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    What are the new SDS rules to apply for study visa in Canada?

    Eager to take up a construction management course in Canada? From this informative Ask Expert page you could get to know the application procedure and at the same time learn about SDS rules for a Canadian student visa.

    My friend was telling me something about SPP rules to follow for applying for a student visa to study abroad in Canada.

    I have heard about SDS rules, but am not very clear what are SPP rules and so am confused between both.

    Also, could you explain how to apply for construction project management studies in Canadian colleges?
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  • Canada government is planning to change SPP with SDS for India, China, Vietnam and the Philippine. As per the new rules, one should secure IELTS results with a score of 6.0 for all sub-bands in listening, reading, writing and speaking. Otherwise, they should get a Canadian High School diploma from a recognized Canadian-curriculum high school outside of Canada.
    One has to select the college, course and apply for the course.
    The student should guarantee an Investment of $10,000. This investment certificate should be provided as proof of his financial stability to complete his study.
    first-year tuition payment is to be made and the receipt should be provided as a proof. for the first year.

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  • The Govt of Canada has recently changed the student Visa scheme from Student Partnership Program (SPP) to Student Direct Stream (SDS).

    Earlier the outside students were allowed to study in some selected few institution. In SDS scheme that limit is removed and students can study anywhere either in public funded or private funded institutions. This scheme is being applied to a few countries including India in the beginning and later more countries may be included.

    As per SDS scheme the following things will be required for Visa application -

    1. Acceptance of admission from a post secondary institution.

    2. Proof of payment of first year tuition fee.

    3. A guaranteed investment certificate of $10000 from financial institutions approved by department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Govt of Canada.

    4. Medical examination.

    5. IELTS English language proficiency of at least score 6 in all the categories (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

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