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    Which is the best Digital Marketing course of Google online Certification?

    Eager to learn digital marketing skills through an online course? Check with the expert suggestions given below of the various reputed online courses to learn digital marketing.

    I have heard a lot about Digital Marketing and am willing to learn it but am confused between institutes, programs and certification. Even at my workplace, Delhi Institute of Computer science (DICS), people come and learn Digital Marketing in 3 months. Is it possible to learn Digital Marketing within 3 months? As per my research, it contains a lot of marketing aspects which require a good amount of time to get trained.

    Is there any online course which is good?
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  • There are many online digital marketing courses conducted by various institutes. Many people are attending such courses and getting trained. There are many courses offered free also on online. Even Google is also offering some such courses. Manipal University is also offering online digital marketing course. The duration of the courses varies from 7 days to 3 months. So I suggest you select any course you like and do the same. Manipal University course is found to be useful for many people whom I know.

    always confident

  • Digital Marketing consists of many important components like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) / PPC (Pay Per Click), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, etc. These acts as powerful pillars of digital marketing.

    So, Mastering these main pillars or components will make you succeed as a good digital marketer. Don't worry you can learn and achieve by yourself using the internet as a weapon. I mean that you can get everything about digital marketing (from A to Z) on the internet, but it's possible only with much effort and dedication. This process of learning yourself can take little longer time compared to when you joined any institutions.

    Coming to Digital Marketing online courses or certifications by Google - Google has a dedicated academic platform known as "exceed LMS" where it provides many certification courses focusing more on SEM concepts completely for free!! [you can just type "exceed LMS" in google and click on]

    In this course, you can get certified in the following areas of digital marketing:
    1. Google Ads Fundamentals
    2. Google Ads Search Certification
    3. Google Ads Display Certification
    4. Google Shopping Certification
    5. Google Ads Video Certification
    6. Google Ads Mobile Certification
    7. Google Analytics
    8. Google My Business
    And many other courses

    After completing these and applying them practically, you can become good at running SEM/PPC campaigns and can become Search engine marketer.

    Google also provides a basic introduction to digital marketing course known as "Google Digital Unlocked Course". You can search the name on google.

    You can learn how to run ads, campaigns, and many things about Facebook marketing through "Facebook Blueprint" a course by facebook.

    My good suggestion for anyone starting digital marketing is stay updated with market trends and try to learn as much as possible (don't stop learning/improving, even you become expert in this field) since this market keeps changing very frequently. Be ready for that if you are entering into digital marketing and willing to succeed.

    "I can confidently say that the only constant thing in Digital Marketing (mainly SEO) is CHANGE"

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