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    What to do to avoid illness during weather changes?

    Worried about your kids repeatedly falling ill as soon as the weather changes? Get quick advice and tips to boost their immunity against weather changes.

    You all know weather is changing now a days. Its been raining in Delhi and its a bit cold here today. In this weather people who have low immunity are likely to get ill. My kids also fall in this category, they get ill during weather change. We have seen doctor for the same and he gave some medicines to increase their immunity but was not effective. They still get ill.

    I know this is normal but still what measures do you take not to ill when the season changes?
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  • Change in the weather or its fluctuations sometimes affect people especially those having low immunity.

    The only solution for this is to increase the resistance of the body for infections and ailments. For this certain measures are required.

    The foremost thing is food intake. We must take nutritional foods like vegetables, cereals, milk, eggs, nuts and lemon etc. Junk food is to be avoided. Oily, spicy and hot food is to be consumed in minimal quantity along with main course just to enhance taste.

    Second important point is exercise. There should be a regular schedule for exercises either in the gym or in parks etc to boost the fighting power of the body. Without exercise whatever nutritional food one takes it has no value.

    Another thing is good sleep. A timely sound sleep rejuvenates the body and increases it's fighting spree.

    Sometimes the dust and pollen particles in atmosphere induce allergies in susceptible people. These people have to be careful and should take ginger, pepper, basil, lemon grass etc in tea or food. If inevitable they may also have to go for anti allergic medicines.

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  • The weather of fluctuating - nature can make people sick especially the the children and old people. All the major cities, like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru etc are showing the similar weathers where in nights there is sharp drop of temperature and the days are relatively hotter. The following tips would be fruitful to strengthen immunity.
    1) We must avoid junk food such as Pizza, Burger, KFC etc. Foods prepared in the Restaurant are to avoided.
    2) Home - made foods having low spice and oil should be preferred. Ginger should be taken half an hour before meal to speed up metabolism.
    3) Some amount of Nuts such as Walnuts, Pistachios and Raisins must be included in the moderate amount so as to get enough antioxidants especially the womega3 present in the Nuts. A few nuts of soaked Almonds from the previous night should be consumed in the early morning in the empty stomach. This contains enough Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin B complex apart from Omega3 for the healthy maintenance of heart and Blood - pressure.
    4) Use of Basil leaves in the morning say ten in number should be chewed in the empty stomach. Alicin - content in the Basil would take care of prevention of cough and cold and even Dengue can be prevented from its regular consumption.
    5) Include Gooseberry prior to breakfast. It is rich in Vitamin - C and contain Calcium, Chromium etc for the overhaul well being of the health.

  • A change in the weather from warm to cold creates many changes in our daily lives and the way we respond to stress and infections. For instance a sudden drop in temperature leading to a colder climate means.
    1.cooler air being inhaled - can tigger wheezing and chest congestion in suspectible people and people in extreme ranges of ages.
    2.a colder climate/ weather means worsening of air pollution and misty air that can trap down the particulate pollutants closer to the ground level. This also contributes to the wave of chest and respiratory symptoms.
    3.a colder weather - leads to stiff/painful joints and headaches.
    4.a drop in barometric pressure - can trigger sinusitis like infections.
    5.a colder temperature is better suited for replication of hte common cold viruses and hence lead to an apparent increase in chances of developing a cold or flu like symptoms.(

    Remedial measures

    1.Staying warm helps in having a better mood and better equipped to deal with regular colds and coughs. A warmer body ( higher body temperature) makes it difficult for the cold virus to spread.

    2.Ensure good intake of Vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements are very important in colder climates (with absence of sunligth) and this can reduce the risk of a respiratory infection by half.(

    3.Melatonin, a hormome that has higher night time synthesis and secretion rates is a good regulator of immunity. Hence a good sleep for a minimum of 6-7 hours during nighttime is important for health. Lack of sleep, weakens our immune system and hence invites infections.

