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    Please Help regarding my SC Certificates for Govt Job....

    How can you get a Schedule Caste certificate? How can you get the details corrected and updated in the SC certificate obtained from the government? Learn how to achieve this.

    I really appreciate what you are doing here for all.
    I am Kuldeep Kumar from Delhi and recently (on 10/05/2018), I got my new central Schedule Caste certificate for govt job with old address updated on it with a Sikkim constitutional's "9" missing, it is written as "178" instead of "1978". These certificate are issued on behalf of my Original SC certificate issued in 2001, which has my old address mentioned on it.

    I got this thing rectified from SDM office and it is perfect now on 08-06-2018 with new address and Constitutional "9", which was missed earlier.

    The Problem is:
    I applied for Staff Selection Commission (SSC CGL) and now this certificate has to be made on for before 04-06-2018. I got one before this date on 10/05/2018 with my old address updated and a constitutional "9" missing on it. Now I have other one which had been rectified from SDM office and issued on 08/06/2018 and this is not valid according to their Prospectus.
    (can I produce this as a Supporting Certificate of my 10/05/2018 certificate ?)

    My Questions:
    1) How will I convince them about this condition ?
    2) Can they create any objection on this and if yes then how to solve it ?
    3) Do I need to produce both the Certificates made on different dates supporting my 10/05/2018 ?
    4) Will they accept it ?

    Please guide me how to solve this problem, I will be very thankful to you...
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  • No, you need not worry. You submit your original SC certificate with the old address, then the certificate with a new address with a mistake and also the latest corrected version of the certificate. Basically, all the certificates say that you are from SC category. The new certificates are only for your change of address and for correction of a mistake done by the office people. They will accept. You need not worry. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • It should not be a matter of concern when the document - verification is going on for a governmental job. What should be done in this case is listed below-
    1) Produce the certificate having the missing no - 9 and has been addressed to old address.
    2) The corrected certificate released by SDM would provide all the essential details and hence it should serve as a supporting document.
    On verification, it can be proved that you are the authentic aspirant belonging to SC caste and hence without worrying unnecessarily, go ahead with your better preparation so that you are ultimately in SSC- CGL examination.

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