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    Can we apply for Google AdSense using YouTube channel link?

    Is it easier to open an AdSense account using your YouTube link? Can you link your website or blog to an account that has been opened using the YouTube channel? Read the answers here to get a clear idea. Also, please do answer the query if have the know-how.

    Can we apply for Google AdSense using Youtube channel link? Previously we used to apply by using either website link or ISC profile link but nowadays YouTube channel is in fashion. I want to know whether it is easy to get AdSense account using YouTube Channel only or is it so that we can apply only through blog URL or website URL.

    If one can apply using YouTube channel can we then use it for blog linking or any other website linking with AdSense?

    I hope you understand my question and will give me correct advice on this.
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  • you can use one Adsense account on all the youtube accounts, websites and blogs that you own. But all those websites and blogs should comply with the Google Adsense policies and requirements. You can apply through the youtube channel also for Adsense account and you can refer the same code in other places also by linking them.

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  • Yes Santosh , you can very well do that. Please go through following link of creating adsense account using youtube.
    In short before you apply adsense using youtube you should have enough views to be eligible.
    Recently Youtube monetization or adsense have stopped earning for users who have less than 1000 (one thousand) subscribers to a Youtube channel. So please be very sure you have quality of videos posted and have genuine visits.
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  • Yes, you can apply for Google AdSense using YouTube channel link. One used to get its easy approval before but right now Google has restricted with few parameters including thousands of views per day and thousand of subscribers etc. thus it is not an easy to get AdSense approval from YouTube.

    Time to time they change the policy. Who know's the latest policy may withdraw in the near future, or never. The next one is, the last update from them was like if one got AdSense approval from YouTube then the same account can't be used in other websites. So, the same policy is there still.

  • Yes, Youtube channels are one of the lucrative ways to apply for Adsense account and there are many people make a fortune from their youtube channels. But, Youtube has made many changes in their partnership program. You need to have 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers to make yourself eligible for partnership program.
    I use to have a youtube adsense account but it is removed as I don't have 1000 subscribers. I felt it is difficult to get into partnership program unless you have a great channel. I advised you to apply for Adsense through other platforms like ISC while will be simpler than the restrictions from Youtube end. Also, Youtube earnings will be tracked differently from our normal Adsense account which is used in websites. So if you are good writer then don't go for Youtube partnership which is primarily focused on videos.

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