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    Require suggestion for stock hold or sell

    confused about whether to hold or sell stock? Searching for financial advice here? Our ISC experts shall provide you with advice to decide the correct course of action.

    I have bought 650 share of Weizmann Forex @588.
    Can you suggest hold or sell in this volatile market?
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  • Weizmann Forex is a company engaged in money transfer from one currency to other and services in the related area. It has got license from RBI to deal in the foreign currencies.

    It has very good collaboration with Western Union and is expanding it's business. The sales projections for the company for next two years are impressive.

    If we see the share performance of last 52 weeks then the share of Weizmann Forex have touched Rs 1655 which is really very impressive.

    It is a good company and doing well. So one can keep the shares for some more time. The decision to sell depends on the buying price also. If you have bought it for a small amount you can make the profit and exit. If not, then stay for some more time.

    For last 2 weeks market is having weakness in many scrips so it is better to wait for some time till the revival is there.

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  • Weizmann Forex is having excellent tack - record as evident from his past track performance. Considering the health - angle of this financial fund, this will offer you a significant yield in the coming time - say within a year. The current value of each share having a face - value being Rs 10 per share is being quoted as Rs 1 637/- and there is every possibility of surge.
    You may hold the same so as to reap its benifits in the time ahead.
    Currently the market in some depressed condition and hence you may not get a substantial - yield at this moment.

  • 1. Weizmann Forex is a good company with very good fundamentals.

    2. Today (27.9.2018), it is trading at around Rs. 518/-. It has been correcting for the last one month or so.

    3. The 52-week high of the script is Rs. 1640/- and 52-week low is Rs. 448/-.

    4. You have purchased 650 shares @Rs. 588/-, which is at a lower side. But even then you are making a notional loss of around 12.5% considering today's share price.

    5. Considering the strong fundamentals of the script, you should hold it for at least one year to book a profit of at least 30%.

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