture to face(skin/hair).
    *Adding coconut oil with other ingredients multiplies the value.
    *Scrub using coconut oil : Mixture of coconut oil(two spoons), sugar(one spoon) and lemon juice(few drops). Scrub your face with the mixture gently once in a week to remove tan.
    *Skin whitening : Mixture of coconut oil and Olive oil
    *Hair growth : Coconut oil and castor oil
    *Thick eyebrows : Eyebrow liner dipped in mixture of coconut oil and castor oil to use on eyebrows before going to bed helps to get good looking eyebrows and eye lashes.
    *For dry lips : Coconut oil, olive oil, lemon juice and beetroot juice makes lips softer and pinkish.

  • Coconut oil has natural ingredients including many vitamins and amono acids. Coconut oil application is good for hair and body. But as far as face is concerned, it is suitable for dry skin. As coconut oil is highly comedogenic and can clogs pore on skin. So if you have oily skin or acne prone skin don't use this oil on skin, instead you can use it on your body.
    On the contrary, if you have dry skin, it will work as a moisturizer and will keep your skin well hydrated and healthy. Apply it on your face before going to bed.

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