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    Is diabetes and constipation related?

    Worried that you are getting constipation due to your diabetic condition? Get quick information on the relationship between diabetes and constipation and get advice on how to resolve this health problem.

    I am a diabetic since last 5-6 years and have been taking medication for it. Recently when I had a problem with bowel movements and hence I consulted a doctor. This was not a doctor where usually I go for my regular check-ups as we have shifted our home recently so I went to a nearby doctor. He asked for my diabetic history and asked me to have a random sugar test done there which came out as "288". I was given medicines and this senior doctor asks me to consult a physician there itself in the hospital.

    I went to the physician the next day. He gave me the medicines and for a few days I did not have problems, but again the problem of this constipation has arisen. I checked my sugar level again and it showed as "280". I went to the doctor he increased the dose and told these problems are occurring due to a rise in my blood sugar level. However, my blood sugar level is not coming down and today also I am having pain while passing stools.

    I would like to know if diabetes is the cause of constipation or it is some other reason and how to deal with it.
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  • Yes, the elevation of sugar - level causes constipation. Once this disease progresses to chronic level, you could see many ugly symptoms such as body - pain , insomnia, frequent thirst, unusual apetite, constipation etc.
    You will be required to have a consultation with the Endocronoligist for the proper medication in your case.
    I am offering you a few home - remedies which may give you substantial relief from constipation apart from your controlling your sugar - level.
    1) You may take Aloevera juice of any reputable company and 30 ml of the same has to be mixed with equal amount of water preferably on the empty stomach in the morning and the same is to be taken after dinner maintaining the same quantity. It has a strong laxative effect apart from sugar reduction properties.
    2) Xylum- husk can eliminate your constitution issue. You need to take two teaspoon of this husk after adding the same with 100 ml of water and to be kept for 30 minutes prior to its consumption after dinner. It will swell inside your stomach and will help in restoring the regular motion without creating any side - effects.
    3) You may take Bael - capsule of Himalaya regularly after your principal - meals. This capsule contains many antioxidants such Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium apart from vitamin B complex helping you for the regular bowel - movement apart from controlling your sugar - level.
    4) You may use Triphala - churna of any reputed company. The three ingredients namely Harad, Bahera and Amlaki would produce a synergistic effect on your stomach helping you for the regular bowel - movement. Amla will take care of you diabetic condition as well.
    5) Indulge in brisk - walking for at least forty - minutes in both timings morning and evening so that there will be a check up your sugar elevation.
    6) Beware of sweet items including the direct addition of sugar in your coffee/ tea.
    7) Care has to be taken in respect of your sleep - pattern. If you sleep - cycle is poor and this may cause disbalance of hormonal equilibrium and in that case it would be difficult to produce right amount of Insulin essential to normalise your sugar level. You need to discuss with your doctor if such a condition persists.

  • Diabetes is a disease which has to be managed with regular medicines (insulin etc) and proper life style. The regular check up of sugar level is a must.

    Constipation can be an associated symptom of this disease.

    There are many home remedies prescribed for diabetes but the fundamental thing is to avoid foods having sugars and go for the fibrous ones.

    Regular medicines are to be taken without break especially before the meals. A good doctor will prescribe the medicine type and doses.

    It is believed that long walks or other such simple exercises help in managing diabetes.

    The vegetable juices are also beneficial in this ailment.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Yes. Diabetes and constipation are related. About 60% of the people having long-term diabetes will also have the problem of constipation. If the blood sugar is not controlled properly for a long time chances of getting constipation are high. High blood sugars can damage nerves and this will lead to the problem of constipation.
    You can control your constipation by having a regular walk, more water intake and consuming fibrous material in your food. There are very good medicines in Ayurveda to get relieved from constipation and you can use them. Triphala Choona is one such among those Ayurvedic medicines.
    But I suggest you go to the doctor who is treating you for your diabetes and explain him the problem of constipation. if you are not able to contact that doctor, I suggest you contact a good physician with all your medical history and go as per his suggestions.

    always confident

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