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    Regarding false information provided while applying for another job

    Can you apply for another governemt job when you are already working on a government department? How can you correct wrong information you submitted at the time of applying for a job? Follow this thread to learn.

    Currently I am working in India Post Department with grade pay 2400 under probation. During notification of SSC CGL 2018 I asked permission from my current employer to give me NOC to apply for SSC CGL. i intimated them with a letter in writing that i want to apply for ssc cgl asking their permission to allow me but after 2 months or so they intimated me orally that there is no noc for probationers yu can simply resign and join the new job.
    but till the time i had already applied the ssc cgl and hidden the fact that i am currently employed in central govt. sector. I thought that I will resign from my job and join the new one if I get selected.
    Can I do so or there is any other way out which can solve my problem?
    Will there be any problem in future regarding this step?
    How can I be relieved from the problem if it occurs later?
    who can file case against me my present employer or new employer if i joined the new department after resigning the previous one.
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  • Giving false information about your qualification or age or experience for government jobs will be considered serious and the candidate can be disqualified for the selection. For any government employment, there will be an enquiry before finalising your selection. In such a case, if it is known to the new department that you are working in another department, they may disqualify you.
    As you have already informed in writing that you are applying for a new job there may not be any problem here in this job. Did you get an acknowledgement for your application for NOC?
    There are two options now with you. The first one is to send a letter to the officer in charge of the scrutiny of the applications for the job in SSC CGL mentioning that you are working in the postal department and in case you are getting selected for this post you will resign to the post in postal department and join there. Please send this letter by registered post acknowledgement due. You have to give the reference number of your application in the letter now you are sending.
    The second option is to inform the new employer when you go for the interview or document verification. I prefer the option one only.

    always confident

  • There is a saying that lie never exist forever. One day or other it will get exposed. It is for anybody's life but as far as employment concerned the outcome will be bad if a told comes to light. Moreover in employment sector there are verification agencies such as manpower consultants, detective agents,security bureau available for employers before offering a job to one.

  • Once you are selected in a particular post, your informations as furnished in your application - form are subject to verification. Sometime, the process gets delayed due some reason or the other, but any false information incorporated by the aspirants are sure to come up in lime - light. In the event of false information, not only do the aspirant loose the job, disciplinary proceedings can be initiated. Hence, precautionary step while filling the form is always desirable.

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