    4.Focus on Natural immunity boosting ingredients to be eaten during cold weather. Mushrooms- these have anti-bacterial compounds, help in regulation of vitamin B and vitamin C which are good to ward of minor infections.

    5.Apples - again rich in vitamin C to ward of infections. The compound Quercetin (found in apples, cauliflower,garlic) helps to boost our immunity.

    6.Lemon juice is a powerful anti-oxidant, immune booster and of course rich in Vitamin C.

    7.Simple healthy habits: protein rich food (protein is the key for immune system and body repair), a balanced diet, regular exercises ( for atleast 30 mintues) all boost immunity. During colder weather most people keep sneezing or have a running nose.

    8. Hygeine - Simple measures like washing our hands before eating goes a long way in avoiding catching viruses and bacteria from others. Wash thoroughly fruits and vegetables consumed raw to reduce the chances of picking up a bug,

    9. Aviod stress and depression. Colder weather, a dark cloudy sky dulls the mind, depression and stress does not help us during colder weather.

    10. Vegetables and fruits rich in anti-oxidants (tomatoes, beetroot, papaya, red and yellow peppers, onions).

    11.Spices and herbs like basil, mint, coriander, tumeric are all known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

    12.Seeds and Nuts that are rich in vitamin E, omega fatty acids, mineral play a vital role in repair of infection related damage that occur in the cells. Chia seeds, flax seeds, codliver oil, sunflower seeds are all good.

    13.Yoghurt - simple plain curds or probiotic yoghurts are good in reducing inflammation and improves the immune system.

    14.Green tea has Epigallocatechin gallate-EGCG, a catechin that can damage the influenza virus particles and is good against viral and bacterial infections that can affect the respiratory system during colder climates.

    So, there are many ways in which we can reduce the chances of falling ill during colder weather. It would be wise to adopt a practice of regular exercise, healthy diet with focus on the above food stuffs and being active and in a positive mood.

  • Nowadays the weather is changing on a single day as we confront with breeze in the morning, hot sun in the afternoon, by evening the raining starts and there by late night the chillness would set in . In this situation the children are most vulnerable to be affected fast as they may not have the capacity to sustain the changed climate on a single day. What I feel that children should be given the hot water made to warm for drinking purpose , the children should not be allowed to bathe in cold water, and then they must be asked to take only homely food. Why because during the changed season condition the reaction of food is fast and may create a food poisoning inside the stomach. So as far as possible , the outside food must be avoided during such period , otherwise hospitalization of the child is for sure.

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  • In a changing weather, people having low body resistance get lot of allergic reactions and get cold or even fever.

    To avoid this one has to take supplements like vitamin C, antioxidant food stuff like fruits and nuts etc.

    In case of cold the home remedies like ginger, garlic, turmeric, clove, black pepper etc can be used in warm water or tea. Turmeric is generally good with milk.

    The use of these supplements generally help to boost the immune system. Avoiding foods directly from fridge and avoiding cool drinks is also helpful in some cases.

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  • Changes in the weather can cause sickness in children. They are easily prone to infections.
    1. Provide the child with healthy food, include vegetables, whole grains, dry fruits, spices, fruits in the meals to boost the immune system. See that the child is given food depending on the child's body state. Balancing food for the child is very important. Provide the child with balanced food.
    2. Take care to see that the child has adequate rest and sleep.
    3. Take measures to avoid mosquito bites and other infections from insects.
    4. Keep your house and your surroundings clean to avoid diseases from rodents and insects.
    5. Keep the child warm during winter and rainy reason to avoid cold and flu.
    6. Provide the child hot foods, do not give any food directly from fridge.
    7. Avoid hotel and junk foods, give home made foods.
    8. Keep children away from dust and pets to prevent infections.
    9. Provide clean water, boiled water, wash the fruits before eating.
    10. Encourage cleanliness and hygiene manners in children to become disciplined.
    11. Use mosquito/insect repellents at home.
    12. Advice the children on importance of eating good healthy food for their health and well being.
    13. Provide foods that helps them in building their bones and teeth. Do not give cold food.
    14. Engage the child in indoor activities when it rains or is cold outside.
    15. Include anti-fungal and antibacterial items( using turmeric, ginger, garlic, pepper, mint leaves, etc) in food to avoid cold and cough) Avoid giving banana, butter milk and cool drinks.
    If the child is falling sick very often, do not delay seek medical help and act upon the instructions.

