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    Interested in learning coffee making to set up a coffee shop? nah schools Searching for the best coffee making courses and professional schools which offer coffee making course? Our ISC experts shall provide you with answers to your questions.

    I want to learn to make coffee to start a coffee shop in india.
    I don't know where I can learn coffee making and which schools offer courses for the same.
    Could you tell me some professional schools that offer 6 months barista course inside or outside India?
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  • Coffee Board of India organises some on the hand training courses for coffee preparations. It has also got a one year diploma program for coffee preparation for some eligible graduate students. You can have more information by visiting their site.

    As far as outside countries are considered Italy is a place to learn the real art of making professional coffee. You can visit and to get more information, course duration and fees etc.

    Espresso Academy, Florence, Italy are the leaders in this business and and conduct professional courses. One can get more information from them by contacting at their contact :
    Tel: +39 055 7321718
    Fax: +39 055 7321719

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  • There are many courses that are being offered by The Coffee Board of India. There are many certificate, Diploma and PG diploma courses. These courses deal with the making of coffee, serving them and even quality control of the product also. There are some courses which will tell you about starting a business in a coffee shop and maintaining a coffee shop. They have an official website which is On this website, you will get all the details about various courses that are being offered by them. You can go through and select the best one.

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  • India there are several coffee outlet chains. Almost all of them offer courses for professionals who are interested in learning how to make coffee. These courses generally include training, deployment at one of their branch for hands-on experience and finally, if you succeed in coming up to their expectations, they might reward you with a certificate. Those institutions also give you a job assistance if you need any. Following are few of those outlets who offer the courses. You can select the one which best suits your needs:-
    1) Gram Tarang by CCD:
    2) 5 Day Barista Course:
    3) Lavazza Training Center:

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