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  • Study abroad or work options after BSc Biology and Chemistry

    Planning to go abroad for higher studies after graduating from college in Biology and Chemistry? Get helpful career guidance tips from the responses below to know academic and work options open for you in foreign countries.

    I'm a graduate in B.Sc. Biology and Chemistry with 63.30%. I want to do my higher education abroad. Can anyone guide me with this, please?

    I want to do my higher studies abroad and if not possible I want to work abroad. Are there any means for either of these options?
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  • Generally, a degree of 4 years after 12th will have good chances for further studies abroad. That is why an engineering graduate can make further studies abroad than a science graduate. If you are very particular you may have to finish your M.Sc in India with good percentage and then you will have more chances.
    Some countries like Australia, Canada USA, UK may have some courses which a graduate in science can study. For those courses, you have to clear IELTS with above band 6. The other requirements depend upon which country and universities you choose. But I recommend you to go for M.Sc and try to get above 75%. Generally, 63% is low for getting an abroad study chance.
    Coming to jobs abroad, the percentage you got is less and hence chances are very less. However, don't think that I am discouraging you. What I suggest is to register your CV in and time jobs. com. You can mention your field of interest and your expectations clearly. You will get alerts from them frequently and you can also refer the sites regularly and apply for suitable posts. But don't believe wrong agencies and get deceived.

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  • There are many students in India who want to go for higher studies abroad. It requires two main considerations. First is the financial support for 2 to 4 years courses there and second is to get admission in a good university or college. The annual expenditure abroad during such courses is minimum to the tune of Rs 25-30 lakhs. Many students take loan from the banks also and manage their degrees abroad.

    You can go through the various online educational sites of foreign universities where one can even apply for certain courses and depending upon the eligibility you will get feedback for your admission process if accepted by them. You may also have to mandatorily qualify the english language proficiency course which can be pursued online.

    The selection of a course is also of prime importance. There are courses in science and humanities as well as professional courses. Different streams will have different admission eligibility criterion and accordingly the chances of getting admissions in them will vary in grew proportion.

    When you are having a desire to study abroad then the requirement of Passport and subsequently Visa for the country where you get admission are of prime importance. Only when you get confirmation of your admission in a university abroad and they provide you a Visa reference number then only you can apply for Visa.

    One has to take care of all these aspects while trying to get an admission abroad.

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  • After an engineering degree one can definitely try to get admission in a university abroad. In your case though the percentage is not very encouraging but still if not in the top universities you can try in the other good ones.

    There are now a days a lot of universities which are encouraging the outside students to join their campus and get the requisite educational degrees which are sometimes useful in getting the job there itself or have some good recognition in our country.

    So, I will advise that you must try to get admission in the subject of your interest where you feel that you can do significant hard work to achieve your goals. Please note that in many foreign countries the students are allowed to work and earn their livelihood while studying and there are some stipulated maximum hours of work which a student can undertake. So that can also take care of the part of your financial burden.

    There and online sites devoted to foreign courses as well as universities and the job portals also have a separate section for educate abroad. I assume that you have requisite finances for yur study there otherwise you may have to go for bank loan or scholarships reserved for students from Asia and far East.

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  • Your scorings in both Chemistry and Biology appear to be low and a little improvement is required in respect of your scorings. Just to make your resume attractive, you can take up either the course of Chemistry or Botany/Zoology depending upon your interest. You need to secure minimum aggregate of 75 percent marks and also clearance of IELTS would be required. You will have to choose the country where you would like to receive education. You can opt for Canada, Germany, UK, Russia etc for your ultimate destination.
    Choosing any one of the above mentioned countries, you should contact the Indian - embassy located in the country, you desire to move in order to get complete information regarding the fee- structure, course- content, staying - facilities etc. With all such informations, you have to apply for Passport and Visa.
    Ensure that the course - expense within your reach or otherwise you have to get loan sanctioned from any leading Bank so that you may continue your studies smoothly.
    After completion of your degree, you may contact the foreign embassy for the further query of job - prospects in the country you persued your course. or Times of are the best plateforms enabling you to trace out the appropriate jobs.

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