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    Should I hold or sell the shares with the loss?

    Are some shares that you holding going through a loss? confused whether to sell or hold on to the shares? Find advice for your query from our ISC experts here.

    In January, 2018, I bought some shares of BIL Energy System Limited, KSK Energy Ventures Limited, an Lanco Infratech Limited. Now, these are in huge loss.
    Should I hold these for a longer time? Or should I sell these immediately with the whatever loss I have had?
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  • Today share market is going through a difficult phase. It is almost like a turmoil situation.

    There are various national and global reasons for this and some of them are raising of interests in bonds and deposit in US, increasing prices of crude oil, uncertainity in coming 2019 elections etc.

    Generally in share market when the prices of shares increase there is a tendency of even the laggards shares looking up. So for an ordinary investor it is not very easy to take a decision of selling or buying.

    Today we have to see when this falling trend is arrested and there is no further downslide. After that the market may again look up. So these cycles are very common in the market and one should not be afraid of them.

    In share market a lot of patience is required if you really want to reap the benefits of your investment. There are no hurried actions here.

    Please remember that there will be cycles of low and high in the market and we can not predict them. Only thing is if you want to make profit and quit the market then you have to wait for the next high. Another thing is we should not be too greedy that we do not sell even at high thinking that another higher level will come. There is no end to it as at some place you have to book profit.

    So I can only advise you to wait patiently may be for a longer time and then sell your holdings at an opportunity.

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  • All the three companies are not doing well at present and share prices are less as of now. But the present situation of the stock market is not very encouraging and shares of many companies are showing a downfall. When we observe the trend the rates will again go up and we should wait patiently for that time. Selling at this low price is not advisable. Definitely, an upward trend will come. Keep on watching and observe the movement in share prices of these companies. You may have to wait for sometime before taking a decision of disposing of them. At this very low rate selling for a loss is not a correct decision.

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  • There is a reliable people 'integrated enterprises' who are having branches all over India. You search in your nearest area. If you approach them with your requirements, they will guide you properly., they are specialists in this line.

  • 2018 is a difficult time for Indian share market. Most of the major indices across BSE and NSE are at 3 months bottom. Most of the major companies share values are decreased more than 50%. It is similar to the situation of 2008 where indices suffered huge loss due to various global factors. 2018 turmoil is bit different it is mostly due to internal factors like rupee value at record low, oil price increase and lot of reforms introduced by the government. Uncertainty in the market may continue till 2019 elections.

    I am advising you to hold the stocks for long time and don't worry about the recent issues. As share market is very volatile, it is good chance that it will increase up in next couple of months. Patience is the key to success in stock market.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
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  • In share market many people buy when the markets are at a low while some buy when it is on a increasing path and some of us but the shares when it is at its high.

    Depending upon this one has to take a decision. If you have bought low you have opportunity to sell it at every high without waiting for a long period. Those who have bought while markets are going up have also ample opportunities to sell their holdings. The problem comes with those who have bought at a high and they are now perplexed what to do.

    So now the only option is to wait for the revival of the markets which sometimes can take a pretty long time.

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  • In share market if you do not have technical analysis knowledge, either you should hold the shares for long time even if the shares are going downwards and you are making loss. If you already know the technical analysis and fundamental analysis, you should wait for the momentarily events to pass on and wait for the market to settle down. Take position after that. If you know that the company is going to perform good then hold it for the atleast 3 to 4 years.
    If you own shares which are making loss, wait for atleast 6 months to get indication of global and domestic trend. Wait for company's quarterly results.

    If you do not want to use those money right now, you please hold the shares or average it out at this low phase of share market. This will give you huge profit in long run.

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  • In the month of October, the share prices of almost all companies are moving downwards. Almost all major companies have lost 15 to 20% of the September-end price, if not more. So, if the fundamentals are strong and you don't need fund immediately, you should hold the stocks at least for one year.

    I do not track any of the three stocks which you have mentioned. But as far as I know, Lanco Infratech is definitely not a good stock (considering the fundamentals) to invest. So, you can hold these stocks for one year and then try to minimize your losses. You must not sell these stocks right now.

    Next time, purchase stocks with solid fundamentals.

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  • The present trend in the share - market is very disappointing considering the fall in their prices. Overhaul loss may be as high as 20 percent. But this seems to be a temporary phase and again after this correction the market is likely to surge, however this may take a considerable time to notice the upward - trend.
    In the meanwhile, it would be better to go in the details of these companies such as its past track - records, promoters of the companies and the dividend pay - out of each company which are under your possession. Other than Lancô Infratech, the remaining two shares had stron fundamentals and as such you would notice that the prices of these shares would move in future. Better you wait for six month at least to notice any surge.

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