  • For the last few days, my teen-aged and I have been feeling feverish in Delhi due to change of weather. In my office, many people have reported sick for this reason. So, it is a perfectly natural phenomenon during the season change.

    Many Members have given many suggestions to tackle this problem. I would also give certain simple ways to tackle this problem. These are:-
    (a) The child must take a piece of garlic everyday. Garlic immensely improves the immune system of the body.
    (b) Clear the throat every morning by gargling with moderately hot water with a pinch of salt.
    (c) The child must increase the intake of vitamin-C. So, lemon must be taken regularly.

    If the condition worsens, the advice of a physician must be taken.

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  • It is common to have effect on health during frequent weather changes. Every one should take precautions to avoid health problems.
    1. Don't drink outside water. Make a point to carry water from house. Always boiled water only. Don''t go for chilled water or cool drinks.
    2.,Don't go out when the weather is not favourable.Use suitable dress as per the weather. This is very important for children.
    3. Take home food only. Eating roadside food is very dangerous. Avoid completely.
    4. Take more vegetables and fruits as per the availability. Try to have soft food only. Avoid spicy food.
    5. Keep the surroundings of the house clean.Always use mosquito repellents or mosquito mats.
    6. Keep food items always covered.
    7. In case of any indication of ill health consult doctor and take necessary precautions as suggested by the doctor.

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  • Regular good nourishment through healthy diet will boost immunity and keep its fighting force alive. Malnourishment is the main reason that why people easily become vulnerable to infections. Make sure that all the micronutrients are supplied to the body in required amount on daily basis through a balanced diet. In case an individual is not following a healthy diet, the next option would be to fulfill daily requirements through mineral and multivitamin supplements. Do not take megadoses of any one vitamin or mineral. It is not going to do any good.

    Herbs do raise the antibodies level in the bloodstream. Thus, it increases the overall immunity. Try to incorporate herbs in the diet in one way or the other. Same as a healthy nutritious diet, regular exercise boosts blood circulation and exerts a positive impact on the immunity of an individual. When the blood circulation is good, the substances freely move through the body and perform their duty efficiently. Good quality sleep for adequate hours is also essential. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and that includes maintaining personal hygiene. Cleaning hands properly before eating food and always consuming healthy foods and drinks that are prepared in a clean environment is also necessary.

    It is not right that exposure to cold or change in weather can make a person ill. Exposure to any weather in moderate amount is not going to make a person catch or become susceptible to infection. For example, winters are considered to be the season of catching a common cold and flu. It does not mean that it happens because people are exposed to cold weather. It is because they come in contact with others who pass the harmful germs to them. In most of the cases, immunity is not a factor here. Those individuals who are susceptible to infections and fall ill easily should take a step back and reduce the prolonged exposure i.e., they should avoid being outdoors for the prolonged duration when there is a weather change.

  • I do not know where you live. Yet, to insure yourself against cold and even fever, please take a small amount of amla juice that is now manufactured by the likes of Apollo Pharmacy and whose outlets can also be found everywhere. If you come down to Chennai or any other town of Tamil Nadu, please do buy four packets of what is called "Nila vembu" herbal preparation. You have to just take one teaspoon of this mix, add it to 50 ml of pure water and heat it for twenty minutes. Then add a little village jaggery (if you dont find this in your place, you can add a little sugar) and take it. This will increase your resistance power. This will remove all infections from your body, particularly any virus that you have got in your body. If you come to Chennai, you can even go over to the National Institute of Siddha ( just opposite the Tambaram Sanitorium Railway Station) and you can speak in English to understand more of these medicines. Please do note to be there before 8AM, as treatment is one hundred per cent free. Some six thousand patients come here everyday.

