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    Sneezing after eating mints, is this anything to worry about?

    Wondering why one sneezes after having mint? Searching for the reasons to understand the reasons? On this Ask Expert page you can get answers for this condition.

    This is a very peculiar issue regarding which I want to seek your advice. I have never consulted any doctor for this issue.
    Whenever I eat mint or cardamom, I start sneezing continuously.
    Could you please suggest that what may be the reason behind this condition and a probable cure for this ?
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  • Certain foods generate a type of allergy in the human body and the body reacts in various ways manifesting response to these items. Now it varies from person to person that with what type of food one will experience this.

    Some people start sneezing when they come in contact with the pollen grains or vegetative dust. There are people who start sneezing in cooler places. Even some of the people get these reactions in an ordinary provision shop.

    So in your case it could be a reaction of the body to these materials and if the effect is serious one can go for anti allergic medicines. Another thing is use these things in combination to other foods and see in which combinations they do not create such adverse reaction.

    It is said that by increasing one's body resistance, that is strengthening the immune system, also helps in some cases to get rid of these allergies. For increasing the resistance the overall food intake is to be checked and healthy foods containing antioxidents etc are to be preferred over the junk foods.

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  • It may be a sort of allergy. I am allergic to dust. I start sneezing when I go in dust.

    Also it may be due to the strong flavour of mint or cardomom which stimulates your certain nerves and you start sneezing.

    Its better to avoid it as you are allergic to it and you are not alone many people do sneeze when they eat like you do.


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  • The body has its own mechanism and strangely some of the items or herbs suiting to someone may create problem to others. There are certain herbs such as Ginger, Cardamom, Black - peppers, Honey, Mint etc though each items has the benificial - effect on our metabolism, these may prove to be the source of Allergy triggering excess reaction inside the system and hence there could be the manifestation of sneezing.
    Avoidance of such items causing Allergetic- reaction is the best way to eliminate allergy.
    The best way would be to strengthen the immunity - system of the body by including certain herbs so as to get rid of such disorder. You may take Basil - tea by taking around ten leaves of Basils ( Same thoroughly cleaned) and boiling the same in 200 ml of water till the the volume reduces to half and this concoction is to be taken in the early morning in the empty stomach on regular basis for three months in order to notice it's effect. Eugonol - content of Basil take care of Cough and Cold apart from relieving the Allergetic- symptoms.
    Guduchi - powder ( Tenispora - cordifolia) of any reputed company should be used one teaspoon twice daily after meals for at least two months can enhance the immunity because of its anti - oxidant content. This also corrects liver - functioning as well.

  • Photic Sneezers are those who will sneeze too much when they go out into the Sunlight. Such people will get water in their eyes and pupils to contrast very fast and it results in continuous sneezing. These Sun sneezers have generally had a reaction to chocolates. mints and some cough syrups based on their flavours. So I feel it is not due to allergy and you need not worry. Over a period of time, this problem will get vanished.

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  • Usually human body is allergic in one or the other way. Its commonly called as "ACHOO syndrome". Especially in my case I get start sneezing when I go for hot sun and start working continuously under sun. My son starts sneezing the moment something hits his nose by chance even if its lightly hit. This was the reason given to me by my doctor that every human body is allergic to one or the other way. I,e tickling our trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve is the dominant efferent nerve in the sneeze reflex. So in your case mint and cardamom is a bit irritant to chew your trigeminal nerve becomes active and start sneezing. I think for this you need not worry.
    If you have continuous sneezing then you can try few home remedies like inhale vicks, boil water add some salt and inhale the vapor by covering you face in towel, clean your nose completely with fresh water.
    I hope the tips may help you in future. It works out with my children when they have sneezing due to some allergic actions.

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