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    Supplementary in revaluation result

    Are you worried what to do if you have missed supplementary exam because of delay in reevaluation result? Looking out for advice here? Resolve your worries by scrolling through this page where ISC experts have provided their suggestions.

    I gave BSc final year exam this year and I failed. So I have filled revaluation form and now the result is supplementary.

    Until the revaluation result the last date for the supplementary form had gone. Now when will my exam be? I'm from Rajasthan University.
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  • You should contact university for the same. What I think you should fill the form for the exam, better marks between the two ( exam and reevaluation) will be considered for your final result.


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  • You have to take up the matter with the University office citing the delay in reevaluation. You can give an application to that extent requesting them to allow you to appear in the supplementary exam.

    You have to take up this personally with them and seeing the merit of your case they will allow you to register for supplementary. There may be some other students also and together you can approach the University Dean or Head of Administration.

    Meanwhile prepare for your supplementary exam with full efforts and concentration so that you do not miss it this time.

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  • You should not sit idle. You have to rush to the university - officials to trace out the quantum of delay. If they are not in a position to give you exact date when the revaluation will be released, inform them of your appearance for the supplement- examination through a written application. Otherwise also, there is the provision for the candidates to choose the supplementary examination if they like to appear in all the papers included for the examination. You have to fill up the form and submit the requisite fee for this purpose to the office of your college so that it reaches to the university in time.
    You have to prepare for the examination with the full devotion so that you may get an improved performance by writing your supplementary examination.

  • The procedure is to apply for supplementary examination without waiting for the revaluation result. If your revaluation results are positive you might have ignored the supplementary examination.You have missed the bus. I think you lost one year. There will be a grace period. By paying late fees, they will allow you. You have to contact the examination department of the university immediately and explain them the problem. If still time is there they may consider. Try your best.

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  • Ok University published a notification for those who got supplementary in revaluation result, I filled the form and my exam will be next month
    Thanks for response

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