    Make it a habit to consume boiled cups of spinach everyday. You can choose any variety. According to many doctors of alternate forms of Indian medicine like Siddha and Auyurveda, these will remove all toxins from your body. As such, please avoid any packed food that has preservatives. Even home made pickles are far better. To give you a simple example, in hundreds of thousands of homes in the entire South India, in the month of April every year, the grandmas will become very busy. They will buy the small mangoes from the market ( small means very very small, called Vadu maanga in Tamil) and make a pickle at home. These small mangoes are put into a mix of some oil like castor oil and some spices and fermented. This small mango is then eaten after four days, The preparation lasts for as many as ten months. Literally till Feb the next year. You can ask some old lady from South India and she will give you this recipe. This is particularly superb with curd rice.

    In any case, consume only fresh boiled RO water and avoid taking any water from outside. Similarly, take curd of half a cup during day and one cup of milk before you go to bed. This makes your bowel movements perfect. One banana eaten at bed time is also very good.

    Once again, you can consume just one tablet of what is tribala, a herbal medicine everyday, early in the morning. This is a herbal preparation and increases your resistance power. Never go to an allopathy doctor for ordinary ailments. If you have cold, and no fever, take the thulasi leaves, wash them well, and just boil a few in good plain, clean hot water. Cool it, filter it and take it. Village jaggery ( I dont know what this is called in Hindi, and whether it will be available in your place) or jaggery is okay. The cold will come down immediately. You need thulasi water treatment, thrice a day. Only if you have continuous fever, you need to consult the doctor. Please do note that many allopathy doctors make a huge amount of money by charging the patients huge amounts for just a casual consultation and prescribe harmful antibiotics too. These affect one's health in the long run.

  • One another important point that I missed to mention. If you have any symptoms of fever, you can jolly well take the Nila vembu herb. You can also take the tribala thing even in normal times, just like you can have the fresh amla ( just one per day) or 30 ml of Amla juice everyday.

    Am also told that the dengue mosquito bites human beings only in the mornings and day time. So, take dry neam leaves ( at least fifty of them) and burn them and show this flame everywhere in your house and garden, right before 8AM. You can repeat this a second time if necessary. Neam leaves can kill mosquitos naturally. Also wear full sleeved shirts and dresses. Sleeveless dresses should be carefully worn. The mosquito scare is there for real.

  • Due to change in our lifestyle, we have lot of changes in immunity levels of individuals. I know some people who have not fallen ill since years. To have good immunity in your body, you must exercise regularly and eat healthy food. Routine is the most important thing here. The timings which an individual follows for exercise, breakfast, lunch and dinner should remain constant everyday so that the body gets used to it. Also common herbs such as Aloe Vera juice and amla also helps in strengthening the immunity of the body.

  • Weather change is basically the change in temperature, a change in atmospheric moisture or dryness and their effect on us, especially children who have low immunity. It is basically our unpreparedness for the change of weather. If it was winter earlier and now it is moving towards hotter days, the sudden rise in the atmospheric temperature may not be adjusted immediately by the vulnerable physical condition of the children. The sudden heat should be neutralized by lots of hydrating items, like water, juices, curd, butter milk etc.

    If it is the other way around, that is after summer, it is suddenly the rainy season making the atmosphere cool, you need to save the children from dampness and over exposure to cold breeze etc. At this time, try hot soups, almond milk and protein food items, that will keep the body warm and immune from within.

    In case of sudden winter, keep them covered with warm clothes and cover their heads at night, if they are playing outdoors in the open air, like most kids play badminton that this time in the evening.

    If they catch cold keep a flask of lukewarm water ready, and let them drink from it, whenever they feel thirsty or feel like coughing. Bathing with lukewarm water in winter is fine, but it is better to take bath in cold water, the rest of the seasons, which will grow their immunity.

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