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    Name spelling issue in 10 th class marksheet.

    Want to know about document verification norms carried out in government jobs? Searching for information about whether a spelling mistake in any document will create any issue? Check out this page for responses from experts for your queries.

    Mera name is correctly mentioned in all documents like Adhar card, PAN card, passport. But is incorrect in my 10 th class mark sheet.
    Will there be any issue in document verification for government job?
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  • For any Government or PSU jobs, nowadays the applications are mostly online; the name of the candidate, date of birth and vital details are very important. One has to enter it correctly and have the correct supporting documents.

    So, in your case, it could be an issue during document verification, if you are going to produce the 10th marks sheet.

    You can get this rectified.

    For State Board.
    You need to have copies of the present marks sheet, ID proof documents and then draft a letter to the respective state board mentioning that you need to correct the name spelling mistake.
    Forward this letter via the principal or the head of the institution (from where you completed your 10th) to the state board authorities and pay the necessary fees as per the board rules.
    You should get the corrected certificate in 4 weeks time despatched to your school.

    For CBSE.

    Here apart from the other documents, you need to have an affidavit that states your correct name.
    Please get this done via the Notary in your locality or near the civil courts.
    Once this is done, then publish the name change in two local papers (one English, one vernacular). Please approach the newspaper offices, they will do this, it's a simple routine service. Keep the original cutouts of the newspaper.

    Then fill in the CBSE form for name correction.
    Please find the forms in this link (

    CBSE issues regulations for name correction based on the time elapsed. Please read this document(
    You can find the charges for the services(
    Once you have the documents ready, please submit them by speed post or in person based on the office under whose jurisdiction, your school comes under.

    Please keep all the correspondence and reference numbers handy so that you can follow-up if you do not get the certificates in time.

  • It is must to correct the name either in 10th marks sheet or in any other documents. My suggestion in this concern is that to correct the name in 10th marks sheet took so much time comparing with that of others.

    So, it is easy job to correct the name except in 10th marks sheet. If you want to change or correct the name in 10th marks sheet, you should approach the board for necessary action to follow further.

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  • It is better to have your name mentioned correctly in all the documents. Spelling mistakes are common and usually do not bring in much trouble. However, when legal issues or government-related issues take place, document verification is done strictly. Go to your school from where you have cleared your 10th board examination. Check the admission register. There if you have given a correct name but somehow mistake took place in the mark sheet, you can definitely submit an application for correcting the mistake. Go to the office of the secondary board along with proofs from your school. There you can submit an application for correcting the mistake in spelling. School record certificate issued from the school principal, a certificate from Notary, and a bank challan which is nothing but a correction fee should be carried along when you go to the secondary board.

  • The 10th class certificate is very important for your name and date of birth. You should get it corrected. If you are not getting it corrected it may give you problems at a later stage. So take action immediately.
    You have mentioned your 10th certificate. What about other educational qualifications.
    When you left the school after 10th class, they might have given you Transfer Certificate. Is the name correct in this certificate?
    You please contact the administration of the school where you have studied your 10th class. Explain to them the problem and give a representation in writing explaining the problem. Attach your 10th certificate to the letter. Don't forget to keep some xerox copies duly attested for any necessity before you receive the corrected certificate. Also, attach a copy of your birth certificate in which your name is correctly mentioned as proof. Please get the copy you are attaching attested and submit the same in the school. Keep an acknowledgement copy with you for your use till you receive the corrected certificate.
    The School will forward the application to the concerned board and you will receive back the certificate duly correct from the board via the school. It may take 3 to 4 weeks for the entire process to get completed.

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  • You should not make any further delay from your side to make the case more complicated. What is required from your end is to write an application to the concerned Board requesting the authority to issue a duplicate - certificate showing your correct name.
    It should be your first approach to meet the Principal of your school from where you appeared and passed your class ten examination.
    The Principal would verify the admission - register just to see if there exists any discrepancy with respect to your name and accordingly, he would put his remark in the application indicating the correct status of your name during admission - stage. You may produce the photo- copies of Aadhar - card, PAN - card etc in support of your correct name. Send the application along with a demand - draft of the requisite amount required for this purpose.
    You will get a duplicate - certificate with the insertion of your corrected name in due - course.
    The acknowledgement slip of the speed - post should be retained for the further query if required.
    The other alternative option would be to approach a lawyer with the photocopies of Aadhar, PAN card etc so that he can make an affidavit on your behalf where you will be required to put your signature and the same is to endorsed by the Rotary -magistrate. Once released from the office of the magistrate, the same is to be advertised in a local paper apart from English - daily. Retain the cutting of the advertisement to be shown in the event of verification of documents wherever required.

  • Any mismatch in the name in mark sheet is a matter of concern at the time of document verification.

    It is advisable to get it corrected from the education board office as early as possible.

    For this you have to apply for correction and also submit copy of some authentic document like Aadhar card or PAN card or Voter card in support of your correct name.

    Some offices insist for legal affidavit also in support of such requests for change in name. In that case one has to contact a lawyer and get a legal affidavit prepared in this respect.

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  • Small gap in name will make problem in sometimes. So, care should be taken to have corrected immediately without delay. Moreover, many suggests to convey through correspondence but my view is personal approach to the concerned authority will yield a good result than of any mode.
    The name,father's name surname etc., should be get verified even at the stage of collecting from school leaving itself as the same become base documents for the further studies as well for employment or anything.
    Name,father's name,Date of birth are the basic details which required till our last breath for anything to be proved and they should be similar and a correct one in all documents. The school certificate for seniors and birth certificates for youngsters become a valid one. As the date of birth is deciding matters in one's life till his end,much care should be taken in the beginning itself. School certificate,college certificates,aadhaar,Pan card,voter Id, driving license should tally each other. You immediately approach in person to the college authorities and get corrected. No correspondences will yield good result rather than personal approach.

  • There should not be any mistake in the name in any educational certificate or marksheet as it can lead to problem at the time of document verification. It is better to get it corrected in time.

    The usual course of action in this matter is to apply for correction to the concerned education board office. One has to submit the supporting documents where the correct name is reflecting. There is a provision of applying online in some places for this and one has to explore this route also.

    Sometimes some offices refuse to issue the corrected certificate after a long gap giving a plea that it is an old case. In such cases one can go for a legal affidavit giving all the details of correct name and mistakes therein. Help of a lawyer may be taken in preparing the affidavit. The affidavit is to be countersigned by a first class magistrate. One has to keep a copy along with original of this affidavit at the time of document verification.

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