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    What to do if the LIC bond is lost and needed to realize the amount on maturity?

    Did you lose your LIC bond certificate? How can you obtain a duplicate? What documents are required to get a duplicate of your original LIC certificate. Follow this thread to learn,

    X takes a LIC policy for 20 years and all the premia were paid and the policy got matured. The LIC has asked to submit the original Policy bond along with bank details duly completing the requisite form. Unfortunately the original bond gets misplaced and copy of it is available with X.

    What are options before X to get his amount back in the absence of the original Bond?
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  • In case your bond of LIC policy is not available, you have to contact the concerned branch where you have taken your policy. Alternatively, if you have an agent you can contact him also. There is a prescribed application in which you have to mention that your original is missing and you have to confirm that in case you find your original after some time you are not going reclaim the maturity value again. Once you submit that application and other required documents, your claim will be processed and money will be credited in your bank account. I lost my bond and I followed this procedure through the agent and I got my money without any problem.

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  • It is not much difficulty. You approach the nearby LIC office with available premium paid receipt. They will get signed from you in relevant indemnity forms and provide you with a duplicate policy document. It is better to have personal approach with premium paid receipt and proof of your identity like aadhar/voter id/pan card. Personal approach is most good rather any correspondence. Also you can approach known or some nearby LIC agents for this if you cannot go in person. But never postpone this in any account.

  • You have to approach the LIC office and they may ask you to give an undertaking in their prescribed performa which you have to fill and get it witnessed and then submit it along with the premium receipts and other details. You will also have to fill a discharge form mentioning the number of LIC policy and other details.

    In addition to that you have to fill one NEFT form where you have to fill some details about your bank account and one cancelled cheque leaf so that they can directly deposit the amount to your account.

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  • In case of misplacement of LIC bond - due for maturity, you need to approach the LIC officials or still better, the LIC agent whom you approached initially for the policy. Agent will help you in the formalities required in such cases. You will be provided with a specific performa where in you will have to declare that the original LIC paper is misplaced and in the event of getting back the same, you are not going to turn up for the reclaim of the lost bond.
    Apart from this, you will have to fill up the NEFT form provided by the LIC and the photo - copy of your Bank - passbook where your entire mature amount will be credited. A cancelled - cheque of the said Bank may also be deposited in support of your proof.

  • Its not a major issue if you have paid the premiums you will get the amount after maturity. The best way to come out of this situation is to talk to your agent.

    The thing is you should have the policy number. In my opinion if you show them your aadhar card then duplicate policy certificate can be obtained. Just a thought but you should discuss with LIC officials they will help you better in this case.


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