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    Will there be a document verification problem if spelling error in degree certificates?

    Wondering if it is enough to make an affidavit to mention incorrect name spelling in academic certificates? Get quick guidance to know if you need to correct the name in the certificates too.

    On my degree certificates (all semesters) there is a slight mistake (DEEPAK instead of DIPAK). I am recently selected as SBI Junior associate. So is making an affidavit sufficient for the correction or do I have to make a correction in the certificates itself?
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  • I think it is only a spelling problem. So you need not go for correction in the certificate. But you can get an affidavit made giving the facts and saying that the names mentioned in the certificates namely, Dipak and Deepak are your names only. The advocate can guide you properly and you can get it done quickly also. I hope your tenth certificate is having the correct name.

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  • 'Deepak' and 'Dipak' can be considered if other details like the surname, father's name, address, date of birth matches in both the documents. An affidavit can serve the purpose but still as you are already selected, you can discuss the same with the authorities and can do accordingly. The correction may take time, so I will suggest you get an affidavit in the current situation but initiate the correction process side by side as a permanent solution for the future.


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  • DEEPAK being mentioned wrongly in place of DIPAK would not create huge problem especially when there is the proper insertion of your name in your class tenth certificate.
    You may approach a lawyer for making an affidavit which is to be signed ultimately by the Rotary - magistrate.
    You may produce the photo- copy of Aadhar - card, Driving - license etc in support of your proof of your correct name.
    Once you get the final affidavit having been signed by the Magistrate, get this notification published in two leading papers - one in English and the other one being Local for the wide - circulation. You need to produce the affidavit along with its publication in the news - paper in the event of its requirement during the stage of verification of certificate.

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