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    Why people are installing solar panels for home & business in India?

    Want to educate an make people aware of solar panel? Ever wondered how to do it? Our ISC experts shall guide you with innovative ideas to make people aware of solar panels and solar energy here.

    The solar industry is the growing industry as well as 3rd largest industry in India. Everyone knows about solar panel and its benefits, yet this is very costly products. How can we educate the people about solar energy?
    Have you any better idea to educate the people.
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  • Though Govt is giving a good subsidy on solar installations but still due to battery costs, maintenance and other reasons people are a bit apprehended about this fast growing sector.

    Anyway more awareness is required in this field if we want to really utilize the good solar energy available to our country due to it's geographical location on the Earth.

    One thing is that people must understand that solar energy is a perpetual source as sun is going to live there for billions of years.

    Another aspect is cleanliness. It is a clean energy option and not polluting the environment.

    In long run it is a cheaper option and the surplus energy generated in any installation can be connected with the existing electric grid in the country.

    There is a huge demand for electrical energy in the country and if a considerable load is taken by solar we will be in a very comfortable situation.

    So there are many positive aspects which we can share with the people and help in developing this great source of energy.

    Knowledge is power.

  • These days solar panels are very popular and many people are aware of the benefits of this system. Even in villages, I am able to see solar heaters and solar power generators.
    Already the governments are giving good subsidy and encouraging them to go for their self-production of electricity and they are paying charges to the owner for the excess units he produced from his panel system for electricity production.
    The companies who are providing this rooftop solar panels should reach out the heads of various colonies in cities, towns and villages and conduct workshops in which they can be taught about the benefits of this system and how they are better than the other systems and how it will contribute for reducing the carbon footprint. The workshop should be conducted in the local language of that area and the speakers should be able to give a good presentation about the benefits from the system.

    always confident

  • As you said installing solar panels in very costly. But most of them first think of cost. When we look at the beneficial form we have many advantages. Its onetime investment.
    1) If solar heater is installed we have some discount in electric bills.
    2) Solar inverter is one time installment we need not add any distilled water or charge battery like other inverter.
    3) Government-induced incentives for energy providers to switch to alternative, renewable energy sources i,e solar panel installation.
    4) Newly built houses get CC certification immediately from the corporation if solar panel and rain water harvest is built up in the house.
    We need to educate people about solar panels by first introducing low cost investment and life time validity. When they get used to low cost installments and advantages about it then definitely their mind will change for the high end installations. Because always a middle class living think first of cost no doubt they will know the value but due to its cost they turn up their mind. So its better we introduce first low cost investment products then go in for high end products.

  • Shifting towards renewable sources of energy is always beneficial. Every year we come across several new developments in the renewable energy sector. Similarly many residential and commercial buildings are doing away with the conventional sources of energy. Many housing societies, townships as well as private organizations are looking towards renewable sources of energy, for example, solar energy.
    The initial investment in setting up of solar panels is very high but the cost-benefit is good. It helps in saving a lot of money in the long run. Another point is maintenance, solar panels require very less maintenance in order to function. They only require cleaning only a few times a year to clean the dirt which might have accumulated. Solar panels can last up to 20 years without much maintenance costs.

  • Solar energy is one of the prime source of non-conventional energy.It is a pollution free source of energy.
    However as of now it has many limitations which is the reason for its lack of popular use.
    The first issue is it is not yet avail;able as a continuous source like the electricity supplied by the electricity boards. It has to be installed a la carte by individual users. The installation cost is more. The return on investment is not at all beneficial. The after sales service(from my own experience ) is poor . The vendors are interested in only sales .
    There are state/central government subsidies. The details can be obtained from the designated agencies or department in central/state governments.
    For example in Kerala it is ANERT- Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology.

    The other limitations are that it is not much suitable for places where the sunlight is not available sufficiently and for longer duration. Hence the solar energy use is now restricted to emergency lights, solar water heaters,and solar street lights in limited use.etc.
    However, now some large institutions having enough space are using solar panels for generating electricity. Kochi International Airport is one such significant example. Then there are floating panels in some Sams. In Gujarat solar panels are installed on the sides of irrigation canal.
    Some electricity boards have now come with plans to integrate the individual solar energy sources to the electricity grids so that they can buy the excess electricity from individual or private users of solar electricity to the electricity department.

    I hope that by and by the costs will be reduced and return on investment will increase and people will be more familiar and using a non-polluting source to the best possible extent.

  • Solar - panel is the ultimate answer for cheap electricity availability in the long run even though the initial cost of installation is prohibitive. The subsidy offered by the Government may compensate the initial cost of installation. Taking all the merits into account, it is obviously encouraging.
    The excess generation of power can be connected to the state - agency and the power so sold can be reimbursed to the benificiaries. The plus point is that this arrangement demands negligible maintenance cost except the cleaning of solar panels after a certain time say a year as a result of accumulation of dust.
    Consumers would get uninterrupted power facilitating the usage of different electric items so long as this panel works. The limiting point is the visibility of sun for a substantial period.
    Of course, the Government - agencies should come forward to educate the prospective consumers regarding the benifits of installation.

  • Its always beneficial to use renewable source of energy as it cannot be finished, solar energy is also one of them where the light of the sun is used.

    Solar panels should be installed due to below reasons:

    1. Firstly its a renewable source of energy we cannot finish it.

    2 Government gives subsidy to install solar panels.

    3 when we use solar panels instead of electricity we cut down the electricity bill. However the installation cost is high but still if we used it for long we can recover the cost.

    4 Solar panels are eco friendly

    5 solar energy is available everywhere. Like in villages we may not have electricity there we can use solar energy.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

  • Solar energy is a perpetual energy and in regions having ample sun light it is a great source of energy. In long run it is economical and slowly as the natural sources of energy are diminishing, it has a great potential.

    Govt is giving subsidy also and many people are opting for solar energy installations on their rooftops.

    The initial cost of installations may be high and initially there will be some teething troubles and maintenance issues but in long run it is a viable and economic option.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • The reason behind installing solar panels at home rooftop are :
    1. We can save over 50% on your electricity bill by installing solar panels at home. The accurate quantity of savings you make rely upon the price provided by Discom for the power transmitted to the layer.
    2. Solar makes it possible, if you want to produce electricity from home without settle on air qaulity. Only sunlight required as an input which is free.
    3. Solar panels worked for a long time around 25 years because it does not have any moving parts.
    4. Government of India also gives 30% subsidy if anyone purchase Rooftop Solar system.
    5. Solar system does not effect to environment because it does not produce any gases responsible for global warming and air pollution.

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