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    How to correct birth date after 10th GSEB board

    Worried about the incorrect birth date on academic certificates? Quickly get expert guidance on whom to approach and the detailed procedure to make the necessary change.

    I completed primary schooling at Lakhani, Banaskantha District (Gujarat) and then I moved to Gandhinagar District (Gujarat) for secondary and Higher Secondary education and right now I am in 12th Class (Aaradhana Vidhyavihar). My original birth date is 16/04/2001 but from primary school my birth date mentioned was 16/04/1999 (this is wrong). So what is the procedure to change the birth date and which court I should go to - the place where I am studying or where I was born because both Districts are different?
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  • Do you have any valid Birth Certificate from your place of birth? If you have that it will become easy for you to get your date of birth corrected. Go to the local panchayat or municipality and apply for your birth certificate. If you can get it also, it will be easy for you to get your DOB changed. If these two are not possible, you have to proceed through court only. You have to approach a court of the place you have born. For this, you have to consult a lawyer in the area of your birth and proceed as per his suggestion. Then your date of birth can be corrected.

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  • Your guardians or you should have noticed the discrepancy long back. However, if you possess the birth certificate indicating the correct date, you can apply for rectification. But if your birth certificate indicates 16/04/1999 as your date of birth, rectification would not be possible.

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  • You may approach your village - surpunch or the local municipality in order to get your birth - details. If the delivery has occurred in a hospital, the authority can provide you the Birth - certificate but any dealay in your approach may aggravate your problem since you would loose the link of the proper records.
    The other way would be to approach a lawyer attending the court of Rotary - magistrate with the photocopies of Aadhar - card, Voter - ID card etc indicating your DOB. The layer would make an affidavit with the procurement of your signature and finally the affidavit would be signed by the Rotary - magistrate. Publish the same in two leading papers, at least one being local one. Preserve the advertisement which can be shown in case of its requirement.

  • It is too late now as these things are to be corrected as early as possible.

    Anyway have you any authentic document with you which shows your correct date of birth? If yes then you can proceed ahead. Authentic document means Voter card or Aadhaar card or Driving license or birth certificate etc. These will give support to your claim for changing the birth of date in your educational credentials.

    Now in absence of above you can go through legal route by consulting a lawyer for preparing a legal affidavit in which you have to take oath for your details regarding date of birth. They may also ask you to produce some certificate from the village surpunch or hospital or maternity home where you were born. In any case the affidavit should mention all these facts in black and white and affirm your correct date of the birth therein. It should then be signed by a first class magistrate with his seal.

    After this you have to approach to your education board office to make correction in your educational certificate accordingly.

    Please remember that you should not provide any false information in this regard neither have to hide anything. Be transparent and ask for the correction.

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  • Date of birth is very important to any one as it extends its importance till his/her retirement.Name,father's name,Date of birth are the basic details which required till our last breath for anything to be proved and they should be similar and a correct one in all documents. The school certificate for seniors and birth certificates for youngsters become a valid one. As the date of birth is deciding matters in one's life till his end,much care should be taken in the beginning itself. School certificate,college certificates,aadhaar,Pan card,voter Id, driving license should tally each other. You immediately approach in person to the college authorities and get corrected. No correspondences will yield good result rather than personal approach. Your delay will make the matter more delay.
    The name,father's name surname etc., should be get verified even at the stage of collecting from school leaving itself as the same become base documents for the further studies as well for employment or anything.

  • Its not a easy task though you will have to go to go to the court for the same.

    If you have a birth certificate then its easy to correct it otherwise you will have to go to surpunch of the village or municipality to get a certificate of your birth date which has to be shown in the court and an affedewit has to be made from there.

    And with this affedewit you will have to approach the education board. Hopefully by doing this they will make a change in your DOB in the certificate.


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